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00 X2e网关 Ⅹ2eZB是一个系列网关,支持不同的以太网上行方式,包括传统的以太网接口,WFi,以及 2G/3G/4G峰窝网络。內置的 XBee s2C模块,使其可以监控和管理数百个以上节点设备。 Specifications ConnectPort X2e ConnectPort X2e Cellular General Protocols UDP/TCP, DHCP Power network LEDS (LAN/WAN), Zig Bee Power, Network(LAN/WAN), ZigBee (HAN/PAN) (HAN/PAN), Cellular signal strength SSL tunnels, WEp-40 WEP-104, WPA/WPA2I Security Authentication with psK SSL tunnels, Cellular network security and eap Dimensions (L x W 3 in x 3 in x 1 in(7.62 cm 3 in x 4 in x 1 in(7.62 cm x 10.16 cm x H) x7.62cm×2.54cm) ×254cm) Development Python version 2.7,1 Operating System Digi em bedded Linux Zia Bee Zig Bee stack ZigBee PRO Feature Set, Ember EM357 ZigBee Module Digi XBee ZB SMT(S2C) Zig Bee public Application Profile Zig bee sep 1. 1(backwards compatible to 1.0)optiona Transmit Worldwide version XBee ZB SMT transmit power 6.3 mW(+8 dBm): Receiver sensitivity(1% Per)-102 dBm Power/Receive Sensitivity North American version XBee-PRo ZB SMT transmit power: 63 mW(+18 dBm); Receiver sensitivity(1% Per)-102 dBmP Cellular CellularⅣodu|e N/A Telit 910 series GSM Bands N/A 800/850/900/AWS/1900/2100MHz 3G/UMTS CDMA Bands N/A 800/ 1900 MHZ EVDO Wi-Fi s0211 b/g/n N/A Data rate Up to 72.2 Mbps N/A 18 dBm typical(varies by Transmit Power N/A mode and channel) Receiver Up to-87 dBm 11 Mbps N/A Sensitivity AP Client modes onl Modes Access point mode not N/A supported Ethernet Ports 1 RJ-45 port Physical Layer 10/100Base-T Ethernet port designed for Ethernet port designed for Routing WaN backhaul only configuration only Power Requirements Power Supply 5 Vdc power supply with barrel connector included Power Typical: 1.2 W, Max: 2.5 Consumption Typical: 3.5 W, Max: 15 W W Environmental Operating Temperature 0°cto40°C(320Fto104°F) Relative Humidity 5% to 95%(non-condensing) Regulatory Approvals Mobile Certifications N/A at&t (GSM) Mobile Certifications N/A Verizon/ Sprint (CDMA) Safety EN60950 Emissions/Immuni CE, FCC Part 15(Class B),IC, ETSI 网关的软件开发环境 软件的DE软件 Digi eSp for python内置了 ZigBee等相关的库函数,提供详尽的帮助文栏和例程以 协助客户实现不同应用场景的特定程序开发和调试。Digi的在线帮助文档提供了更多的例程和库 说明。 www.digi.com/technology/drop-in-networking/pdr www.digi.com/wiki/developer/index.php/ca..:WorkingwithZigbee EP Diginython Digi ESP for python C:\Uscrs'trtulworkspazc 口回这 Fie Edit Navigate Search Project Device Options Pydev Package Manager Run Window Help r画 、(平m厕德园画 EP Digi Python Samp e Project Wizard 回 A PyDev Package 5x Dlgl Python Sample selectlon 日鵠岛|8|引 Choose sample projects to create. Select the name to get a descriotion of the sample. An outline s not available Vshow only samples compatible with platform: Connect ort XLE /8 W-h p可e Fe Non-hlncking lInP server 回eUDP 回Xe G XBee Discovery □ s XBee Ec Select All Deselect All XEcc Discovcry Cancel 日 I Conso'c 33BFropcrtics R Problem4mnl No consoles to display at this time. 使用 Digi X2e网关,其可编程能力可以适应不同的应用场景的需求,实现对不同应用的差异化控 制。 上上上 TCP/IP

试读 7P ZigBee和网关的物联网智能家居解决方案
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