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A variety of positive change has recently taken place in the DNN ecosystem, code base, and underlying technology. Professional DNN7: Open Source .NET CMS Platform provides thorough coverage of all aspects of DNN including the latest features, API’s, and updates. Looking to ramp up your knowledge of
Open Source Philosoph Stabilization Third-Party Components Core Team reorganization Microsoft Membership API “ Breaking" Changes Web hosters DotNetNuke30 release schedule DotNetNuke projects Intellectual Property Marketing Microsoft Hosting program Infrastructure Branding Tech ed re Trademark Policy ASP.NET 2.0 Reorganization Microsoft Conferences DotNetNuke 4.0 Slashdotted Benefactor Program Opportunists Yin and yang A New company Larry augusti Performance DotNetNuke Marketplace Free module promotion Conferences Microsoft valuable professionals Fundraising Awards and accolades DotNetNuke Open Force oz SLA Program More Fundraising Code plex Security issues IP Disputes Term Sheets DotNetNuke Open Force o8 DotNetnuke professional Series a announcement Physical Offices DotNetNuke 5.0 Day of DotNetNuke DNN-Europe Snowcovered Acquisition Telerik Partnership Series b Open-DocumentLibrary Acquisition DotNetNuke Enterprise Edition POET Vulnerability DotNetNuke. com Overhaul Active Modules acquisition Nik Kalyani Leaves DNN Corp Cloud. Mobile Social DotNetnuke 6.0 DotNetNuke world 2011 DotNetNuke gets social Microsoft Azure Partnership DNN World 2012 DotNetNuke70 iFinity acquisition 10-Year Anniversary DNN Social DotNet nuke. com hacked Rebranding DNNCon Scott willhite moves on DNN ZX Releases My Departure from DNN Corp Summary Chapter 2: Installing dnn Version z What You Need To Install dnn Platform Version z Upgrading the dnn Platform to Version z Getting a Trial Version of Evog Content Common installation issues Summary Chapter 3: DNN Platform Overview Core Platform Obiects Security Summary Chapter 4: Site Administration Wrox. com Code Downloads for this Chapter What is site administration? Common administrative tasks Admin menu features Best practices for site administrators Summary Chapter 5: Host Administration Why Do You Need the Host? What is host administration? Host Menu Pages Additional Host Features on Admin Site Settings Additional host features on the control panel Host Options on the module actions Menu Integrating with a Third-Party provider Summary Chapter 6 Modules What Is a Module? Where Do Modules Live on a Page? Adding a module to a Page One Module Across Multiple pages One Module Across Multiple Sites Working with Modules Where to get modules Viewing Modules and Extensions Installing Modules into DNN The Extension Verification System In Depth with the HTML Module Summary Chapter z: System Architecture Patterns and Concepts Architectural overview Namespace overview Summary Chapter 8: Core DNN APIs The cBo Class Caching Event Logging Exception Management Scheduler Module interfaces Summary Chapter g: Membership Security Wrox. com Code Downloads for this Chapter DNN Membership Overview membership Provider Authentication providers Membership Management Enhancements Summary Chapter 10: Localization Locales in dnn Resource files The API Localizing modules Summary Chapter 11: Search History Objectives of the New Search Functionality Apache lucene Search architecture Platform Features Evog Features Administration Search phases Module Integration Entities APIs Writing a New Crawler Troubleshooting Summary Chapter 12: URL Management The History of DNN URL Schemes Inderstanding uRL Structure in DNN URL Configuration and customization Summary Chapter 13: Beginning Module Development Wrox.comCodeDownloadsforthisChapter A Guided tour of your work environment Your toolbox The environment Organizing Your project Module Design Considerations about modules tabmodules module definitions A Guestbook module Wrapping It Up Summary Chapter 14: Developing Modules: USer Interfaces Wrox. com Code Downloads for this Chapter Understanding dnN and Module Interactions Dialogs and AJAX Support JavaScript, jQuery, and Custom Scripts DNN jQuery Plugins Implementing Consistent Design Summary Chapter 15: Developing Modules: Business Logic Wrox. com Code Downloads for this Chapter Navigating with the DNN API Using Common DotNetNuke Controls Leveraging Web API Controlling Navigation and Module views Summary Chapter 16: Developing Modules: Best Practices and Moving Forward Nrox.comCodeDownloadsforthisChapter Managing DNN References and Versions Managing External Dependencies Future-Proofing Data Interactions Extension Verification Service(EVS) Getting Prepared for dnn neXt Summary Chapter 17: Skinning Wrox. com Code Downloads for this chapter Skinning by Today's Standards Parts of a dnn skin Skinning approaches Preparing to Create a Skin Creating Your First Skin Basic Layout Document Setup Skin Obiects Navigation Creating Alternate Skins Creating Containers Custom 404 and Pop-up skins SkinThumbnails Creating an Installable Skin Package Advanced Skinning Techniques Summary Chapter 18: Packaging and distribution The New Extensions model Creating New Extensions Using the Wizard to Create Packages Building Packages with Manifest Files Summary Chapter 19: Commercial Philosophy The Fundamentals Technology Market Conditions Distribution model Branding Results SUMMARY Chapter 20: Evog Content Content creation Permissions, Workflow, and versioning Optimization Integrations Summary Chapter 21: Evog Engage Management Tools Community modules Summary Chapter 22: The DnN Store Buying from the Store The Referral Program Selling on the Store Summary Chapter 23: dnn on microsoft azure Wrox. com Code Downloads for this Chapter Azure Deployment Scenarios Installing DNN on Azure Websites Remote Connections to azure Websites Backing Up Your Azure Website Upgrading to a New dnn version

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