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service now 学习资料 Get started with ServiceNow administartion and development to mangage and automate your IT Service Management processes
Table of contents Learning servicenow Credits About the author About the reviewer www.packtpud.com Why subscribe? Customer feedback Pr reface What this book covers What you need for this book Who this book is for onventions Reader feedback ustomer support Downloading the color images of this book Errata Piracy uestions 1. The interface Frames Banner frame System settings HelD Connect chat conversations Global Text search Profile The Application Navigator Filter text box Favorites history Important application menus and modules Content frame UI settings and personalization Summary 2 Lists and forms List v2 versus list v3 Lists and tables Creating a custom table Creating an update set Creating the table Adding a field ist view Condition builder Building a filter Dot-walking Forms Form designer Form layout Related lists Summary 3. UI Customization Ul15 versus ul16 Switching between UI15 and Ul16 Branding your instance Custom themes Ul-Impacting system properties Configuring service portal UI Creating a custom homepage Styling pages and widgets Styling the Cms Summary 4. Understanding Data and Relationships One-to-many relationships in ServiceNow Many-to-many relationships in ServiceNow Creating a M2M table Other M2M relationships Enforcing one-to-one relationships Defining custom relationships Database table inheritance Summary 5. Tasks and workflows Important task fields Active additional comments and work notes Assigned to and assignment group Created, Created by, Updated, and Updated b Description and short description Number State Journals and the activity formatter Extending the task table Workflows Important workflow activities User and group approval Approval coordinator Switch Wait for condition Create Task and Catalog Task Branch and join Return value Run Script Set values Workflow Stages Demo approvals Assignment reating Task fields Summary 6. UI and data policies uI Policies Catalog ui policies Reverse if false Scripting in UI policies UI Policy Order Demo Data policies Demo Converting between Data and Ul Policies Demo Data policies versus acls Summary 7. User Administration and Security Groups and roles Impersonating users for testing Emails and notifications Demo Notification devices ser preferences Default preferences Preferences in update sets Scripting user preferences ACLs- security rules ACL process order High security plugin Summary 8. Introduction to Scripting To script, or not to script? Client side versus server side apis Client side apis Server side apis Where scripting is supported Access controls-executes on: server Business rules-executes on server Client scripts and catalog client scripts-executes on: client Condition builder (andthe URD-executes on: server Default value-executes on server Script Includes-executes on: server UI actions-executes on client and /or server UI policies and catalog UI policies-executes on: client UI scripts-runs on: client Workflow activities-executes on server Integrated development environment Script tree Script auto-completion Script editor macros Documentation macro For-loop macro Gliderecord macros Demo Summary 9. The server-side glide api The structure of an api class Server-side apis Gliderecord Initialize Example usage addQueryo Available query operators Example usage addNullQueryo and addNotNullQueryo Example Usage canReado, can Write can Create, and canDeleteo Example usage deleteRecordo and delete multipled Example usage ge Example usage getDisplay valued Example usage get Valuea and getUnique valueD Example usage nasnveXu Example usage initialized and inserto Example usage nexto Example usage orderByo and orderBy Desco Example usage query Example usage setabortActionO Example usage setLimitQ Example usage et valued Example usage set Workflow Example usage update and updateMultipled Example usage Glideelement changes changes From@ and changesToo Exampl e usage getDisplay valuel Example usage teDA Example usage getReference Table@ and getRefRecordQ Example usage Example usage . String Example usage Glidedatetime Adding or removing time Example usage getDayOfMontho and getDayOfWeekQ Example usage Glidesession getClientDatao and putClientDataO Example usage getTimeZoneNameo Example usage Glide System addErrorMessageo and addInfoMessageQ Example usage debug Example usage eventQueueo Example usage getPropertyo Example usage etUserO Example usage getUserIDQ Exampl e usage hasroleo Example usage Glideuser get Preference and save Preference Example usage hasroleo Example usage isMemberofO Example usage Client-side apis Glideajax Glide Form(g form, Setting /Clearing messages on the form and fields Summary 10. The client-side glide api Client-side apis Glide ajax Glide form( g form Setting/clearing messages on the form and fields Dealing with drop-down list fields Getting and setting values on the form Controlling field visibility Setting fields mandatory and read-only Submitting a client-side form GlideUser(g user Getting user details Checking user permissions Getting client data Gliderecord Querying for one or more records Deleting a record asynchronously Summary 11. Server-side Scripting Dot-walking and glideelement Script Includes Server-side glideajax Business rules After business rules Asynchronous business rules Display business rules and g scratchpad Summary 12. Client-side scripting Client Scripts Client Script types onload onchange on Submit on Celledit Security Compatibility Build for performance Reference fields Glideajax and asynchronous glide record g scratchpad scripts Running only necessary scripts Scripts files from the server Summary 3. Debugging Logging Client-side debugging Debugging field visibility Server-side debugging Reference versus value

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