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有详细的书签目录 Microservice Patterns : With examples in Java 克里斯-理查森(Chris Richardson)
Microservices patterns Microservices patterns WITH EXAMPLES IN AVA CHRIS RICHARDSON MANNING SHELTER ISLAND For online information and ordering of this and other Manning books, plcasc visit For more information, pleasc contact Special sales department Manning Publications Co 20 Baldwin road PO Box 761 Shelter island. ny 11964 a2019 by Chris Richardson. All rights reserved No Part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transMitted, any form or by means electronic, Inechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in the book, and Manning Publications was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printed in initial caps or all caps Recognizing the importance of preserving what has bccn written, it is Mannings policy to havc the books we publish printed on acid-free paper, and we exert our best efforts to that end Recognizing also our responsibility to conserve the rcsourccs of our planct, Manning books are printed on papcr that is at Icast 15 percent recycled and processed without the use of clemental chlorine nt editor: Marina Michaels 20 Baldwin road Technical development editor: Christian mennerich PO Box 76 Review editor: Aleksandar dragosavljevic Shelter island. ny 1l961 Project editor: Lori weider editor: Corbin collins Proofreader: Alyson B Technical proofreader: Andy miles ypcscttcr: Dennis Dalinnik Cover designer: Marija Tudor ISBN:9781617294549 Printed in the united states ol america 12345678910-DP-232221201918 Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak oul, because this is your country This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on Thurgood Marshall,Justice of the Supreme Court brief contents 1 Escaping monolithic hell I 2 Decomposition strategies 33 3 Interprocess communication in a microservice architecture 65 4 Managing transactions with sagas 110 5 Designing business logic in a microservice architecture 146 6 Developing business logic with event sourcing 188 7 Implementing queries in a microservice architecture 220 8 External APi patterns 253 9 Testing microservices: Part I 292 10 Testing microservices: Part2 318 11 Developing production-ready services 348 12 Deploying microservices 383 13 Refactoring to microservices 428

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Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第1页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第2页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第3页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第4页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第5页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第6页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第7页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第8页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第9页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第10页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第11页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第12页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第13页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第14页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第15页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第16页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第17页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第18页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第19页
Manning.Microservices.Patterns.2018.10.pdf 微服务架构设计模式(英文版)-有详细的书签目录第20页

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