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LOGIN AND ACCOUNT CREATION LOGGING IN ScholarE Hanuserpts Instructions B Forms Help Log In Reset Password ( Create An Accour Welcome to the eubmlesion lle for .og In ScholarOne University Training Sites Joumal o be in, create an account it only旧ke5日阳wm阳s Select Pyou are unsure about whether or not you have an ac count or have forgotten your password, go o the Reset Password screen won 31 Password Reset Password Create An Acc cant Resounces ser Tutorials团 Help/Sre SupporL D Clarivate Analytics ORCID ACCOUNT CREATION AND VALIDATION Create an There are three screens to fil out in the Create Account process. In this first screen, enter your name and e-mail Account ir [ uI ld liun I inILu Lhe uxes below. REyui ed felus dfe Illd ked w Lh THy. Whirl you dIe fi is leu, click"NexL E-mail addresses E-mails wil always be sent to thE Primary E-mail Address. If you would also like copies of the e-mails to gc to a second address, please compete the ' Primary CC E-mail Addressas .Secondary E-mail Address and'Secordary CC E-mail Address are for the records only and will not receive correspondence generated from the system. The site administrator may use these if your primary e-mail is unabe to recerve messages F-Ma +Ne Address ORCIDO Select the appropriate opton below to associate an oRCid id to your account. Password To register for a new ORCID iD, click here To associate this account with your existing ORCID iD click Fere Open Researcher and Contributor iD (ORCiD)s a non-profit organization dedicated to solving the long standing name ambiguity problem in scholary communication by creating a central registry of unique identifiers for individual researchers and an open, transparent linking mechanism between ORCID and other current author identifier schemes. To Learn more about oRCID, please visit http://orcid.org/contentinitiacive Name a]Special Characters D Clarivate Analytics acting reserrch and Researchers SIGN IN DON T HAVE AN ID? REGISTER 上 mail or il First name Last name Forgotten Password? Re-enter email Confim password Default privacy for new works 惠5 Dea for ORCID sIte? ○RC|D Connecting Research and Researchers CONNECTING ScholarOne Manuscripts WITH YOUR ORCID RECORD ScholarOne Manuscripts Scholarone Manuscripts ScholarOne, a Thomson Reuters company, provides onl ine tools to has asked for the following access to your ORCID Record help many of the world s leading scholarly publishers manage their submission and peer review processes, A journal on the ScholarOne Confirm who you are, to log you in to their system Manuscripts platform has requested authorization. Your ORCID iD and profile data marked"limited will only be shared with journals and publishers you authorize Add an cxtcrnal identifier to your ORCID Record Read linited ino fro your bigr apliy This application will not be able to see your ORCID password, or other private info in your ORCID Record D Clarivate Analytics LOGGING OUT FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? D Clarivate Analytics HEADER RESOURCES MAINTAINING YOUR ACCOUNT Gwen Baker Instructions Forms E-Mail/Name Address User id password HELP DOCUMENTATION Scholarone Manuscripts Gwen Eaker Instructions Forms( Help Log Out Scholarone THOMSON REUTERS University Main Menu Welcome welturme tu Sc// OIe Mdrlustripls Redu Murs ResoUrCEs user tutorial ReviEwer Hnm产Pan色 AuLluI Cer ler ②eare a. Switch to a differen- publication ANGUAGE TOGGLE D Clarivate Analytics Gwen Baker English (US) Instructions Forms Help g Out 中文(zh) FrancaIs(FR) 曰本語(日本) Bienvenue Bienvenue sur le site Super Master. Pour commencer, veuillez cliquer sur le lien de l'espace qur vous concerne ci-dessous. Vous pouvez revenir a cet ecran pour modifier les espaces, si necessaire, en aliquant sur le lien s Menu principal s dans le coin superieur gauche de la page Espace de Auteur ②a lace du lecteur ace du redacteur en Ique adoInt Espace du directeur de la publication Espace Admin ⑤ Espace de production Espace de confiquration ace de Espace de confiquration client s1 A coDi Figuration client support s1 Espace de configuration Espace de support support S1 INSTRUCTIONS AND FORMS Instructions forms D Clarivate Analytics THE HOME PAGE ScholarOne Manuscripts Gwen Bakery Instructions THOMSON REUTERS I TraInIng M Home Author(AU) p Revlew(REV) Swtch to a iferent publication: ScholarOne University Training s lu-wf 1. Scholar One Univer sily r User Tutorials Scholarone Man M NAVIGATION H:O THOMSON REUTERS" I Training A Home y Author (Au) Review (REv) 1 Switch to a different publication C s1u-wf1: ScholarOne University T Help User tutorials Home Pade D Clarivate Analytics THE AUTHOR DASHBOARD A Home/ Author Review 8 Manage f Support Author Dashboard Author Dashboard Start New submission Start New submission Legacy Instructions Tradlticnal submission allows you to upload files that were created Begin Submission Trom many sources 5 Most recent E-mails Author Dashboard 3 Unsubmitted and Manuscripts In Draft 4 Manuscripts I Have Co Authored Start New submission Legacy Instructions 5 Most Recent e-mails D Clarivate Analytics

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所示为一个典型的刚柔耦合系统,该模型由三个刚体(支座、刚体A、刚体 B 和柔性梁)组成。惯性参考系原点位于 柔性梁中性层,红色为 X 轴,绿色为 Y 轴,蓝色为 Z 轴。其中 支座固定在地面,仅作示意,没有自由度,刚体 体 A 和 刚体 B 都具有沿总体坐标系 Z 轴向平动的自由度, 柔性梁与 支座铰接,刚体 A与柔性梁通过两个弹簧阻尼器连接,体 刚体 B 和 刚体 A 也通过两个弹簧阻 尼器连接。

WPF 像素着色器库

Windows Presentation Foundation Pixel Shader Effects Library









Eclipse插件开发学习笔记(第四篇综合实例 23-24章 及 源代码)

本书由浅入深、有重点、有针对性地介绍了Eclipse插件开发技术,全书分为4篇共24章。第一篇介绍Eclipse平台界面开发的基础知识,包括 SWT控件的使用、界面布局、事件处理等内容;第二篇是插件开发核心技术,主要介绍插件开发的核心知识要点,包括行为(Action)、视图(ViewPart)、编辑器(Editor)、透视图(Perspective)等10章的内容;第三篇主要讲述插件开发的高级内容,包括开发高级内容、富客户端平台技术(RCP)、Draw2d,以及GEF介绍与实现等4个章节;第四篇则围绕插件开发和GEF应用两个主题,精心设计了两个程序开发实例,使读者能更加全面地理解插件开发相关技

iet dll软件下载,

iet dll软件下载


QT5.14入门教程GUI(三)第3个QT程序-单选按钮1 QT5.14入门教程GUI(三)第3个QT程序-单选按钮1 QT5.14入门教程GUI(三)第3个QT程序-单选按钮1 QT5.14入门教程GUI(三)第3个QT程序-单选按钮1 QT5.14入门教程GUI(三)第3个QT程序-单选按钮1




蔡颖先生继《ERP高级计划一APS供应链优化引擎》之后的三年,又推出新的力作《APS走向实践》,来适应中国走向制造业强国。   在这个超竞争时代,市场动荡,环境复杂,未来不可预测的环境下,APS逐渐开始走向实践了,为了配合这个新技术的信息化趋势,本书分别重点论述了小型企业和中型企业及大型企业的APS软件功能和在实践中的运用,从小型企业的车间可视化排程,到中型企业的高效敏捷计划,再到大型企业的供应链优化计划,均有详细的描述






1、本软件打开后,下拉则拉取新的图片,上拉则拉取以前打开过的图片。 2、本软件可以打开列表里的每一个图片,进行查看。 3、本软件打开图片查看时,可以分享到朋友圈、微信好友、其他你装过的通讯软件。 4、本软件在打开图片查看时,可以左右滑动图片,进行查看上一张和下一张图片。

U​盘​修​复​-​U​盘​量​产​详​细​图​文​教​程​-​ ​A​l​c​o​r​(​安​国​)​A​U​6​9​8​X

U 盘不能打开,如 提示请插入磁盘之类的,总之 U 盘不能用了。



G​a​d​d​i​s​-S​t​a​r​t​i​n​g​O​u​t​W​i​t​h​C​+​+​​ ​7​t​h​

G​a​d​d​i​s​ ​-​ ​S​t​a​r​t​i​n​g​ ​O​u​t​ ​W​i​t​h​ ​C​+​+​ ​F​r​o​m​ ​C​o​n​t​r​o​l​ ​S​t​r​u​c​t​u​r​e​s​ ​t​h​r​o​u​g​h​ ​O​b​j​e​c​t​s​ ​7​t​h​ ​e​d​i​t​i​o​n​ ​ ​非​常​非​常​好​的​C​+​+​初​级​教​材​,​美​国​众​多​c​o​l​l​e​g​e​选​用​。​语​言​简​单​易​读​,​对​想​边​学​C​+​+​边​锻​炼​英​语​的​同​学​特​别​适​合​。​当​然​纸​版​的​更​好​,​拿​到​就​

搜狗拼音输入法 v6.2e 官方正式版

搜狗拼音输入法(sogou拼音输入法)是当前网上最流行、用户好评率最高、功能下载次数最大的拼音输入法。 搜狗拼音输入法(sogou拼音输入法)与传统输入法不同的是,采用了搜索引擎技术,是第二代的输入法。由于采用了搜索引擎技术,输入速度有了质的飞跃,在词库的广度、词语的准确度上,搜狗输入法都远远领先于其他输入法。同时,搜狗输入法以输入法领域内前所未有的速度,在10个月内发布了10个版本。几乎每一个版本都进行了多项重大改进。搜狗输入法诞生于2006年6月。经过一年多的飞速发展,搜狗输入法目前在词库、智能组词、高级功能、易用性设计、外观上都全面超过了其他所有输入法。 搜狗拼音输入法 v6.2 官