ACS510 用户使用手册

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ACS510 用户使用手册
Contents ABB standard drives, ACS510 ABB standard drives……4 Feature Rating, types and voltages 5 E| ectromagnetic compatibility…… Constructions Dimensions… Assistant control panel........... 56677 Basic control panel Control panel frame size Options…… How to select options Available options Output chokes.…... 777888899 Panel mounting kit……,… Hole dimension for ACS-CP-cabinet kit Plug-in options........10 Brake unit and choppers.........11 Technical data 12 Cooling... 12 Fuse connections..m. 12 Technical specification ...................13 Control connections................ 14 Services… 15 15 3ABD00017601 Rey den2009-0401 3 ABB standard drives ACSs 0 03A3 B055 ABB standard drives ABB ACS510 drive promises ABB standard drives are simple to buy, install, configure ■ Precise delivery and use, saving considerable time. They are widely ■ Quick installation available through ABB channel partners, hence the use Rapid start-up of the term standard the drives have common user and Trouble-free use process interfaces with fieldbuses, common software tools for sizing, commissioning, maintenance and common spare parts. Applications Highlights ABB standard drives can be used in a wide range of Perfect match for industrial pumps and fans industries. Typical applications include pump fan and L Advanced control panel providing intuitive operation constant torque use, such as conveyors. ABB standard Patent pending swinging choke for superior harmonic drives are ideal in those situations where there is a reduction need for simplicity to install, commission and use and ■ Cycle soft start where customizing or special product engineering is not Multiple U/F curves required ■ Override mode Integral RFl filter for 1st and 2nd environment as standard ■ CE approved What are its main features? Feature Advantage Benefit PFC application Up to 7(1+6) More pumps can be switched on and off Perfect match for SPFC Cycle soft start Each pump can be regulated in turn industrial fans and Mutiple U/F curve Freely defined 5 point U/F curve More wide and flexible application pumps Override mode Emergency application in ventilator More safe and reliable application PID 2 built-up PID controllers Flexible tension control by trimming PID Two groups of patameter setting for PID1 Economical Intuitive features Noise optimization Considerable motor noise reduction Increases switching frequency when temperature is reduced Reduce inverter noise and improve energy efficiency Controlled cooling fan: Drive is cooled only when necessary Flux opimization Disable or Enable by user Reduce the energy consumption and noise Energy efficiency Connectivity Simple to install Reduce installation time Side by side installatie Reduce installation space Easy connection of cables Secure cable connections Easy connection to external feldbus systems through multiple 1/Os and plug-in options Enviromental 1st and 2nd environment rfl filters as standard No need for additional external filtering friendly as standard Chokes Swinging chokes- matches the right inductance to the right load, thereby Reduce Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) suppressing and reducing harmonics emissions up to 25% Advanced control Two soft-keys, function of which changes according to the panel state Easy commissionin Other help bu Changed parameters menu Quick access to recent parameter changes lapid fault diagnosis Fieldbus Built-in Modbus using R$ 485 Reduce cost 3ABDc0017601 Rev D en2009-0401 Ratings, types and voltages ACS510 0 03A3 B055 Type code 3-phase supply voltage 380-480V Wall mounted units This is the unique reference number(shown above and in column 4, right) that clearly identifies your drive by power Ratings Type code rating and frame size. Once you have selected the type size code, the frame size column 5 ) can be used to determine <VA kW A the drives dimensions, shown on the next page. 3.3 ACS510-01-03A3-4 R 1.5 ACS510-01-04A1-4 6 ACS510-01-05A6-4 outages 7.2 ACS510-0107A2-4 94 ACS51001-09A4-4 ACS510-01 is available in the following voltage range 5.5 119 ACS510-01-012A-4 R1 4=380-480V ACS510-01-017A-4 11 ACS510-01-025A-4 ACS510-01-031A-4 18.5 38 ACs510-01-038A4 R3 30 46 ACS510-01-045A4 R3 41 30 60 ACS510-01060A-4 R4 ACS510-01-072A-4 R4 ACS510-01-088A-4 125 ACS510-01-125A-4 ACS510-01-157A-4 ACS510-01180A4 Normal use 110 ACS510-01-195A-4 For the majority of pump, fan and conveyor applications, select"Normal use"figures 170 32 245 ACS510-01-245A-4 If in doubt contact your local aBB sales office or your drives distributor-see page 1 160 ACS5100129A4R6 Sr kva Typical motor apparent output power in 400 V at normal use P. kW Typical motor power in 400V at normal use Electromagnetic compatibility EMC according to EN61800-3 EMC standards in general EN61800-3/A11(2000,EN61800-3(2004),EN55011, product 1st environment restricted distribution for frame sizes r3 R4 with product standard product standard family standard for 75 m motor cables and for frame sizes rl r2 r5 R6 with 100 m motor industrial, scientifi cables as standard and medical (ISM) equipment 2nd environment unrestricted distribution for frame sizes r1 to r4 with 300 m motor cables and for frame sizes r5 to R8 with 100 m motor cables environment, Category C Group 1 as standare nrestricted distribution Class B 1st environment Category C2 Group 1 These cable lengths are for EMC purposes only. Operational cable lengths restricted distribution Class a are available in the output choke selection table on page 11 For longer motor cable lengths, external EMC filters are available on 2nd environment Category c3 Group 2 request unrestricted distribution Class a 2nd environment, Category C4 Not applicable restricted distribution 00017601 Rey den20090401 5 Dimensions ACS510 03A3 4 B055 all-mounted drives Wall mounted units Dimensions and weigh P21/UL type 1 IP54/UL type 12 sIze D Weight Weight mmmmmmmm kg mm mm kg R 369330125212 6.5 44921323 R2469430125222 9 549213245 11.2 F358349020323115611257253185 689596203262 742257284265 R573960226528634776369309385 880700300400 924410423 80 986700302400 73 1119410423 84 he demensions and weights apply to aCS510-01-246A-4 and ACS510-01-290A4 H1=Height with cable connection box H2= Height without cable connection box W= Width Construction ACS510 03A3 4 B055 01"within the type code(shown above)varies depending on the drive mounting arrangement and power rating. Choose the correct one for your needs from the table below: 01 For IP54 units Wall mounted, frame size r1-r6 a If IP 54 is required, simply select"O1 1.1to160kW and then see page 8 to find the correct P21 Option"code. Built-in Emc filter Coated board ■ Standard software Built-in Mod bus interface ■ Cable connection bo Brake chopper in frame sizes R1-R Assistant control panel 6 3ABDc0017601 Rev d en2009-04-01 Assistant control panel The assistant control panel, which is delivered as standard, features a multilingual alphanumeric display, ( EN, DA, DE, ES, FL, FR, IT, NL, PT, SE, US)or alternatively with code J416(EN, DE, CZ, HU, PT, RU, TR) for easy drive programming. The control panel has various assistants and an inbuilt help function to guide the user. It includes a real time clock, which can be used during fault logging. The control panel can be used for copying parameters for back up or for downloading them to another drive. a large graphical display and soft keys make it extremely easy to navigate Name Start-up Drive start Stop 与四。团H2 Drive stop 与。H2 Alter parametre/Increase reference 12。4F li ni.nn 目IR MENU Down Alter parametre/Decrease reference e Local/ Switch between Local (control Remote panel)jand Remote(/O or other control source). Help Built-in help button 了 Soft key1 Fuction of which changes according ( to the panel state STOP Soft key2 Fuction of which changes according START to the panel state Basic control panel Control panel frame size The basic control panel features a single line numeric display. The panel can be used to control the drive, set the parameter values or copy them from one drive to another. 45 CUTPVT FD 25.2 00017601 Rey den20090401 7 Options ACS510 03A3 B055 Panel mounting kit OPMP-01 kit and mounting hole demention Two optional mounting kits for control panel: ACS-CP-EXT OPMP-01 To attach the control panel to the outside of a larger enclosure, two panel mounting kits are available. a simple and cost-effi cient installation is possible with the S日 ACS/H-CP-EXT kit, while the oPMp-01 kit provides a more user-friendly solution, including a panel platform that enables the panel to be removed in the same way as a drive-mounted panel The panel mounting kits include all hardware required, including 3 m extension cables and installation instructions 102 2-35 90.4 4.7 WlII 品M7E How to select options Available options Protection class The options shown in the table are available within B055 Control panel the acs510 range. Most of them have an associated 0J400 If no control panel is required 4-figure option code, which is shown in the table Basic control panel ACS-CP-C It is this code that replaces b055 in the type code above Panel mounting ki ACS/H-CP-EXT External options require a separate order line and ACS-CP-cabinet o options material or type code number. L511 Relay output extension OREL-01 Fieldbus) K451 DeviceNet RDNA-01 K452 LonWorks RLON-01 K454 Profbus-DP RPBA-O1 1 Ordering with a separate material code number CANOpen RCAN-01 2) One slot available for relay or encoder ControlNet RCNA-01 One slot available for heldbus adapter Modbus inbuilt as standard. Ethernet RETA-01 8 3ABDC0017601 Rev en2009-0401 Options Control interfaces ACS510 01 03A3 4 B055 Output chokes Output chokes are used when motor cables above normal length are required. Cable can be roughly 1.5 times standard cable length, see below pe code Frame size Nominal current Output choke Choke thermal current Max cable length Max cable length type code without choke 2) with choke UN=380-480V(380,400415,440,460,480V) ACS51001-03A3-4 R1 NOCH-0016-6X 150 ACs5100104A14 NOCH-0016-6X ACS51001-05A6-4 5.6 NOCH-0016-6X 150 ACS500107A24R1 7.2 NOCH-0016-6X 19 100 150 ACS5101409A44R1 94 NOCH-0016-6X 100 ACS510-01012A4 R1 119 NOCH-0016-6X 19 100 150 ACS510-01-017A-4 NOCH-0016-6X 200 250 ACs510-01-025A-4 R2 NOCH-0030-6X 41 200 250 ACs510-01-031A-4 NOCH-0C30-6X 41 200 250 ACS51001-038A4 ACS51001-046A-4 NOCH-0070-6X 300 ACS510-01-060A-4 R4 NOCH-0070-6X 200 300 ACS510-01-072A-4 NOCH-00/0-6X 112 200 300 ACS510-01-088A-4 R4 NOCH-0070-6X 112 200 300 ACS51001-125A-4 R5 125 NOCH-0120-6X 300 300 ACS51001-157A-4 157 FOCH0260-70 ACS51001-180A-4 180 FOCH-0260-70 289 300 ACS510-01-195A-4 R6 205 FOCH-0260-70 289 300 300 ACS510-01-246A-4 245 FOCH-0260-70 289 300 300 S510-01-290A4 FOCH0320-50 300 I)The last digit of the output choke type defines the degree of protection; X stands for 2=lP22 or 5=IP54,0=IP00 2) Cable lengths according to 4 kHz switching frequency 3) Maximum switching frequency to be used with du/dt filter is 4 kHz Dimensions Type code A B Weight mm mm m kg NOCH-0016-626519 323154 6 NOCH-003062/65 249348172 NOcH0070-62/65279433 15.5 NOCH0120-62/65 308 45 Note An output choke does not improve the EMC performance of the drive. To fulfil local EMc requirements use sufficient RFI filtering. For more information refer to the acs510 Technical reference. Please consult local Abb to get FoCH information 3ABD00017601 Rey den2009-0401 Options ACS510 03A3 B055 Relay output extension option module This plug-in option offers three additional relay outputs They can be used, for example, in pump and fan control or many supervisory functions. all the relays can be programmed to on/off by using the assistant control panels clock. Alternatively, fieldbus can be used to control any external components in the system 点 Plug-in fieldbus module Digital The plug-in fieldbus options bring connectivity to major Inputs automation systems. a single twisted pair avoids large amounts of conventional cabling, thereby reducing cost and increasing system reliability :△ ACS510 supports the following fieldbus options Relay outputs DeviceNet LON WORKS ■ PROFIBUS DP Built-in Modbus CANopen using RS 485 ControlNet ■ Ethernet ●围国 For type codes see page 8 10 3ABDC0017601 Rev en2009-0401

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