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abaqus 用户分析手册英文完整版。对于使用Abaqus的工程技术人员,此书是必备的工具书,对于使用其他工程分析软件的人员,此书也具有积极的参考作用。
Abaqus Analysis Users Manual Volume Version 6.7 abaqusⅤ ersion6.6ID Printed on Legal Notices CAUTIONARY NOTICE TO USERS This manual is intended for qualified users who will exercise sound engineering judgment and expertise in the use of the Abaqus Software. The Abaqus Software is inherently complex, and the examples and procedures in this manual are not intended to be exhaustive or to apply to any particular situation Users at oned to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy and results of their analyses ABAQUS, Inc and Dassault Systemes("DS")shall not be responsible for the accuracy or usefulness of any analysis performed using the Abaqus Software or the procedures, examples, or explanations in this manual. ABAQUS, Inc and ds shall not be responsible for the consequences of any errors or omissions that may appear in this manual ABAQUS, INC. AND DS DISCLAIM ALL EXPRESS OR IMPLIED REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF THE CONTENTS OF THIS MANUAL IN NO EVENT SHALL ABAOUS NC DS OR THEIR THIRD-PARTY PROVIDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT INCIDENTAI PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING. WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF BUSINESS PROFITS, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, OR LOSS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION EVEN IF ABAQUS, INC. OR DS HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES The Abaqus Software described in this manual is available only under license from ABAQUS Inc or ds and may be used or reproduced only in accordance with the terms of such license This manual and the software described in this manual are subject to change without prior notice No part of this manual may be reproduced or distributed in any form without prior written permission of ABAQUS, Inc. or Ds C Dassault Systemes, 2007 Printed in the lnited states of america U.S. GOVERNMENT USERS: Thc Abaqus Softwarc and its documentation arccommcrcial items, specifically"commcrcial computcr softwarc"and commercial computer software documentationand, consistent with FAR 12. 212 and DFARS 227.7202, as applicable, are provided with restricted rights in accordance with license terms TRADEMARKS The trademarks and service marks ("trademarks")in this manual are the property of ABAQUS, Inc, Dassault Systemes, or third parties. You are not permitted to use these trademarks without the prior written consent of ABAQUS, Inc, Dassault Systemes, or such third parties The following arc trademarks or registered trademarks of ABAQUS, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United Statcs and/or other countrics baqus, Abaqus/Standard, Abaqus/ Explicit, Abaqus/CAE, Abaqus/Viewer, Abaqus/Aqua, Abaqus/Design, Abaqus/Foundation, Abaqus/AMS, Abaqus for CATIA V5. vCCT for Abaqus, DDAM for Abaqus, Unified FEA, ABAQUS, and the ABAQUS logo The 3DS logo and sIMULia are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dassault Systemes Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. For additional information concerning trademarks, copyrights, and licenses, see the Legal Notices in the Abaqus version 6.7 Release Notes and the notices at http://www.simulia.com/products/productslegal.html abaqusⅤ ersion6.6ID Printed on Offices and Representatives SIMULIA Worldwide Headquarters Rising Sun Mills, 166 Valley Street, Providence RI 02909-2499, Tel: +1 401 276 4400 Fax:+l4012764408,support(@simulia.com,http://www.simulia.com SIMULIA European Headquarters Gaetano Martinolaan 95, P O Box 1637, 6201 BP Maastricht, The Netherlands, Tel: +31 43 356 6906, Fax:+31433566908,infocuropc(@simulia.com sales, Support, and services north america Central, West L afayette, IN, Tel: +1 765 497 1373, support(@ AbaqusCentral com CentralCincinnatiOfficeWestChesterOh,Tel:+i5132751430,support(@abaquscentral.com East, Warwick, RI, Tel: +1 401 739 3637, supporl@ AbayusEaslCOIml Erie,Beachwood,Oh,teL:+12163781070.support(@abaquserie.com GreatL.akesNorthville,Mi,Tel:+12483494669,support(@Abaqusgireatlakes.com SouthFlowerMoundtx,tel:+12145131600,support(a.abaqussouth.com West. FremunL CA. Tel: +1 510794 589 l, support I(@ Abaqus WeslCe Argentina DassaultSystemesLatinAmerica,BuenosAires,Tel:+541143452360,Horacioburbridge(ads-us.com australia RichmondVic,Tel+61394212900,info@abaqus.com.au austria enna, Tel: +431929 16 25-0, support(@abaqus. at Benelux Huizen, The Netherlands, Tel: +31 35 52 58 424, supporL(abaqus. nI Brazil SmarTtcchmCcanica,SaoPauloSp,To1:+551131683388,smarttcch@smarttcch.com.br Czech Republic Synerma s r o, Psary-Prague West, Tel: +420 603 145 769, abaqus @synerma cz france Versailles, Tel: +33 1 39 24 15 40, support(@abaqus. fr Germany Aachen, Tel: +49 241 474010, info@abaqus. de Munchen, Tel: 49 89 54348770, info(@abaqus. de India Alwarpet, Chennai, Tel: +91 44 65651590, abaqus@abaqus. co in Israel ADCOM, Givataim, Tel: +972 54683 02 90, S-keidarabezeqintnet Italy, Milano(MI), Tel: +3902 39211211, infoiaabaqus it Ja apan Tokyo office, Tokyo, Tel: +81 3 5474 5817, tokyo(@abaqus. jp Osaka office, Osaka, Tel: +81 5020, osaka(@abaqus. ip K Korea, Mapo-Clul, Seoul, Tel: +82 2 785 6707, info@ abaqus. co ki WorleyParsonsAdvancedAnalysiskuAlalUmpurTel:+60321612266,abaqusmy@worleyparsons.com New Zealand Matrix Applied Computing Ltd, Auckland, Tel: +(49623 1223, abaqus-tech@matrixconz poland BudSoft Sp. z 0.0., Sw. Marcin, Tel:-48 61 8508 466, budsoft(@budsoft com pl Russia, belarus ukraine TesIsLtd.,Moscow,ruSsia,Tel:+7095212-44-22,info(a,tesis.com.ru FEM-Tech AB, Vasteras, Sweden, Tel: +4621 150870, info abaqus.se Singapore WorleyParsonsAdvancedAnalysis,Singapore,Tel:+6567358444,abaqus.sg(@worleyparsons.com South africa Finite Elcmcnt Analysis Scrviccs(Pty)Ltd, Mowbray. Tcl: +27 21 448 7608, fcas(@fcascoza Principia Ingenieros Consultores, S.A., Madrid, Tel: +3491 209 1482, abaqus (@principia.es Taiwan APIC,Taipei,Tel:+8860225083066,cae(@apic.com.ty Thailand orleyparsonsAdvancedAnalysisGroup,Bangkok,Tel:+6626893000,abaqusth(@worleyparsons.com Turk A-ztechLtd.,Istanbul,Tel:902163618850,info(@a-ztech.com.tr United Kingdom United Kingdom, Warrington, Tel: +44 1925 830900, hotline@ abaqus. co uk Sales Only North america EasternCanadaothice,TorontooN,cAnadalel:+14164022219,support(aabaqusGreatlakes.com EastMid-allanticOficeForestHill,Md,Tel:+14104208587,supporl@abaquseasl.com South,SoutheastOfficcAcworth,Ga,Tcl:+17707950960,support(@abaqusSouth.com yest,SouthernCaandAzofficeTustinCa,Tel:+17147315895,iNfoi@AbaqusWest.com WestroCkyMountainsOfficeBoulderCo,Tel:+13036645444,Info@abaquSWest.com Finland EspoU, Tel: +3589 2517 2973, abaqus (@abaq us. fi New Delhi, Tel: +91 11 55171877, delhi @abaqus.coin Pune, Tel: +91 20 32913739, joydeep. roy(a abaqus. co in United Kingdom Sevenoaks, Kent, Tel:+44 1 732 834930, hotline(@abaqus. co uk China Representative offices Chi Beijing,P.r.China,Tel:+861084580366,abaqus(@abaqus.com.cn ShanghaiP.r.China,Tel:+862158309096/58203227,abaqus(@abaqus.com.cn Completecontactinformationisavailableathttp://www.simulia.com/about'locations.html Printed on: Wed April 11--9: 13: 30 2007 P retrace This section lists various resources that are available for help with using Abaqus Support Both technical engineering support (for problems with creating a model or performing an analysis) and systems support(for installation, licensing, and hardware-related problems) for abaqus are offered through a network of local support offices. Contact information is listed in the front of each abaqus manual Abaqus Online Support System The abaqus Online Support System(AOSS)has a knowledge database of Abaqus Answers. The Abaqus Answers are solutions to questions that we have had to answer or guidelines on how to use Abaqus. You can also submit new requests for support in the AOSS. All support incidents are tracked in the AOSs. If you are contacting us by means outside the aoss to discuss an existing support problem and you know the incident number, please mention it so that we can consult the database to see what the latest action has been TousetheAoss,youneedtoregisterwiththesystemVisittheMySupportpageatwww.simulia.com for instructions on how to register Pige many questions about abaqus can also be answered by visiting the Products page and the Support atwwwsimulia.com Anonymous ftp site Useful documents are maintained on an anonymous ftp account on the computer ftp simulia. com. Login as user anonymous, and type your e-mail address as your password Training All offices offer regularly scheduled public training classes. We also provide training seminars at customer sites. All training classes and seminars include workshops to provide as much practical experience with AbaqusaspossiblefoRascheduleanddescriptionsofavailableclassesseewww.simulia.comorcallyour local representative Feedback We welcome any suggestions for improvements to Abaqus software, the support program, or documentation We will ensure that any enhancement requests you make are considered for future releases. If you wish to makeasuggestionabouttheserviceorproductsrefertowww.simulia.com.Complaintsshouldbeaddressed bycontactingyourlocalofficeorthroughwww.simulia.com Abaqus version 6.6 ID Printed on: CONTENTS Contents Volume PART INTRODUCTION SPATIAL MODELING. AND EXECUTION 1. Introduction Introduction Introduction: general Abaqus syntax and conventions nput syntax rules Conventions 12.2 Defining an Abaqus model Defining a model in abaqus 1.3 Parametric modeling Parametric input 1.4.1 2. Spatial Modeling Defining nodes Node definition 2.1.1 Parametric shape variation 2.12 Nodal thickness 2.1.3 normal definitions at nodes 2.14 Transformed coordinate systems Defining elements Element definition 2.2.1 Element foundations Defining reinforcement 2.2.3 Defining rebar as an element property 2.24 Orientations 2.2.5 Defining surfaces Surfaces: overview 2.3.1 Defining element-based surfaces 2.3.2 Defining node-based surfaces 2.3.3 Defining analytical rigid surfaces 2.3.4 Operating on surfaces 2.3.5 Abaqus ID: usb-toc Printed on: Mon march 12--12: 50: 01 2007 CONTENTS Defining rigid bodies Rigid body definition 2.4.1 Defining integrated output sections Integrated output section definition 2.5.1 Defining nonstructural mass Nonstructural mass definition 2.6.1 Defining distributions Distribution definition 2.7.1 Defining display bodies Display body definition 2.8. Defining an assembly Defining an assembly 2.9.1 Defining matrices Defining matrices 2.10.1 3. Execution procedures Execution procedures: overview Execution procedure for Abaqus: overview 3.1.1 Execution procedures Execution procedure for obtaining information 3.2.1 Execution procedure for A baqus/Standard and abaquS/Explicit 3.2.2 Execution procedure for Abaqus/CAE 3.2.3 Execution procedure for abaqus/Viewer 3.2.4 Execution procedure for python 3.2.5 Execution procedure for parametric studies 3.2.6 Execution procedure for abaqus html documentation 3.2.7 Execution procedure for licensing utilities 3.2.8 Execution procedure for ASCII translation of results(fil) files 3.2.9 Execution procedure for joining results( fil)files 3.2.10 Execution procedure for querying the key word/problem database 3.2.11 Execution procedure for fetching sample input files 3.2.12 Execution procedure for making user-defined executables and subroutines 3.2.13 Execution procedure for input file and output database upgrade utility 3.2.14 Execution procedure for generating output database reports 3.2.15 Execution procedure for joining output database(odb)files from restarted analyses 3.2.16 Execution procedure for combining output from substructures 3.2.17 Execution procedure for network output database file connector 3.2.18 Abaqus id: usb-toc Printed on: Mon march 12--12: 50: 01 2007 CONTENTS Execution procedure for fixed format conversion utility 3.2.19 Execution procedure for translating NAstRan bulk data files to Abaqus input files 3.2.20 Execution procedure for translating PAM-CRASH input files to partial Abaqus input files 3.2.21 Execution procedure for translating RaDiOss input files to partial abaqus input files 3.2.22 Execution procedure for translating Abaqus output database files to NAStran Output2 results files .2.23 Execution procedure for exchanging Abaqus data with ZAERO 3.2.24 Execution procedure for encrypting and decrypting abaqus input data 3.2.25 Execution procedures for job execution control 3.2.26 Environment file settings Using the abaqus environment settings 3.3.1 Managing memory and disk resources Managing memory and disk use in Abaqus 3.4.1 File extension definitions File extensions used by abag 3.5.1 FoRTraN unit numbers FORTRAN unit numbers used by Abaqus 3.6.1 PART L OUTPUT 4. Output Output Output 4.1.1 Output to the data and results files 4.1.2 Output to the output database 4.1.3 Output variables Abaqus /Standard output variable identifiers 4.2.1 Abaqus/ Explicit output variable identifiers 4.2.2 The postprocessing calculator The postprocessing calculator 4.3.1 5. File Output Format Accessing the results file Accessing the results file: overview 5.1.1 Abaqus ID: usb-toc Printed on: Mon march 12--12: 50: 01 2007 CONTENTS Results file output format 5.1.2 Accessing the results file information Utility routines for accessing the results file 5.14 ol.1 Abaqus/Standard Output Variable Index ol.2 Abaqus/Explicit Output variable Index lll Abaqus id: usb-toc Printed on: Mon march 12--12: 50: 01 2007

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