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Essential Grammar in Use (3rd Ed),第三版,文本内容可复制,带有大标题目录
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town Singapore, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Tokyo, Mexico City Cambridge University Press The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 8RU, UK C Cambridge University Press 2007 This publication is in copyright. Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press First published 1990 Second edition 1997 Third edition 2007 11th printing 2011 Printed in the United Kingdom at the University Press, Cambridge A catalogue record for this publication is available from the British Library isBN 978-0-521-67580-2 Edition with answers isbn 978-0-521-67581-9 Edition without answers isbn 978-0-521-67543-7 Edition with answers and CD-ROM isbn 978-0-521-67544-4 CD-ROM for Windows(single user isBN 978-0-521-67545-1 Network CD-ROM (30 users isbn 978-3-12-539538-I Klett edition with CD-ROM isbN 978-3-12-539536-7 Klett edition Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLS for external or third-party internet websites referred to in this publication, and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is or will remain, accurate or appropriate. Information regarding prices, travel timetables and other factual information given in this work is correct at the time of first printing but Cambridge University Press does not guarantee the accuracy of such information thereafter Contents Thanks vii o the student vii To the teacher x Present 1 am/is/are am/Is/are (questions 3 I am doing (present continuous 4 are you doing? (present continuous questions 5 I do/work/like etc. (present simple) 6 I don't..(present simple negative) 7 Do you.?(present simple questions) 8 I am doing (present continuous) and i do(present simple 9 I have…andr' ve got 10 was/were 11 worked/got/went etc, (past simple 12 I didnt.. Did you.?(past simple negative and questions 13 I was doing (past Continuous) 14 I was doing (past continuous)and i did (past simple af perfect 15 I have done (present perfect 1) 16 Ive just. I've already I havent.. yet (present perfect 2) 17 Have you ever . .?(present perfect 3) 18 How long have you ..? (present perfect 4) 19 for since ago 20 I have done(present perfect; and I did(past) passive 21 is done was done (passive 1) 22 is being done has been done (passive 2) erb form 23 be/have/do in present and past tenses 24 Regular and irregular verbs Future 25 What are you doing tomorrow? 26 I'm going to… 27 will/shall 1 28 will/ shall 2 Modals, imperative etc 29 cht 30 can and could 31 must mustnt don't need to IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHICH UNITS TO STUDY, USE THE STUDY GUIDE ON PAGE 271 32 should 33 I have te 34 Would you like..: Id like 35 Do this! Don't do that! Let's do this! 36 I used te There and it 37 thcre is there are 38 there was/werc therc has/have been there will be 39 It auxin rT 40 I am, i dont etc 41 Have you? Are you? Don't you? etc. 42 too/either so am I/neither do I etc. 43 isn@t, haven't, don't etc. (negatives Q uestions 44isit…? have you…? do they….?etc.( questions1) 4.5 Who saw you? Who did you see? (questions 2 46 Who is she talking to? What is it like? (questions 3) 47What…? Which∴?How…?( questions4) 48 How long does it take 49 Do you know where.. I don't know what Reported speech 50 She said that... He told me that ing and to . 51 work/working go/going do/doing 52 to.. (I want to do) and -ing I enjoy doing/ 53 I want you to.. I told you to 54 I went to the shop to .. Go, get, do, make and have goto…goon go for go -Ing 56 get 57 do and make 58haⅴe Pronouns and possessives 59 I/me he / him they/them etc 60 my/his/their etc 61 Whose is this? It's mine/yours/hers etc 62 I/me/my/mine 6.3 myself/ yourself/themselves etc 64-s(Kate's camera / my brother's car etc.) IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHICH UNITS TO STUDY, USE THE STUDY GUIDE ON PAGE 271 a and the 65 a/ an 66 train(s) bus(es) (singular and plural) 67 a bottle /some water (countable/uncountable 1) 68 a cake/some cake/ some cakes (countable/uncountable 2) 69 a/an and the 70 the 71 go to work go home go to the cinema 72 I like music I hate exams 73 the. .(names of places) Determiners and pronouns 74 this /that/these/ those 75 one/ones 76 some and any 77 not any no none 78 not anybody/anyone/anything nobody/no-one/nothing 79 somebody/anything/ nowhere etc every an d all 8I all most some any no/none 82 both either ither 83 a lot much many 84(a) little(a)fe Adjectives and adverbs 85 old/nice/interesting etc.(adjectives) 86 quickly/ badly/suddenly etc. (adverbs) 87 old/older expensive/ more expensive 88 older than . more expensive than 89 not as.. as the oldest the most expensive 91 enough 92 too Word order 93 He speaks English very well.(word order 1) 94 always/usually/often etc. (word order 2) 95 still yet alread 96 Give rne that book! Give it to me! Conjunctions and cla 97 and but or SO because 98 When 99 If we go If you see∴etc 100 If I had If we went etc 101 a person who .. a thing that/which..(relative clauses 1) 102 the people we met the hotel you stayed at (relative clauses 2) IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHICH UNITS TO STUDY, USE THE STUDY GUIDE ON PAGE 271 positions 103 at 8 o'clock on Monday in Apri 104 until SInce for 105 before after during 106 in at on (places 1) 107 in at on (places 2) 108 to in at (places 3) 109 under, behind, opposite ctc 11.0 up, over, through etc 111on at with about ]12 afraid of..., good at . etc. of/at/for etc.(prepositions)F -ing 113 listen to .. look at .. etc.(verb+ preposition) Phrasal verbs 11.4 go in, fall off, run away etc.(phrasal verbs 1) 115 put on your shoes put your shoes on (phrasal verbs 2 Appendices Appendix 1 Active and passive 243 Appendix 2 List of irregular verbs 244 Appendix 3 Irregular verbs in groups 245 Appendix 4 Short forms (he's /Id/dont etc. )246 Appendix 5 Spelling 248 Appendix 6 Phrasal verbs(take off /give up etc. )250 Appendix 7 Phrasal verbs t object (put out a fire give up your job etc. )251 Additional exercises 252 Stu g uide 271 Key to Exercises 283 Key to Additional exercises 310 Key to study guide 313 Index 315 If YOU ARE NOT SURE WHICH UNITS TO STUDY. USE THE STUDY GUIDE ON PAGE 271 Thanks For their help in producing this third edition of Essential Grammar in Use, I would like to thank Liz Driscoll, Jessica Roberts and Alison Sharpe. I would also like to thank the teachers and reviewers from various countries who provided me with feedback on the previous edition Illustrations by Katc Charlesworth, Richard Dcverell, Gillian Martin, Roger Penwill Lisa smith. lan West and simon williams Design by Kamae Design To the student (working without a teacher This is a grammar book for lementary students of English Contents There are 115 units in the book and TI each unit is about a different point To the student vE of English gramrnar. There is a list of units at the beginning of the book aIn/iy.'are 2 a/is:are (quesTions) (Contert 4 are you doiug present continous questions 5 I do /work like cte, i Do not study all the units in order (piesent simple questions) froin beginning to end. it is better to 8 I am dning(present continuous) and I do(presenlt simple) 9 i have d i'v choose the units that you need to do For example, if you have a problcm Index with the present perfect (I have been he has done etc.), study Units 15-20 10 tents or the Index(at the M?D back of the book) to find the unit ou!】IE a postrophe(Ia, it' ste: clive Jad passive Aup m I postrophe y fey brathet's had) bit (w HI o/wwr etc. SsD bern 310 64 or units) that you need rour IID wnd:10114}15 wnnd ora't W4 hgt y7 by Ittc /m南8 cownpantwve foldeR/Mit 5,67一石A 句 orthe pave( an li句 )21D r-tp ( r slot/No word usk 5 M dy ec-aojecuvc ,学一 4100 injunctions 97-100 If you are not sure which units you 甲好相 YO场MB时 13 need to study, use the study guide the back of the 二=2,二 A book ce te ee C Coee Desal Study guide ( pages 271-282 VII Each unit is two pages Exercises The information is on I am doing pront continuous the left-hand page and the exercises are on the 我|郎 right: =, Information Exercises Study the left-hand page(infornlation), and then do the exercises on the right-hand page Key to Exercises Use the Key to check your answers. The Key is on pages 283-309 Study the left-hand page again if necessary. Dont forget the seven Appendices at the back of the List of irreqular verbs ( Unit 247 Irregular verbs in goups book (pages 243-251).These will give you information about active and passive forms irregular verbs, short forms spelling and phrasal verbs There are also additional exercises at the back of the book(pages 252-270) There is a list of thesc exercises on page 252 CD Rom You can buy this book with or without a CD Ro. On the Cd Rom there are more exercises on all the units. and these are diferent from the exercises in the book 00- HO here are also more than 600 test questions

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