Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 安装文档手册

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Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 安装文档手册
M Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup Select components You can install one or more components on this computer. Select a component to view its description, including prerequisites Databases a Microsoft Dynamics AX system, we 口 Server components commend that you install components in the ollowing sequence to minimize configuration ENterprise Portal(EP) 1. Databases 口 Enterprise Search 2. Application object Server 口 Help Server 3. Client 日口 Business intelligence components rEporting Services extensions Analysis Services configuration ■ 口 OFfice add-ins aRemote Desktop Services integration 口 Developer tools 口Wsua|5 tudio tool 口 Trace Parser 日口 Integration components 口 Web services on Iis a Synchronization proxy for Microsoft Project Server aSynchronization service for Microsoft Project Server 口 Management utilities 白口 Retail Component 口 Retail PC Online Help Back Next Cancel b)安装必需的补丁和插件 点击错误项的下载链接就可以从Ms官方下载对应的补丁和插件,必须捋所有错误清除才能进入下一步。 四 Microsoft Dynamics( AX Setup 回区 Prerequisite validation Prerequisite validation results The following prerequisites are required to install the selected components. For more information on a specific prerequisite, click the link in the status column. Status A Download Configure Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 Error Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 Open xmL SDK For Microsoft Office x Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable(x86) Error x Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 $P1 Redistributable(x64) Erro 厂 Total: 23 Error: 6 5 st View report View log file View log directory Online Help Next c)开始安装 选择安装路径。 ACTs0 itions∠ Microsoft Dynamics 版权所有( ACT Solutions Ltd.)-创建文档者(sea,)3/14 Select a file location Select a file location for Microsoft Dynamics A 32-bit components Setup has detected that you are installing on a 64-bit operating system. Some components have only a 32-bit version, and you must specify a separate file location for these components File location C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft Dynamics AX\60 Online he Bk[x>]came」 选择创建新的数据库 Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup Select databases Select whether you want to create new Microsoft SQL Server databases or configure existing ones Setup can create new databases or configure existing ones, The databases must be on the same Microsoft SQL Server instance F Create new databases Select this option to create new databases using Setup C Configure existing databases elect this option if you have already set up clustered databases or you want to add additional models to an existing database. If these databases haven't yet been configured by Setup, ensure that they were created according to the instructions in the installation guide Online Help Back Next Cancel 选择安装的DB服务器名称,以及要安装的DB名称 ACTs0 itions∠ Microsoft Dynamics 版权所有( ACT Solutions Ltd.)-创建文档者(sea,)4/14 4'Microsoft Dynamics( AXSetup 回K Create new databases Enter information for the database Enter the name of a computer running Microsoft SQL Server, To specify a database server instance, use the format ComputerName InstanceName Server name Enter names for the databases, To create new databases, you must be logged on with an account that has the appropriate permissions, Refer to the Installation Guide for more information, a baseline database is needed if you want to upgrade X++ code or analyze application patches before they are applied. Note that both databases must be created on the same server instand Database name Register database for upgrade Select this option if you are upgrading from a previous version of Microsoft Dynamics AX Online help Back Next Cancel 选择要安装的 AX Model,这里建议全部选择。 A Microsoft DynamicsiB AX Setup 回区 Select additional models Setup will automatically install the required models for the application, Select the additional models to install A Microsoft Dynamics AX model contains the definitions of business entities and business logic. The application foundation model, which is required for all Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations, is automatically installed by Setup. To install additional models, select them from the list of available models below. To view the description of any model, select the entry in the list. Models will be imported to only the database. Setup will not import any models into the baseline model store For more information about the localized or translated versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, click here Available Models Foundation labels Foundati Microsoft C,.True False v Foundation Upgrade Sys Microsoft C…,True False Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 base model, which includes the application framework, core application, extensions for industries, and localizations for countriesregions Any models that are not published by Microsoft are not covered under the software license terms for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Online Help Back Next 输入端口,建议为默认值 ACTs0 itions∠ Microsoft Dynamics 版权所有( ACT Solutions Ltd.)-创建文档者(sea,)5/14 A Microsoft Dynamics B AX Setup 口区 Configure an Application Object Server(AOS)instance Enter name and port information for the Aos instance If Windows Firewall is being used, Setup will open the ports that you specify for the Aos instance nstance Name /IP port 2 Services WSDL port 01 Services endpoint port Online Help <水她太>」 Cancel 输人帐户。 L Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup 区 Specify an AOs account Select the account that the AOS service will run as An Aos instance can be run as the network service account or as a domain account If you choose a domain account, we recommend that you use an account that is not associated with a specific user and that does not expire elect the account that the AoS service will run as F Use NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE C Use the following account Domainuser name C Use a managed service account Account name For more information about configuring managed service accounts on windows Server 2008 R2, click Online He Back Next ance 选择用户第一次打开AX时,所显示的语言,以后可根据个人在AX用户选项中进行修改 ACTs0 itions∠ Microsoft Dynamics 版权所有( ACT Solutions Ltd.)-创建文档者(sea)6/14 M Microsoft Dynamics R AX Setup 回区 Select client preferences Select the intial display language and installation type for the Microsoft Dynamics AX client. Also, specify whether you want Setup to create a desktop shortcut for the client application Display language the initial language to use for the client interface. This setting can be changed later by using the User Language Installation type Select the client installation type. This setting determines the workspace that will be displayed when the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client is started Installation type Desktop Shortcut Create a desktop shortcut for the Microsoft Dynamics AX client application Onine Help <歐k[l>cm」 d)继续安装至安装完成 安装到这里时会再检查一次 M Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup 口区 Prerequisite validation Prerequisite validation results The following prerequistes are required to install the selected components. For more information on a specific prerequisite, click the link in the status column Prerequisite I Status Download Configure A Domain user account success Windows Firewall service Success Microsoft SQL Server Full-Text Search SQL Server Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service started Local administrator SUC Total: 27 Error: 0 arning 6 Success 21 Revalidate view report View log file View log dire Online Help Back Next Cancel 点击“安装”,这里需要等待一段时间(具体时间按服务器性能而定),弹出安装成功的信息 ACTs0 itions∠ Microsoft Dynamics 版权所有( ACT Solutions Ltd.)-创建文档者(sea,)7/14 M Microsoft Dynamics具 X Setup 回区 Ready to install Setup is now teady to install Microsoft Dynamics AX The following components will be installed Databases Application Object Server(AOS) NET Business Connector Online help Back Inst Cand e)创建 AX Configuration及配置VAR层 打开服务器中的如图路径,进行创建 AX Configuration,以及配置va层 制面板系统和安全◆管理工具 名称 修改日期 大小 远程桌面服努 2014/3/416:45 文件夹 a, Active Directory管理中心 2012/264:19快捷方式 2 KB 园 Active Directory用户和计算机 2012//264:19快捷方式 2 KB 园 Active Directory域和信任关系 2012/7264:19快捷方式 2 KB Active Directory站点和服务 2012/7264:19快捷方式 2 KB 区ADSI编辑器 2012/264:19快捷方式 DNS 2012/7264:19 快捷方式 2 KB Internet信息服务管理器 2012/264:15快捷方式 2 KB a iscsI发起程序 2012//264:22 快捷方式 2 KB a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Configuration 2014/1/2320:02快方式 2 KB G Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Management Shell 2014/1/2320:00 2 KB Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Server Configuration 2014/2/1810:44快捷方式 打开 Microsoft Dynamics AX服务器配置实用程序后,创建配置,及输入相关配置的名称。 ACTs0 itions∠ Microsoft Dynamics 版权所有( ACT Solutions Ltd.)-创建文档者(Seal)8/14 Microsoft Dynamics AX服务器配置实用程序 L|口」x 应用程序对象服务器实例(S) 01-(MicrosoftDynamicsAX 配置(C 原始已安装配置) 管理(M) 打开配置文件(O) 应用程序对象服务数库连接数库优化性能 关 保存配置文件(S) 设置 将配置另存为文件(A) 备选bin目录(D) CA\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\MicrosoftDynamicsAX\Bin\ 在内核启动时要运行的配置命 从文件导入配置() (R) 将配置导出到文件(E) TCPP端口(T 2712 服务WSDL口(S 8101 全部导出(L) □允许客户黄连接到此服务器上的打印机 创建配置(N □启用中断点以便周试在此服努器上运行的X++代码00 删除配置(D □启用全局中断点 重命名配置(R) □针对每个开发会活启用程序集的热交换功能 确定 取消 应用(A) 联机帮助 Microsoft Dynamics AX服务器配置实用程序 L-|口|x 应用程序对象服务器实例(S) 01-(MicrosoftDynamicsAX) 配置(C 原始(已安装配置 应用程序对象服务器数据库连接数摇库优化性能 设置 备选bin目录(1) CA\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX(60\ Server\MicrosoftDynamicsAX\Bin\ 在内核启动时要运行的配置命令 TcPP端口(T 2712 创建配置 □允许客户簧连接到此服务器上的打印机(M 配置名称N DEV-VAR □启用中断点以便调试在此服务器上运行的X++代码(0 □启用全局中断点 复制配置自 □针对每个开发会话启用程序集的热交换功能。 活动配置A O原始配置(Q) 确定联帮助出 确定 取消 应用A□机帮助 打勾如图的两个选择 ACTs0 itions∠ Microsoft Dynamics 版权所有( ACT Solutions Ltd.)-创建文档者(sea,)9/14 Microsoft Dynamics AX服务器配置实用程序 应用程序对象服务器实例⑤S: 01-(MicrosoftDynamicsAX) 配置(: DEV-VAR 管理(M 应用程序对象服务数据车连接数据库优化性能 设置 备选bin目录①: CA\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\ 60\ Server\ MicrosoftDynamicsAX\ Bin\ 在内核启动时要运行的配置命令 TcPP端口①: 2712 服务WSDL端口(S 允许客户端连接到此服务器上的打印机w 启用中断点以便调试在此服务器上运行的X++代码凶 □启用全局中断点 口针对每个开发会话启用程序集的热交换功能。 □确定取消□应用A联机翻助 输入相关对应的服务器名称及DB名称(如果服务器上只安装过一个AX,默认值已可以),输完后按应用 Microsoft Dynamics AX服务器配置实用程序 应用程序对象服务器实例(S: 01-(MicrosoftDynamicsAX 配置() DEV-VAR 管理(M 应用程序对象服务器摇库连援数摇库优化性能 择要连接到的数据库 服务器名称: 数据库名称(B: Microsoft DynamicsAX 基使欻据库名称(B): MicrosoftDynamicsAXBaseline 确定[取消[应用联机帮助 ACTs0 utions:∠ Microsoft Dynamics 版权所有( ACT Solutions Ltd.)-创建文档者(Sea)10/


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