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这些操作说明旨在解决技术人员的问题 关于安全安装,电气安装,配置,调试和 维护以下激光定位传感器。
Operating Instructions Software-Stand NAV350 Table of content 1 About this document 1.1 Function of this document 8 1.2 Target group 8 1.3 Depth of information 1.4 Symbology used…, 10 2.1 Authorised personne|...,…… 10 2.2 Correct use∴ 2.3 General safety notes and protective measures 12 2. 4 Quick stop and Quick restart 2.5 Environmental protection ......... 14 Product description 15 3.1 Delivery 15 3.2 Construction of the nav350 6 3.3 Special features of the NAv350 .. 8 3.4 Applications...m......,...... 9 3.5 Operating principle of the NAV350 19 3.6 Landmark detection 23 3.7 Navigation 24 3.8 Output of measured values............ 31 3.9 Integration of the NAv350 in an AGV's control system .. 31 3.10 Planning 36 Mounting 面1111a 43 4.1 Overview of the mounting steps... .43 4.2 Preparations for mounting……… 4.3 Mounting and adjustment of the device ............. 4.4 Dismantling the nav350 Electrical installation 45 5.1 Overview of the installation ste 45 5.2 Connections of the Nav350 45 5.3 Preparing the electrical installation 46 4 Undertaking electrical installation on the NAv350 47 6 Commissioning and configuration 50 6.10 verview of the commissioning steps…,… 50 6.2 SOPAS ET configuration software 51 6.3 Establish communication with the Nav350 6.4 Initial com missionin 55 6.5 Connection and test measurement 56 6.6 Loading reflector data 57 7 Maintenance mmm,,,,, 58 7.1 Maintenance during operation 58 7.2 EXchanging a NAv350 59 60 8. 1 In the event of fault 60 8.2 Monitoring error and malfunction indications 60 8.3 Troubleshooting and rectification 61 8.4 Detailed error analysis 61 8.5 SICK support 62 8013889/ZML0/2017-06-09 C SICK AG Germany All rights reserved Subject to change without notice Software-Stand Operating Instructi NAV350 Laser positioning sensor Technical specifications . 63 9.1 Data sheet nav350 63 9.2 Dimensional drawings 65 10 Annex 66 10.1 Overview of the 66 .0.2 Ordering information 66 0.3G|o 67 10.4 EC declaration of conformit 68 c SICK AG Germany All rights reserved. Subject to change without notice 8013889/ZML0/2017-0609 Operating Instructions Verzeichnisse NAV350 Abbreviations CoLa Communication Language proprietary SoPAS ET communication language (aSCI=CoLa-A or binary =CoLa-B) EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory AGv Automated guided vehicle LEd Light Emitting Diode RAM Random Access Memory volatile memory with direct access ROM Read-only Memory(permanent) SOPAS ET SICK OPEN PORTAL for APPLICATION and sYsTEMs ENGINEERING TooL = configuration software for the configuration of the nav350 8013889/ZML0/2017-06-09 C SICK AG Germany All rights reserved Subject to change without notice 5 Verzeichnisse Operating Instructions NAV350 Laser positioning sensor Tables Tab.1: Target groups of this document…,…,… 8 Tab.2: Authorised personnel.,,,,,…,…, 10 Tab. 3 Delivery……… 15 Tab 4: Meaning of the LED status indicators 17 Tab. 5: Special features of the NAv350 18 Tab. 6: Typical remissions and scanning ranges.. 22 Tab. 7: Frame for the telegrams with AsCll coding 32 Tab. 8: Beam diameter at different distances from the Nav350 37 Tab. 9: Pin assignment of the "Power"connection on the NAv350 46 Tab. 10: Pin assignment of the"ethernet"connection on the nav350 .46 Tab. 11: Pin assignment of the"RS232"connection on the NAv350 46 Tab. 12: Maximum cable lengths for the supply voltage 47 Tab. 13: Maximum length of cable for the data interface .47 Tab. 14: SOPAS ET default setting 1 Tab. 15: Password nav350 56 Tab. 16: Troubleshooting and rectification …61 Tab. 17: Data sheet nav350 63 Tab. 18: Consumables 66 6 c SICK AG Germany All rights reserved. Subject to change without notice 8013889/ZML0/2017-0609 Operating Instructions Verzeichnisse NAV350 gures Fig.1: Laser output aperture on the nav350……,…,,…, 13 Fig.2: Views of device…… …16 Fig 3: Measuring principle of the nav350 19 Fig. 4: Principle of operation of the NAv350 20 Fig 5: Diffuse reflection from objects 21 Fig 6: Directional reflection from reflecto 21 Fig. 7: Possible sources of errors during the measurement 21 Fig. 8: Beam diameter and distance between measured points at o to 100 m ..... 22 Fig 9: Landmark detection 23 Fig 10: Determination of the position by the nav350 by means of the detection of reflec tor placements 24 Fig. 11: Identification of reflectors in the operational status "continuous positioning"25 Fig. 12: Radius of the detection window as a function of the distance 26 Fig. 13: Restricted action radius .27 Fig. 14: Example for the definition of muted sectors .. …29 Fig 15: Overlapping of ty 29 Fig. 16: Minimum distance from reflectors to other reflecting objects 30 Fg.17: Output of measured values for truck loading…,,,,…… ,31 Fig. 18: Requesting an absolute position or landmark positions 32 Fig 19: Integration of the nav350 in a navigation system 33 Fig. 20: Pulse for synchronisation Fig. 21: Increase in the size of the beam and safety supplement ..... 37 Fig 22: Absolute and local coordinate system with angular position of the NAv350.38 Fig. 23: Reflector height as a function of the distance from O to 70 m Fig. 24: Correct, asymmetrical placement and incorrect, symmetrical placement of reflec tors∴ 40 Fig. 25: Common usage of the reflectors from two neighbouring layers 42 Fig. 26: Connections of the NAv350 ..o....,... 45 Fig.27: Connection of the voltage supply…… 48 Fig. 28: Ethernet connection 48 Fig. 29: Wiring the rs232 interface 48 Fig. 30: RS232 connection. 49 Fig. 31: IP communication with fixed IP address 53 Fig. 32: Configuring with AutoIP 54 Fig. 33: Principle of data storage 55 Fig 34: Example text file with reflector data 57 Fig. 35: Window in the scanner head on the NAv350 58 Abb 36: Dimensions nav350 Fig. 37: Illustration containing the eu declaration of conform ity 68 8013889/ZML0/2017-06-09 C SICK AG Germany All rights reserved Subject to change without notice Verzeichnisse Operating Instructions NAV350 Laser positioning sensor 1 About this document Please read this chapter carefully before working with this documentation and the laser po itioning sensor NAv350 1,1 Function of this document These operating instructions are designed to address the technical personnel in regards to safe mounting, electrical installation, configuration commissioning and maintenance of the follow ing laser positioning sensor. 1.2 Target group The intended target group for this document is people in the following positions Activities Target group Mounting, electrical installation, Factory electricians and service engineers maintenance and replacement Commissioning, operation and con-Technicians and engineers figuration Tab 1: Target groups of this document 1.3 Depth of information These operating instructions contain the following information on the Nav350 Product description Mounting Electrical installation Commissioning and configuration maintenance troubleshooting and rectification Ordering information conformity and approval Planning and using a laser positioning sensor such as the nav350 also require specific technical skills which are not detailed in this documentation In addition, an online help is available in the soPAs ET configuration software supplied; this help provides information on the usage of the software user interface, as well as on the con figuration of the nav350 Further information on the nav350 is available from sicK ag, division auto ident and in Important In the following the laser positioning sensor is referred to as nAv350 for short 8 c SICK AG Germany All rights reserved. Subject to change without notice 8013889/ZML0/2017-0609 Operating Instructions About this document Chapter 1 NAV350 1.4 Symbology used Recommendation Recommendations are designed to give you assistance in the decision-making process with respect to a certain function or a technical measure Important Sections marked"Important" provide information a bout special features of the device Explanation Explanations provide background knowledge on technical relationships MENU COMMAND This typeface indicates a term in the soPas Et user interface. This typeface indicates messages that the Nav350 outputs via its interfaces Take action .. Here you must do something. this symbol indicates an instruction to perform an action that contains only one action or actions in warnings where a specific sequence does not need to be followed. Instructions to perform actions that contain several steps in a specific se. quence are numbered This symbol refers to additionally available documentation. Software notes show where you can make the appropriate settings and adjustments in the SOPAS ET configuration software /圉 NOTICE Note! A note provides indicates potential hazards that could involve damage or degradation of the functionality of the nav350 or other devices. △ △ WARNING Warning! A warning indicates an actual or potential hazard. They are designed to help you to prevent accidents The safety symbol beside the warning indicates the nature of the risk of accident, e.g. due to electricity. The warning category (DaNGER, WARNING, CAUTION) indicates the severity of the hazard Read carefully and follow the warning notices! 8013889/ZML0/2017-06-09 C SICK AG Germany. All rights reserved Subject to change without notice 9 Chapter 2 For your safety Operating Instructions NAV350 Laser positioning sensor For your safety This chapter deals with your own safety and the safety of the equipment operators Please read this chapter carefully before working with the Nav350 2.1 Authorised personnel The nav350 must only be installed, commissioned and serviced by adequately qualified personne NOTICE Repairs to the nav350 are only allowed to be undertaken by trained and authorised service personnel from SICK AG The following qualifications are necessary for the various tasks: Activities Qualification Mounting and maintenance Basic technical training Knowledge of the current safety regulations in the workplace Electrical installation and replace. Practical electrical training ment Knowledge of current electrical safety regulations Knowledge on the use and operation of devices in the related application(e.g. crane, assembly sys Commissioning, operation and con-. Knowledge on the use and operation of devices in 1g the related application(e.g. crane, assembly sys tem) Knowledge on the software and hardware environ- ment in the related application (e.g. crane, assembly system) Basic knowledge of the Windows operating system Basic knowledge of data transmission Tab 2: Authorised personnel 10 c SICK AG Germany All rights reserved. Subject to change without notice 8013889/zMLo/201706-09

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