crosstalk mitigation impedance management paper

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Abstract- As the demand for low-cost electronic systemsncreases, increasing wiring density/reducing printed circuiboard (PCB) laver count becomes inevitable. This reality limitsthe PCB routing layer options of high-speed input/output (/O)signals, making it Iore difficult to Ieet the next-generationproduct's performance targets. For example, using denselywired Inicrostrip routing on a PCB helps reduce laver count. bumicrostrip routing suffers from perforinance degradation dueto increased far-end crosstalk(FEXT)."Tabbed lines"havebeen proposed to reduce or eliminate FEXT. In this paper wewill present an introduction fo tabbed lines and their applicationto crosstalk mitigation and impedance management. Followingthat, simulation results are presented showing improvednemory bus performance on densely routed Microstripchannels implemented with tabbed lines
Input parameters Simulate fext of borad stackup the baseline target impedance, design without line spacing, etc tabbed line Optimize tabbed Optimize tabbed line parameters line length to to hit target minimize total impedance and channel feXt generate desired FEXT of opposite polarity T Time-domain Generate s simulation to parameter model validate the design 犀座 CPU Package Breakout Main Routing Dimm Field Routing Socke 0.150 0.130 0.110 n0.090 I E0.070 0.050 0.030 m 0.010 -0.010 0030 60

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