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AD9 LAYOUT规则详细设置教程,对提高后期的PCB设计效率有很大提高,覆铜高级连接方式,高级间距规则,高级线宽规则,等常用的规则设计,有很清晰图文教程,适合初学者和电子爱好者
Gd Design Rule Electrical Name P吵p Comment Hew Rul Where The First object Matches Full Query All Report -8 Un-route n Un- Conn Import Rules. Olayer +oe Rou ing uery Helper Where The Second object Matches herd ⊙A ○ Net class OLayer Ouerv He O Net and Layer stram零 dit Rule Priorities Hule Type Minimum Clearance 20mil iority Enabled Name Scope Attributes leakance Name Poly Commment pOly Ga Design Rules A inpo lygon -8Elactrical Naine viecorinect Commer Or Layer Clearance Where The First Object Matches ONet and Layer -.8 Short-Crcuit 171a -.0Ur-Ruuled Net O Net aass Where The Second ob ject Matches Ful Query 8 UnRoulecNet OLayer ⊙A A11 8Un-CornectedPin Query Help +o. Routing O Net and Layer Query builder +SMT ⊙ Advanced(uey) ONet class Mask Where The Second object Matches =团 Plane Full Query ONet and Layer --EPow ⊙a ○ Advanced(Query) =t Hower Hane Clearance ONet dass Constrain公 EHlaneL'learance OLayer POlygon O Net and Layer ○ Advanced( query) C ifferent Nete Onl Minimum Clearance 16mi +7 Testpoi Constraints +2High Speed Connect Style 100 GND G ND Ed Design Rules Name VCC1.8.ALL =8 Clearance ue ID TVSKOS aVCC,8-ALL &VCC3.3.ALL Where The First Object Matches Full Query aheP吵y ○A InNamec Polygon (VCC13-ALL) Clearance - Short-Circuit Net Class Layer -8 Un-Routed Net Query Helper 8 UnRuuteuNel ○ Net and Layer *Un-Connected Pi ADvanced(Query) Query Builder t, Different Nets Only Where The Second object Matches Fu‖Quer ⊙ A11 Minimum Clearance 0.6mm ○Met ○L ○ Advanced(quer;) Query Builde Constraints reDesign Rul =R Electical =8 Clearance Name VCC33-ALL Jome Unique ID GDOTGJI 汇3AL Where The First object Matches Full Query OtherPoli InNamedPolyyon ( VCC3.3-ALL' ○ Net class 3 ShortCircuit OLayer -8 Un-Routed Net ONet and Layer Query He per. Query Builder 8 Un-Connected P ⊙ sdvanced( Query) + g Routing Where The Second Object Matches Full Quer +o SMT OAll A11 卿Mask ○N ○ Net class ○ Layer Different Nets Only Query He per ONet and Layer Minimum Clearance 0.5mm ADvanced (Query) Oueryrulder Constraints -gEl =8 Clearance Name Comment YCC1.8-ALL VCC33-ALL Where The First object Matches Ful QUery ○A polygon Clear ance 8 short-ci ONet Clas =3 Un-Routed Net UnRoutecNet ONet and layer ⊙ Advanced( Query Query Builder 8 Un-ConnectedFin Where The Second obiect Matches Ful Query + SMT ⊙A A11 M ask Differen: Nets Only ONet Class Minimum Clearance 0.4mm ○ Layer Query Helper ONet and Layer ○ Advanced (query Query Builde Constraints 回 Design rules 日 Electrical Clearance Name Clear ance Comment CC1,8-ALL Where The First object Matches Full Query OtherPolu ⊙A A11 = Short-Circuit ONet Class ShortCircuit OLayer B Un-Routed Net Query Helper 3 UnRoutedNet IIn-Connected Pin O Acvanced(Query, Query Builder +o-o Routing here The Second Object Matche Full Query ◎A A11 + Mask 白Fne Different Nets Only oOO ouer He Minimum Clearance 0.254mm O Net and Layer OAc'van ced(Query) Query Builder Constrain念 Edit Rule p Rule Type: Clearance Priority Enabled Name dope tribute VCC33ALL InNamedPolygon ('C Clearance =0.5mm polygon Clearance a 0.4mm Clearance Clear Increase Priorit Decrease Prior reDesign Rules cLearance me Comment Where The First Object Matches Full Query L1-GND ALI ○A asia 8 L4-GND 8L3Track_5VANA 8Poly-L3 Poly-L1 cLearance O Advanced( Query) ry Builder =8 Short-Circuit Where The Sccond Object Matches Full Query ShortCircuit ○A fsva =8 Un-Routed Net 8 UnRoutedNN ONet Ln- Connectec Pi ONet Class t o6 Rouling OLayer Query Helpe ONet and Layer Mask O Advanced(query) Query Builder acLand BE Fower Plane Connect Style Constraints I PlaneConnecl -t Fower Plane Clearance t Plane Clearance Dif erent Nets Only 白】 Polygon Connect Style Minimum Clearance 2.54mmm t Polygon Relief_BOTTOM ta Polygon_Relief_ TOP c Polygon_Relief t罗 Manufacturing R528 EOTa C53 O Core ■La ofDesign Ru Electrical NameClearance FPGA Unique IDGYTV 3 leakance Foψgan B Clearance_FPGA Where The First Object Matches Ful Query Clearance ○A IsPad and Inccmponent 01) +8 Short-Circuit ○Net Un-Houled Nel 8 UnRoutedNet OLayer 2 Un-Connected Pin +-.o Routing O Net and Layer Query Helper +SMT O Advanced (Query) +Ma水k Where The Second Object Matches Full Query 白BPne ⊙A A11 -E Power Plane Connect Style ca Plane Conect Go Power Plane Clearance c3 PlaneClearance -e Polygon Connect Style O Net and Layer I PolygonConnecl O Advanced(Query) Que ry Builder +罗 Manufactur ing Constraints +c High Speed +E Placemen Different Nets Onk Minimum Clear ance 0.2mr ldEsign Rules -.8 Elestrical Clearance NameClearance_ PQ208 Comment Clearance F0208 8 Clearance_Polygon Where The First object Matches Ful query C| earance PG点 HasFootprint("Pg2oa'〕 Clearance +2 short-Circuit O Net Class --8 UnRouted Net Olayer 8 UnRoutedNet 8Un-Connected O Net and Layer O Advanced (Query) Query Builder +oo Routing +SMT Where The Second object Matches Full query +画Ma A11 田 Gt Power Plane Connect Style e3 PlaneCornect O Net Class EE Power Plane Clearance ○L6 O Net and Layer Query Helper BE Polygon Connect Sty O Advanced(Query) Query Builder 】 PolygonConnect + Testpoint Constraints 罗 Manuf actur ing +罪 Placement Different Ne: s Only + Signal Integrity Minimum Clear ance 0.2mm 8 Electrical C-a Clearance NameClearance Comment Unique ID HPXAKJTM where The First Object Matches Full Query ○A‖ (IsPad and Incomponent(UP4))or Different Nets Only 【工 sPad and InC nent(UP3)or Minimum Clearance 5mil ONet Class (IsPad and InComponent( u2 )) or Query Helper (IaPad and InComponknt(jp5))or ONet and Layer (IsPad and InCoimponent( Jp2) where The Second Object Matches Full Query ⊙All A⊥1 ad Design Rule Name pholeClearance Comment C8 Cledlariue Where The First Object Matches HasPad(' free-HOLE) ○ Net Class Ouern helper ○Nean Where The second objec: Matches Full Query ⊙A ○Ne ○Lyer ○ Net and Layer Query Helper Constraints Different Nets Only 匚R 日国 Design Rule Name top_ 5VANA Unique ID LD VCC1.8ALL Where The First object Matches Full Query VCL33-ALL CAlL OnLayer ( toplayer)AND InNamedPolygon (SVANA') y Clearance 8 Short Circuit a Un-Routed Net C Net and Layer UnRoutedNet ⊙ Advanced( Query Query 8Un-Connected Pin Where The Second Object Matches Query +9. Routing L11 O SMT o Mask C Net Class -t Power Plane Connect Style C Net and layer -E Power Plane Clearance C Advanced(query A,,, Query Builder Plane Clearance 白 Polygon Connect Style 二 constraints a3 misconnect t Polygon Corne Different Nets Only Minimum Clearance 0.4mm +C High Speed +0 Signal Integrity - 8 Electrical a Clearance Comment 8DP-DM where The First object Matches E8 Short-Circuit ○A 工rNet("DH" 8 SH ONe: 8 Un-Routed Net ONe: Class y UnRputedNet OLayer 8 Un-Corrniected ONe; and Layer Query Helper Routi +一SMT ○ Adwanced(Quey) Query Builder Where The Second object Matches Full Query Ec Plane ○A DE Inet〔"Dp") - Power Flane Cannect Style E PlaneCornect ⊙ 日 Puwer Flare Clearance ○Ne:cass I Planeclearance ○Laer Query Helper E-t Polygon Connect Style ○ Ne: and Layer Polygon Connect ○ Adyanced( Query) Query Builder +7 Testpoint +mAnufacturing Constaints +Hich Speed Placement +Signal Integrity Different Nets Ont Minimum Clearance 20mil +aDesign Rules -a Electrical -3 clearand Name DP.DM Comment DP-DM metglass where The First object Matches Full Query ○A MSCLK1 InNet MSCLK1') = Short-Circuit Net R ShortCircuit ○ Net Class E8 Un-Routed Nel UnRoutedNet Query Helper R Un- Connected Pin Query Builder +s. Routing +一SHT where The Second object Matches +o Mask Full Query ⊙A A.11 OE: Plane )Net -O Power Plane Connect Style ) Net Class -t Power Plane Clearance ○ Layer t3PlaneClearance ○ Net and Layer -t Polygon Connect Style O Advanced(Query) Query Builder Ea PolygonCor nnect Cons rants 罗 Manufacturing U Placement Different Nets Only [o- Signal Integrity Minimum Clearance 1Emi N Interactive Routing For Het [GHD] il] Routing Confict Resolution Via Hole size ⊙N 12mil ○ Push ConDucting Ubject width from rule preferred value Walkaround Conflicting Object O Hug And Push Conflicting Object Apply to al layers回 Via Diameter 22m Interactive Routng Options [mpedance 0 Resid To 90/45 Layer TopLayer y 回 Auto Complete I Automatically Terminate Routing Routing width Constraints Edit width Rule Trace Width is currently constrained by the lule wGND'to a minimum of 10mil and a maximum of 100ml I Hug Existing Traces [Walkar ound Mode via Style Constraints Edit via Rule. via style is currently constained by the rule Routing'vias! The minimurn ard Smart Connection Pad Exits maximum hole sizes are Mil and 1 mil, the minimum and maximum diameters are Omil and 24n 回 Allow Diaconal Interactive Routng Width/Via Size Sources M Pickup Track width From Existing Routes Rack Width Mode Rule Prefered D Via Size Mode Rule Prelerred Favore Interactive Routing widths Favorite Interactive Routing/ia Sizes M OK Cancel 回 Design Rules a Electrical Name w vCC Cunner WiDth Where The First object Matches Full Query SWGND VCC InNet(VCC) ee width 96 Routing Topology oo Routing opology Laye o-o Routing Priority ONet and La s RoutingPriority Routing L列yers O Advanced( query) ery Builder bo RoutingLay Constraints Routing Corne L-g Routing Corners Preferred width Mil E ao Routing Wia Style .e Routingvias Min width 10mil Max width mil +6 Fano: Control -seD ifferential Pairs Routing □ Characleristic Mpeda o DifiPairsRouting SMT ↑区 Layers n layerstack o 中Ms!k -E Plane Attributes on Layer Layer Stack Reference Et Power Plane Connect Style Min width Preferred Size Max widthName f3 PlaneConnect 10m 100ml TopLayer -.r Powar Plane saline 20r 100mil BotbomLayer


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