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NI USB 6008 产品手册 英文版
Analog Input Analog Input Modes and Signal Sources Floating signal sources ,.. 12 Ground-Referenced Signal Sources Taking Differential Measurements Taking referenced single-Ended measurements Digital Trigger Analog output Connecting analog Output loads Minimizing glitches on the Output Signal 556667B Source/sink information .· IO Protectie Power-on states Static dio PFI O 19 Using pfi o as a digital trig Using pfi0 as an event counter…… 19 External reference and power so 20 -2.5 External Reference +5y Power Source Specifications Where to go from here Example Programs Related documentation Where to Go for Support Safety Guidelines Operate the ni usB-6008/6009 device only as described in this user guide Caution Do not operate the ni usB-6008/6009 in a manner not specified in this document. Misuse of the device can result in a hazard. You can compromise the safety protection built into the device it the device is damaged in any way. If the device is damaged, contact National Instruments for repair △ Caution Do not substitute parts or modify the device except as described in this document. Use the device only with the chassis, modules, accessories, and cables specified in the installation instructions. You must have all covers and filler panels installed during operation of the device △ Caution Do not operate the device in an explosive atmosphere or where there may be flammable gases or fumes. If you must operate the device in such an environment, it must be in a suitably rated enclosure Electromagnetic compatibility guidelines This product was tested and complies with the regulatory requirements and limits for electromagnetic to provide reasonable protection against harmtul interference when the product is operated in fgned compatibility (EMC)as stated in the product specifications. These requirements and limits are des intended operational electromagnetic environment This product is intended for use in industrial locations. There is no guarantee that harmful interference will not occur in a particular installation when the product is connected to a test object, or if the product is used in residential areas. To minimize the potential for the product to cause interference to radio and c National Instruments Corporation N/ USB-6008/6009 User Guide and Specifications television reception or Lo experience unacceptable performance degradation, install and use this product in strict accordance with the instructions in the product documentation or modifications to the product not expressly approved by National Instruments could void your authority to operate it under your local regulatory rules △ Caution To ensure the specified EMC performance, operate this product only with shielded cables d accessories Caution This product may become more sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances in the operational environment when test leads are attached or when connected to a test object Caution Emissions that exceed the regulatory requirements may occur when this product is connected to a test object. Caution Changes or modifications not expressly approved by National Instruments could void the user's authority to operate the hardware under the local regulatory rules Unpacking The NI usB-6008/6009 device ships in an antistatic package to prevent electrostatic discharge(EsD) ESD can damage several components on the device Caution Never touch the exposed pins of connectors To avoid ESD damage in handling the device, take the following precautions Ground yourself with a grounding strap or by touching a grounded object Touch the antistatic package lo a metal part of your computer chassis before removing the device Trom the package Remove the device from the package and inspect it for loose components or any other signs of damage Notify ni if the device appears damaged in any way. Do not install a damaged device in your computer or chassis Store the device in the antistatic package when the device is not in use Setting Up the NI USB-6008 /6009 Complete the following steps to get started with the N USB-6008/6009 L Note For in formalion about non-Windows operating syslem suppurt, refer to the Getting Started with ml-Dagmx Base for Linux and Mac Os X Users document available from ni. com/manuals 1. Install the application software (if applicable), as described in the installation instructions that pany your software 2. Install NI-DAOmx Note The NI-DAQmx software is included on the disk shipped with your kit and is available for download at ni. com/support. The documentation for N- DAQmx is available after installation from Start> All Programs> National Instruments>NI-DAQ. Other ni documentation is available I NI USB-6008/6009 devices are supported by Ni-DAQmx 7.5 and later N/USB-60086009 User Guide and Specifications nl comm 3. Install the 16-position screw terminal connector plugs by inserTing them into the connector jacks as shown in figure 2 1 Overlay Label with Pin Orientation Guides 3 Signal Label 2 Screw Terminal Connector Plug 4 USB Cable Figure 2. Signal Label Application Diagram 4. Affix the provided signal labels to the screw terminal connector plugs. You can choose labels with pin numbers, signal names. or blank labels, as shown in Figure 3. Choose one of the labels. align the correct label with the terminals printed on the top panel of your device and apply the label, as shown in figure 2 +A0·sN+A1·HND|-A2-GMD+A3- GVIC ACOA01|GND D AIO AI4 GND Al1 AI5 GND A12 AI6 GND AI3 AI7 GND AOD A01 GNDRH5 H123456789101113141516 ANALOG √ DIGITAL 3231302928272625242322121817 GNC +5+25V FFI0 P3 P1.2 F1.1 P10 PL.7 P06 PO.5 Pl. 4 P03 P0.2 P0. 1 Fo.0 1 User-Defined Custom Label 4 Analog Input Differential Signal Name Label Number labi Analog Input Single-Ended Signal N Digital VO La Figure 3. NI USB-6008/6009 Signal Labels Note After you label the screw terminal connector plugs you must only insert them into the dicated by the overlay label on the device 5. Plug one end of the USB cable into the ni uSB-6008/6009 and the other end into an available USB port on the computer. c National Instruments Corporation N/ USB-6008/6009 User Guide and Specifications eb. mouble-cmick e measurement k automaton icon, shown al ll, on the desktop to open 7. Expand My System> Devices and Interfaces and verify that the Ni USB-6008/6009 is listed. If your device does not appear, press <F5> to refresh the view in MAX. If your device is still not recognized, refer to ni. com/support/ daqmx for troubleshooting information 8. Self-test your device in Max by right-clicking N USB-600x and selecting Self-Test. Self-test performs a brief test to determine successful device installation. When the self-test finishes,a indicates successful verification or if an error occurred. If an ermor occurs. refer to Caution To ensure the specified EMC performance, operate this product only with shielded cables and accessories 9. Connect the wires(16 to 28 AWG)of a shielded, multiconductor cable to the screw terminals by stripping 6.35 mm(0.25 in. )of insulation, inserting the wires into the screw terminals, and securely tightening the screws with the flathead screwdriver to a torque of 0. 22-0. 25 N. m(2.0-2.2 Ib in Refer to figure 6 for the ni usB-6008/6009 pinout If using a shielded cable, connect the cable shield to a nearby gnd terminal Note For information about sensors, go to ni. com/sensors. For information about IEEE 1451. 4 TEDS smart sensors, go to ni. com/teds 10. Run a Test Panel in MAX by right-clicking NI tSB-600x and selecting Test Panels Click Start to test the device functions, or Help for operating instructions. Click Close to exit the test pane Using the NI USB-6008/ 6009 in an Application You can use the daQ Assistant through many NI application software programs to configure virtual and measurement channels. Table 2 lists DAQ Assistant tutorial locations for NI applications Table 2. DAQ assistant Tutorial locations NI Application Tutorial location Labview Getting Started with DAQ Taking an NI-DAQmx Measurement in) Go to HelppLab viEW Help. Next, go to Getting Started with lab vie Lab en LabWindows TM/CVTM Go to Help> Contents. NexL, go to Using Lab Windows/CV> Data Acquisition> Taking an NI-DAQmx Measurement in Lab windows/CvI Measurement studio Go to NI Measurement Studio Help> getting Started with the measurement Studio Class Libraries> Measurement Studio Walkthroughs> Walkthrough: Creating a Measurement Studio Ni- daQmx Application LabvIEW SignalExpress Go to Help>Taking an NI-DAQmx Measurement in SignalExpress Refer to the Where to Go from Here section for information about programming examples for NI-DAQmx and NI-DAQmx Base N/USB-60086009 User Guide and Specifications nl comm Features The ni usb-6008/6009 features a usb connector usb cable strain relief two screw terminal connector plugs for 17O, and an LED indicator as shown in Figure 4 o。 STRUMENTS 。 1 USB Cable strain Relief 3 LED Indicator 2 Screw Terminal Connector Plug 4 USB Connecto Figure 4. NI USB-6008/6009 Top and Back Views USB Connector and usb cable strain relief The NI USB-6008/6009 features a USB connector for full-speed USB interlace. You can provide strain relief for the USB cable by threading a zip lie through the USB cable strain relief ring and lightening around a looped USB cable, as shown in Figure 5 oooo o 0c。。aoa o。。b。 Figure 5. NI USB-6008/6009 Strain Reliet c National Instruments Corporation N/ USB-6008/6009 User Guide and Specifications LED Indicator The ni usB-6008/6009 device has a green led indicator that indicates device status, as listed in Table 3. When the device is connected to a USB port, the led blinks steadily to indicate that the device is initialized and is receiving power from the connection Table 3. LEd State/ Device Status LED State Device Status Not liu Device not connected or in suspend On, not blinking Device connected but not initialized, or the computer is in standby mode In order for the device to be recognized. the device must be connected to a computer that has Ni-daQmx installed on it Single-blink Operaling normally Screw Terminal Connector Plugs The NI UsB-6008/6009 ships with one detachable screw terminal connector plug for analog signals and one detachable screw terminal connector plug for digital signals. These screw terminal connectors provide 16 connections that use 16-28 AWG wire. Refer to step 4 of the Selling Up the NI USB-6008 /6009 section for in formation about selecting labels for the screw terminal connector plugs. Refer to the Pinout and Signal Descriptions section for the device pinout and signal descriptions You can order additional connectors and labels for your device. Refer to the cables and accessories section for ordering information Firmware The firmware on the NI UsB-6008/6009 refreshes whenever the device is connected to a computer with NI-DAQmx NI-DAQmx automatically uploads the compatible firmware version to the device. The firmware version may be upgraded when new versions of NI-DAQmx release N/USB-60086009 User Guide and Specifications nl comm Cables and accessories Table 4 contains information about cables and accessories available for the ni usb-6008/ 6009. For a mplele list of accessories and ordering in formation, refer to the pricing section of the NI USB-6008 Table 4. NI USB-6008/6009 Cables and accessories Accessory Part Number Description USB-6008/6009 Accessory Kit 779371-1 Four additional screw-terminal connectors connector labels. and a screwdriver USB-6000 Series Prototyping Accessory 779511-0l Unshielded breadboarding accessory for custom-defined signal conditioning and prototyping You can use up to two accessories per device Hi-Speed USB Cable 184125-0l 1 m and 2 m lengths 84125-02 Caution: For compliance with Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC) requirements, this product must be operated with shielded cables and accessories. If unshielded cables or accessories are used, the EMC specifications are no longer guaranteed unless all unshielded cables and/or accessories are installed in a shielded enclosure with properly designed and shielded input/output ports Pinout and Signal Descriptions Figure 6 shows the pinout of the NI USB-6008/6009. Analog input signal names are listed as single-ended analog input name, Al x, and then differential analog input name, (Al x+/-). Refer to Table 5 for a detailed description of each signal P0.0 A|0(A|0 A|4(A0-) GND □‖P03 A|1(A|1+) A5(A|1-) N□P0.5 GND A|2(A2+)回 P07 A|6(A|2 P1.0 GNd Ea P1.1 A|3(A|3 A|7(A3-) 恩□P GND 8 PFI O AoO +2.5V Ao 1 +5V GND Figure 6. NI USB-6008/6009 Pinout c National Instruments Corporation N/ USB-6008/6009 User Guide and Specifications Table 5. Signal Descriptions Signal Name Reference Direction Description Ground-The reference point for the single-ended analog input measurements, analog output voltages, digital signals, +5 VDC supply, and +2.5 VDC at the 1/O connector, and the bias current return point for differential mode measurements Al<0.7>Varies Input Analog Input Channels 0 to 7--For single-ended measurements, each signal is an analog input voltage channel l'or differential measurements AlO and aI 4 are the positive and negative inputs of differential analog nput channel O 'The following signal pairs also form differential input channels: Ak<l, 5>, Al<2, 6>, and Al<3, 7>. Refer to the Analog input ection for more information AO<0,1>GNDOutput Analog Output Channels 0 and 1-Supplies the voltage output of ao channel o or AO channel 1. Refer to the Analog Oulpul section fo more information P0.<0.7> GND Input or Output Port 0 Digital 1/O Channels 0 to 7-You can individually configure each signal as an input or output. Refer to the Digital 1/O section for c informatior P1.<0.3>GND Input or Output Port 1 Digital I/O Channels 0 to 3-You can individually configure each signal as an input or output. Refer to the Digital O) section for more nformation PFI O GND Input PFIO-This pin is configurable as either a digital trigger or an event counter input. Refer to the PF/O section for more information +2.5V GND Output +2.5 v External reference -Provides a reference for wrap-back testing. Refer to the +2.5 V External reference section for more intormation +5V GND Output +5 V Power Source-Provides +5 v power up to 200 mA. Refer to the +5 V Power Source section for more information N/USB-60086009 User Guide and Specifications nl comm


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