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ADINA中的坐标系及其用途用法 通用有限元分析软件的必会技巧
Define Skew Coordinate System Discard Cancel I ype Clear DelRe Normal Ins Re Nodes Cylindrical pherical Assien Skew Coordinate System 三vE Carcel surfaces lge: Clear DEl Row Ins Row ABoSuTlce #Skew System # Direction ormal Direct 4 外法线方向 l t Define Element Group 过。」k」c,232」Dd」s:」 Group Nun Baxs lumerica Inlegialion Idel Membrane] Midsurface Results :Defa. lt r Calculate Midzurface Forces and Momer Calculate Membrane Stains curvatUres Element Uption Calculate Postions of the Neutral AN dass prl Default "pplied Initial train: None Tune allel No P Failure crib Global E| crrent eirl心 Oath t Bul. Dealh C ADINA C Mid-Surface Define Axes System (Orthonor mal Set of Vectors) ,」_D6c-」9」Dc=d System Ni Der∈db ector Alined w1Loca|宮Asi Point/Line vector Lying in the Local r-Plane Points 同Y2同 Assign Axis System(Material Irf Element Se Ce. Del row I Surface Axes System.Ja-clirection from b-direction f Local i Assien Axis System (hitial Strain) Save Discard Cancel Arsiyn lu Sulley Bodi Al Impart Export. Clea Del R3w ns Row Surface F Axes System.-a-cirection from b-dlirectio ca了 Assign 3-D Solid Properties SaveDicard Lulu De R Volumc =Matcrinl Matcrial Axes Sct. Dirth TimeDcath Time Initial Strain Axe: 1234564 Define Element Group 凸d Delete Ca Save Decard e roup Nun umber: 1 Type 2-D Solid audre Numerical tegration Urder Default Stress ref Syst 1+ lilo Calculate M ass pi Appliec Initial Stairs: Nons Rupture Cri: eria 号AD cment o AulldyLe-ylhi(ul Use: Supplied FiaLLIt. Creep"ime Offset: Nodal and Elemer plied fracture criter a Plastic worl. to Hcat Factor [TMCI 1st: o 2nd Element B rth/Desth Time Bulbi Fatial l sotropy Correction: No 厂 Calculate Strain Energy Den a Dehne Element Group 址。」_ elete Copy.」_sm」Desd」se Gioup Nuimber: 1 Type: 2D Sclid dvanced N merical Integation Oder Defa‖ ress Reterence yabem Cuddle he Ap=lied Initial Stains: Ndal set supp CReep T ime Offset T User-Supplied Fracture Criteria PEstic Work tc Heat FEcbor [TMCH nt Rirthbeath tm Birth 厂 Calcula aiP -nerdy Den☆U Cercel Heli Define Fleet G 扫c2g[0s」 Set Group Number: 2 Type: Shell (Memb ane) r Midsurfaca Resul :De' ault ea北 CAh: ilHIH MHunl idr H Shdir isA: Nore Calculate Mas Properties: Uc_w年d5mnm CIHHII TH niSHI Hnt Mideutwcc Vcelors: Nc"rinting Elemenl ith/Death time Rupture -r teria Bird- Mid Sur K Help

试读 11P ADINA中的坐标系及其用途用法
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