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Qlik Sense Desktop Quick Reference Create new app: Add data window 3n OL Sede Desktop Ck 5tise Deskop h国Te院A|Ap圆 add data 量的召m以高 T画B Fd通 Q烈 Erbe ddh记e随dn Header sire Y categories F厂 Fattori un FeRdus CalenaryName Men stoies PErshin fer Mert wwwcoececUIm 证 Womenswear Heshen for wome ww comecon xnm、用 DerD3N30 www rooyecUIT 4 BalcOnes Lestrynur wMEOSecUIm HcF RIVTAI La客是Ge Mw GOp H EBm Men soulier Man心as Children nies 3-15e G wINS ① odetta trh Select tables Select or rename fields Data was loaded successfully Flansed time 0a=Ae: Be Load data A new sheet has beencreated 5. Select tables(worksheets 6. Rename, select Open Data manager Edit the sheet deslect columns 7. Click Load and finish 8. Click Edit the sheet Qlik Sense Desktop Quick Reference Create Visualizations 1. Enable edit Click Click t Edit Ead)·三,w0 甲,日,(Ewt mode(if needed My newse Edlt My new sheet < lBatchi't 2. Select a chart and drag it d combe chan onto the canvas L Fler atne 3, Add a dimension II Bar chart 4, Add a spIte nerc measure a 5. Adjust further using the adjustment pane if desired 6. Repeat for additional charts. Note charts will automatically interact with each other 7. Select "Done" to exit edit mode 包口, DanMrntwaMt ll Salea by Category 432 112 22 Goto 上四 24 想是““ LIIs Qlik Sense Desktop Quick Reference Sharing Your Work 1. Locate gvf file 2. In the Desktop Hub- Click desired app title to reveal location in the information pane 3. Email gvf file as an attachment to other Qlik Sense Desktop users Information pane Lik O Lik Sansa Coud Attatched Ar H句d Onset oun AD时 es Discoery 皆 Chaoan webern 90i MaD 12 H4pdM品强图nt 9品p See attached lik sense App Regards Michael tarallo Sr Technical Product Marketing Manager This epicon holds te data o takes that are submitted by intend amp oyees to ce IT depardon al d udi whn a coxmeulir need !a be uaded or a mebe fho da nol A lik Sense Community Advocate work Esch tcketis asigned to anIt resouce but an IT marne, e needs rate aware whchtckit crm has a Hgheronily, or which Ectr hr not been ruined to iny 4. Upload Qlik Sense Desktop app(avf file)to Qlik Sense Cloud and share via invitation New app Sh 中囡 Any indiidual you share your apps with will be able to Create app pload an app see al of the apps you have publshed to your shared Cloud Create an app Errant rEsUMEd Meld create app Additional resources. GettingStartedwithQlikCommunityQlikSenseHowToVideosgeTtingStartedwithhttp://help Qlik Sense Webinar New to Qlik Sense alik Sense: Get Started Qlik Sense Cloud quik. com/ @) 2018 Qlk lech International AB. All rights reserved. Qlik, Qlik Sense, QIk View", Qlk lech, Cltk Cloud, Olk Data Market, Qlik Analytics Platform", alik NPrinting, Lik Connectors M and the Qlik Tech logos are trademarks of Qlik Tech International AB which have been registered in multiple countries. Other marks and logos mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their

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