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Core Data by Tutorials iOS 12 and Swift 4.2, 5th Edition
Core Data by tutorials Dedications To my husband, Mike, who puts up with all my weird quirks and supports all the things i do aaron douglas To my amazing wife Tricia and my parents- Thanks for always supporting me Matthew mo To my wonderful wife emily, my daughter rose and my parents Thank you for always supporting me every step of the way Pietro rea WOW! eBook Core Data by tutorials About the authors Aaron Douglas was that kid taking apart the mechanical and electrical appliances at five years of age to see how they worked. He never grew out of that core interest-to know how things work. He took an early interest in computer programming, figuring out how to get past security to be able to play games on his dad's computer He's still that feisty nerd, but at least now he gets paid to do it Aarons interest in mobile software has been ever increasing since he got his first ioS app in apple's app store in 2009, Migraine Diary. He is with Automattic(,aKismet,Simplenote)asaMobile Maker. Other than software development, Aaron enjoys camping during the summer taking his dogs for a walk around the neighborhood, and pretending to be a storm chaser while sitting at home. Follow him on Twitter as @astralbodies and on his blog at Matthew morey is an engineer, author, hacker, creator and tinkerer As an active member of the ios community and cto at mid Interactive he has led numerous successful mobile projects worldwide. When not developing apps he enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and surfing. He blogs about technology and business at matthewmorey com Pietro Rea is a senior software engineer at upside travel in Washington D. C. Pietro's work has been featured in the app store across several categories: media, e-commerce lifestyle and more Having worked at Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed startups, Pietro has a passion for building apps users can,t live without. You can find Pietro on Twitter as @@pietrorea WOW! e Book Core Data by tutorials About the editors Darren Ferguson is the technical editor for this book he is an experienced software developer and works for m.c. dean, Inc, a systems integration provider from north virginia. When he's not coding, you'll find him enjoying EPL Football, traveling as much as possible and spending time with his wife and daughter. Find Darren on Twitter as@darren102 Chris belanger is the editor of this book. Chris is the editor-in- Chief for raywenderlich com He was a developer for nearly 20 years in various fields from e-health to aerial surveillance to industrial controls. If there are words to wrangle or a paragraph to ponder, hes on the case. When he kicks back, you can usually find Chris with guitar in hand, looking for the nearest beach. Twitter: @crispytwit Rich turton is the final pass editor of this book. Rich is an iOS developer for Martian Craft and long-time contributor to raywenderlich com when he' s not in front of a computer he is usually trying to play the piano trying to make fancy cocktails, or trying to play elaborate lego games with his daughters. Sometimes ll at the same time About the artist Vicki Wenderlich is the designer and artist of the cover of this book She is ray's wife and business partner. She is a digital artist who creates illustrations, game art and a lot of other art or design work for the tutorials and books on raywenderlich com When she's not making art, she loves hiking a good glass of wine and attempting to create the perfect cheese plate WOW! e Book Core Data by tutorials Table of contents: Overview Introduction 6自自b自自0自自。自b自06dd0bdab。自0。自自自自B自d6自自自6自自自b自自。自自6自自自自自自b自 11 Chapter 1: Your First Core Data App 17 Chapter 2: NSManagedObject Subclasses 38 Chapter 3: The Core Data Stack 66 Chapter 4: Intermediate Fetching .89 Chapter 5: NSFetchedResults Controller 123 Chapter 6: Versioning migration....149 Chapter 7: Unit Testing .188 Chapter 8: Measuring Boosting Performance.206 Chapter 9: Multiple Managed Object Contexts..239 Conclusion 259 More books You might enjoy 260 WOW! e Book Core Data by tutorials Table of contents: Extended Introduction 6自自b自自0自自。自b自06dd0bdab。自0。自自自自B自d6自自自6自自自b自自。自自6自自自自自自b自 11 What you need 12 Who this book is for 垂业。由业业业音量业。业。日目 业由日0日业音业垂业业自音业日音日业目业业日。业B业自自业日0。曲曲业业。目 13 How to use this book a业业。。业业。9。。。。业。。日。。。。业。自。。日。日业。日。。日业业业业。。。业业。 13 What's in store…… 13 Source code and forums 14 Updates 15 License. 15 About the cover d。。0。B。B由中日自。。目B目。目自。D非。自自。业。自 B。0。B自业D。 16 Chapter 1: Your First Core Data App 17 Getting started.............18 Modeling your data................27 Saving to Core data 30 Fetching from Core Data 34 Key points ........................37 Chapter 2: NSManagedObject Subclasses 6。●。b●bb。● 38 Getting started… 8 Modeling your data …41 Storing non-standard data types in Core Data..........45 Managed object subclasses 46 Propagating a managed context 51 Data validation in Core data 60 Tying everything up Ba。aa。 auDE。。a。aa。a。Baa。a。a。aaa。a。。aaea。g。 000D DE。aa。。a。eaea自。aga自aa。a。a自。a自。a。a 63 Key points.........................65 Chapter 3: The Core Data Stack .66 Getting started 66 Rolling your own Core Data stack 很垂垂看垂0目。目日垂垂自0B目0目0。日垂00唱垂卷带圆 67 The managed object model 68 The persistent store 68 WOW! eBook Core Data by tutorials The persistent store coordinator. The managed object context 70 The persistent store container...........71 Creating your stack object................71 Modeling your data 74 Adding managed object subclasses 78 A walk down persistence lane 81 Deleting objects from Core Data 85 Key points.....................88 Chapter 4: Intermediate Fetching D。DD看。DD。D。。看。看D。看DD。看 89 NSFetchRequest: the star of the show.. 89 Introducing the Bubble Tea app 。倍垂0。D垂。0。日 91 Stored fetch requests 94 Fetching different result types 98 Sorting fetched results 114 Asynchronous fetching ……117 Batch updates: no fetching required 119 Key points 121 Chapter 5: NSFetched Results Controller 123 Introducing the World Cup app 垂日0目。目目业。日。。业日。由。中音日由自。自。。目0。日自非目由自日。。非日非。。 124 It all begins with a fetch request …126 Grouping results into sections 133 Cache the ball 136 Monitoring changes.................137 Inserting an underdog B。B垂。中。。业业。音垂B业也目中。非自当日自由自自目自。自目。目。垂 143 Key points 147 Where to go from here? 148 Chapter 6: Versioning Migration 149 When to migrate.… .149 The migration process .150 Types of migrations.......................151 Getting started 152 8 WOW! eBook Core Data by tutorials A lightweight migration.....153 Inferred mapping models 155 A manual migration…… 。。春。。。卷看要后0。。春0带春带0。 160 A complex mapping model 169 Migrating non-sequential versions .176 A self-migrating stack 176 Testing sequential migrations 186 Key points …187 Chapter 7: Unit Testing 00。。DD。看D0看。。。D。号0。D。要DD。D极D吸D号要号要D 188 Getting started 。非日非B电日目0。。日B目。。自。BB。中B。卷卷日 189 Core Data stack for testing.................190 Asynchronous tests .196 ests frst 198 Validation and refactoring 202 Key points 205 Where to go from here? 205 Chapter 8: Measuring Boosting Performance. 206 Getting started.............206 Measure, change, verify 208 etching and performance 。日垂日0业目B目。日后业日自由。。自。中自。电。目目。目由自日。。后非日。垂 219 Key points 237 Challenge .238 Chapter 9: Multiple managed object Contexts.239 Getting started................ 240 Introducing SurfJournal 240 Doing work in the background. 垂00··目目市。自·0日。日中。。自目日。。0。·日日。目自目。业非目。自。 244 Editing on a scratchpad 251 Key points 257 Challenge 258 Conclusion.…259 More Books You Might Enjoy..........260 WOW! eBook Core Data by tutorials New to ios or swift? .260 Experienced ioS developer.............262 Want to make games? 。D。。。。春春D看。。。日●要春日春春 273 Want to learn Android or kotlin? 277 10 WOW! e Book


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