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最新版本opencv 4的讲解书籍,使用python,从原理到实践,快速掌握新版本api和新特性;penCV是一个基于BSD许可(开源)发行的跨平台计算机视觉库,可以运行在Linux、Windows、Android和Mac OS操作系统上
Packty BIRMINGHAM- MUMBAI Mastering Opencv 4 with python Copyright o 2019 Packt Publishing All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or rcvicws Every effort has been made in the preparation of this book to ensure the accuracy of the information presented. However, the nformation contained in this book is sold without warranty, either express or implied. Neither the author, nor Packt Publishing or its dealers and distributors, will be held liable for any damages caused or alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly by thi Packt Publishing has endeavored to provide trademark information about all of the companies and products mentioned in this book by the appropriate use of capitals. However, Packt Publishing cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information Commissioning Editor: Richa Tripathi Acquisition Editor: Alok dhuri Content Development editor: Manjusha mantri Technical editor: riddcsh dawne Copy Editor: Safis Editing Project Coordinator: Prajakta Naik Proofreader: Safis editing Indexer: rekha nair Graphics: Jisha Chirayil Production coordinator: shraddha falebhai First published: March 2019 Production reference: 1280319 Published by Packt Publishing ltd Livery place 35 Livery Street birmingham B3 2PB. UK ISBN978-1-78934491-2 wMap mapt. 10 Mapt is an online digital library that gives you full access to over 5,000 books and videos, as well as industry leading tools to help you plan your personal development and advance your career. For more information, please visit our website Why subscribe? Spend less time learning and more time coding with practical eBooks and Videos from over 4,000 industry professionals Improve your learning with Skill Plans built especially for you e get a free e book or video every month o Mapt is fully searchable Copy and paste, print, and bookmark content Packt. com Did you know that Packt offers e Book versions of every book published, with PdfandepubfilesavailableYoucanupgradetotheebookversionatwww.packt com and as a print book customer, you are entitled to a discount on the eBook copy. Get in touch with us at customercare@packtpub com for more details Atwww.packt.comyoucanalsoreadacollectionoffreetechnicalarticlessignup for a range of free newsletters, and receive exclusive discounts and offers on Packt books and ebooks Contributors About the author Alberto Fernandez villan is a software engineer with more than 12 years of experience in developing innovative solutions In the last couple of years, he has been working in various projects related to monitoring systems for industrial plants, applying both internet of Things (IoT)and big data technologies. He has a Ph. D. in computer vision(2017), a deep learning certification(2018), and several publications in connection with computer vision and machine learning in journals such as Machine vision and Applications, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Sensors, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications IEEE Latin America Transactions, and more. As of 2013, he is a registered and active user(albertofernandez on the Q&a opencv forum About the reviewers Wilson Choo is a computer vision engineer working on validating computer vision and deep learning algorithms on many different hardware configurations His strongest skills include algorithm benchmarking, integration, app development, and test automation. He is also a machine learning and computer vision enthusiast. He often researches trending Cvdl algorithms and applies them to solve modern-day problems. Besides that, Wilson likes to participate in hackathons, where he showcases his ideas and competes with other developers. His favorite programming languages are Python and C++ Vincent Kok is a maker and a software platform application engineer in the transportation industry. He graduated from USM with a MSc in embedded system engineering. Vincent actively involves himself with the developer community, as well as attending Maker Faire events held around the world, such as in Shenzhen in 2014, and in Singapore and Tokyo in 2015. Designing electronics hardware kits and giving soldering /Arduino classes for beginners are some of his favorite ways to spend his free time. Currently his focus is in computer vision technology, software test automation, deep learning, and constantly keeping himself up to date with the latest technology Ruben usamentiaga is a tenured associate professor in the department of

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