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作者:[美]科里·奥尔索夫(Cory Althoff)



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Web Scraping with Python 2nd - 2018 pdf 评分:

About This Book This book is designed to serve not only as an introduction to web scraping, but as a comprehensive guide to collecting, transforming, and using data from uncooperative sources. Although it uses the Python programming language and covers many Python basics, it should not be used as an introduction to the language. If you don’t know any Python at all, this book might be a bit of a challenge. Please do not use it as an introductory Python text. With that said, I’ve tried to keep all concepts and code samples at a beginning-to- intermediate Python programming level in order to make the content accessible to a wide range of readers. To this end, there are occasional explanations of more advanced Python programming and general computer science topics where appropriate. If you are a more advanced reader, feel free to skim these parts! If you’re looking for a more comprehensive Python resource, Introducing Python by Bill Lubanovic (O’Reilly) is a good, if lengthy, guide. For those with shorter attention spans, the video series Introduction to Python by Jessica McKellar (O’Reilly) is an excellent resource. I’ve also enjoyed Think Python by a former professor of mine, Allen Downey (O’Reilly). This last book in particular is ideal for those new to programming, and teaches computer science and software engineering concepts along with the Python language. Technical books are often able to focus on a single language or technology, but web scraping is a relatively disparate subject, with practices that require the use of databases, web servers, HTTP, HTML, internet security, image processing, data science, and other tools. This book attempts to cover all of these, and other topics, from the perspective of “data gathering.” It should not be used as a complete treatment of any of these subjects, but I believe they are covered in enough detail to get you started writing web scrapers! Part I covers the subject of web scraping and web crawling in depth, with a strong fo

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