Real World Terrain

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WorldComposer includes a shadow removal tool, that makes it unique compared to other software. There are always shadows on satellite images and if used in a game or simulation it forces a fixed sun position to match with the shadows. Also shadows in satellite images are almost completely black which doesn’t make them look good. WorldComposer solves this by removing shadows with it’s shadow removal algorithm, which will not only make the satellite images look way better, but also allows you to have fully day and night cycles. WorldComposer is designed like google maps with a scrolling and zooming functionality from real World satellite imagery directly into Unity. You can create multiple areas that display the real size in kilometers, and they can be exported with a few clicks of a button. Then for each exported area you can create the terrains with a click of one button directly in your Unity Scene. Satellite images can be exported to zoom level 19 which is 0.3 meter per pixel resolution. Elevation data can be exported up to zoom level 14, which is 10 meter per pixel resolution. WorldComposer only exports elevation heightmaps and satellite images, with itself you can create awesome looking real World terrain. But in combination with TerrainComposer you can mix the or alter the heightmaps or add perlin noise to enhance the detail, mix the satellite images with splat textures, add cloud shadows, etc. Also you can place trees,grass and objects and do the unlimited tweak and editing TerrainComposer offers to push the quality to unseen limits!

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