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Categories Delphi C Help Feedback Copyright ( C)2018 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved Current Wiki Page Show: Delphi c Display preferences What's New From rad studio Go Up to Main Page Contents . 1 Linux o 1.1 Delphi Linux Compiler o 1.2 Supported Linux Distributions o 1.3 RTL features supported o 1.4 64-bit Linux for Server Applicati ●2 Fire Monke o 2. 1 New System Status Bar Options on iOs o 2.2 Enhancements to t multi view o 2.3 Multi-Threading Support for TBitmap, T Canvas and TContext3D o 2. 4 Other FireMonkey Changes o 2.5 New FireMonkey Styles .3 FireDAC and database 3.1 Improvements for Firebird o 3. 2 Improvements for MySQL o 3.3 Other FireDAC Changes o 3. 4 Database improvements 4RTL o 4.1 Http Client o 4.2 RTL support for 64-bit Linux o 4.3 App Tethering Improvements o 4. 4 New and Improved Hash Functions ●5Mobi| le Platforms o 5. 1 Improved C++ packages for mobile 6 RAD Server Multi-Tenancy Support ·7c++ Compilers o 7.1 Better Support for Debugging o 7.2 Better Codegen o 7.3 Mobile Platform support o.4 Linkers o 7.5 Exception handling . 8 DE ·9 Debuggers o 9.1 ioS debuggers o 9.2 macoS debuggers o 9.3 Linux debuggers o 10.1 High DPI fixes 11 Other improvements 11.1 GetIt installer o 11.2 Cloud 11.3 Co o 11. 4 ios 10 Simulator device and macoS 12 Topics 13 See Alse The RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo release contains the following new and improved features Linux RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo provides Linux support for the Delphi language. the compiler is ARC-enabled and has support for server-side applications only; this includes console applications, Web Broker and Data Snap applications, as well as support for RAD Server development and deployment. Applications can also access data via FireDAC. Supported Linux distributions are Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and RedHat Enterprise Version 7. Linux support in RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo is available in the Enterprise edition and above Delphi Linux Compiler 64-bit Linux platform support Delphi language support ARC-enabled 1-based strings · LLVM engine based Supported Linux Distributions RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo supports the following Linux distributions Ubuntu Server(Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) RedHat Enterprise Linux(version 7 RTL features supported Linux file system access Threading and Parallel Programming Libraries support Memory management Http and reSt libraries support for Http calls 64-bit Linux for Server Applications The latest RAD Studio technologies for server applications have gained 64-bit Linux support Fire DAC provides Linux support for all Linux-capable DBMS, with the only exception of Informix. See Database Connectivity WebBroker, RAD Server(EMS), and Data Snap support for Multi-tier servers (standalone and Apache modules) DUnitX support PAServer support Indy-based client and server support FireMonkey New System Status Bar options on ios Two new properties have been added to T Form for changing the behavior of the system status bar on ioS: System Status Bar backgroundcolor and System StatusBar. Visibility Enhancements to t multiview Turn off user interaction with T MultiView using the enabled property New options to manage border appearance in TMultiView Bottom and top alignments for the docked panel mode in TMultiView Multi-Threading support for TBitmap, TCanvas and Tcontext3D TBitmap: Complete multi-threading support Can be created, destroyed, and modified in any thread without synchronization TCanvas: Supports being used from multiple threads at once, but is internally serialized TContext3D: Supports being used from multiple threads at once, but is internally serialized Other Fire Monkey Changes Added support for CAption to the following text controls: TText, T style Textobject TActive Style Textobject, T Tab Style Textobject and T Button Style Object FMX improvements to TWeb Browser for Windows Additional CharCase property in TEdit Re-exposed T String grid events o OnCellclick o On Cell click o OnDrag Drop o OnDragenter o On DragLeave o OnDragover On Resized Added Tagobject and TagString properties to TList Viewltem Unification of Delphi and Java threads on Android: CalllnUIThread has been deprecated. All code is now running in the Java UI Thread, removing the need for thread synchronization The ProcessMessages method used to call the Check Synchronize method, which called callbacks from the java native thread there used to be two threads the Delphi UI thread and the Java Native thread. After the refactoring work in 10.2, there is only one thread: the Java Native thread, which receives all notifications from Android and forwards them to the delphi event handlers While it is blocked via the while cycle, no event handler can be executed, preventing an exit from the cycle Callbacks and events in general are called if there is no code holding the app main thread Improvements to FMX Platform Android. pas by enhancing FMX Platform Device. Android. pas, FMX Platform. Logger. Android. pas FMX Platform. Metrics. Android. pas, FMX Platform. Save State. Android. pas, FMX Platform Screen. Android. pas, and FMX Platform. Timer. Android. pas The release method of T Form has been deprecated Changes to ShowModal on Android New Fire Monkey Styles New FireMonkey styles have been added for macoS and Android. Access the FireMonkey styles at . C: \Users\ Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\190\Styles\MacoS\macosgraphite fsf C: \Users\ Public\ Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\190\Styles\Android\AndroidWearDarkBlue fsf FireDAc and database Improvements for Firebird New Direct property to add support for the Direct lo backup feature Improvements for MySQL Support for MySQLⅴ5.7 Support for MariaDB V 5.5 or later. Use FireDAC's My SQL node to connect to MariaDB Compatibilty with the recent MySQL versions 5.6.x and 5. 7.X. MySQL Prepared Statements API: now both old API (MySQL text protocol)and PS API MySQL prepared statements protocol)are supported o You can select a desirable API using the TFDResourceOptions DirectEXecute property o Depending on the API in use, the TFDCommand CommandIntf. Cliobj property returns a TMySQL Statement or TMySQLResult object Support for internal BLOB streaming(in the smOpen Write mode only) Improvements for a synchronization of a connection transaction state and the TFDConnection. In Transaction property. This property allows you to determine whether a connection transaction is currently in progress other Fire DAC Changes The TFD DataMove component has been removed from this release and is no longer available in Tool Palette. Use the TFDBatchMove component instead Note: If you need TFDDataMove for your legacy projects, use the FireDAC. Comp. DataMove. pas unit available at Start I Programs Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Samples, and then navigate to object Pascal\Comp Layer\TFDBatchMove\ DataMove Deprecated TFDBatchMove has been optimized. As a side effect, the Destvalue and Source value properties of T fDBatch Move Mappingltem are no longer available TFDMSAccess Service now supports Microsoft Access 2007 or higher Enhancements to the tfdmemTable component to edit the tfdMem Table dataset at design time now the tfdmem table context menu provides the edit Data.. item that allows you to edit the component data and save them to the form the data are available at run time Note: Before using Edit Data Set., you should specify the field definitions for a dataset fields TFDMemTable FieldDefs or create persistent fields Database improvements VCL TDBImage direct support for JPEG and PNG graphic formats Support for display options for BlobFields Direct guid access for t field classes RTL Http Client Http Client Library provides support for 64-bit Linux Improved async support in Http client RTL support for 64-bit Linux RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo provides Linux file system support using standard system functions, streams, and the loUtils unit It also provides standard rtl Path Functions support for 64-bit Linux App Tethering Improvements App tethering gains the following features New Synchronizeevent s property for T Tethering Manager and TTetheringProfile to control the event synchronization with the main thread Therefore, Managers and profiles can now control whether their event handlers are executed on the main thread or not Improved support for Log filtering: added more logging messages New and Improved Hash Functions The following methods from the System. Hash unit now accept either a stream or a string as the input parameter THashMD5.GetHash String THashMD5. GetHashBytes THash SHA1.GetHash String THash SHA1.GetHash Bytes Hash SHA2. GetHash String THash SHA2. GetHashBytes The System. Hash unit has the following new methods that allow you to obtain a hash digest from a file THashMD5.GetHashBytes FromFile THashMD5.GetHash String FromFilo THashSHA1.GetHashBytesFromFile THashSHA1.GetHash String FromFile THashSHA2. GetHash Bytes FromFile THash SHA2. GetHash String FromFile Mobile platforms Improved c+t packages for mobile RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo links C++ packages for iOS and Android statically. Previous versions of rad Studio generated a file with the. so extension for C ++ packages but were not actually dynamic libraries. RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo generates C++ packages with the correct file extension( a). If you statically link against a. so package, you may need to change to link against the new filename RAD Server Multi-Tenancy Support With Multi-Tenancy support, a single RAD Server instance with a single RAD Server database connection can support multiple isolated tenants. Each tenant has a unique set of RAD Server resources including Users, Groups, Installations, Edge Modules, and other data. all tenants have custom resources that are installed in the ems server als as an administrator you can create new tenants, edit existing ones, add, edit or delete details of your tenants, specify if the tenant is active, and delete the tenants that you do not need C++ Compilers Better Support for Debugging In Clang-enhanced compile Local variables in code built with the Clang-enhanced compilers for Win32 and Win64 can now always be evaluated in watches or the Local Variables view When code has two local variables with the same name in different scopes in a method, variable evaluation can now resolve both and display the correct one depending on the current location Class names are now always displayed in the call stack (Clang-enhanced Win32) Support for external type files for debug information, which reduces duplication of debug information created for common types used in many compilation units, such as VCL types. This significantly reduces the size of debug intormation generated when bullding Better Codegen In Clang-enhanced compilers Codegen for-01 and-O2 optimization levels has been improved, including resolving all known issues New support for-O3 The Clang-enhanced Win 32 and Win64 compilers support O3, a strong optimization level which may double compiled code performance in some situations Mobile Platform support C++ Android applications can be built without requiring specific versions of the NDK Linkers The C++ linker has significant improvements o Improved resource handling to address heap errors, including out of memory, VirdEn. dwarf str and others o the linker can now use up to 4 Gib of memory it is no longer limited to 2GiB o the linker options have been extended to allow you to set the resource allocation sizes for specific types of debug or linker data While not necessary for the majority of projects this is useful for very large projects, or projects generating an unusual amount of linked data, including debug info. If linker errors occur, they can be resolved by tailoring the option to your project's behavior Exception handling Significant quality improvements for exception handling, addressing errors relating to memory leaks DE Code Insight and Code Completion for Delphi now correctly handles static and dynamic arrays The Find In Files dialog works on screens with high DPl Support for designing and opening forms at different dPls has been improved The View Menu has been re-arranged. Tool windows such as the object Inspector, Structure, Messages, etc have been moved to a Tool Windows submenu just below the existing Debug Windows submenu, and a new Editor submenu contains a number of editor actions and useful features from the editor s context menu other items have been moved to keep related items adjacent to each other Tool Windows submenu Editor submenu View Refactor Project Run Component Tools Window Help View Refactor Project Run Debug windows Debug Windows Tool Windows by Project Manager Ctrl+ Alt+F11 Tool Windows &E Struc Shift+Alt+Fl1 Desktop Toolbars > object Inspector F11 Toolbars 心Unts Ctrl+F12 Tool Palette Ctrl中A|t+P 心Unts Ctrl+F12 H Forms. Shift+F120] Messages 与 Forms. Shift+ F12 i3 Form/UnitF12 File brows i Toggle Form/Unit F12 L New Edit Window To-Do List L New Edit Window r Dock Edit Window to Model View 5 Dock Edit Window >iQData Explorer History >I[. Find Reference Results Editor Help Insight Shift+ Ctrl+H a Refactorings Complete Code Ctrl+ Space Templates Registered Type Librarie Registered Type Libraries Complete Class at Cursor Shift+Ctrl+C a0 Multi-Device Preview Shift+ Ctrl+ Space Welcome Page Clipboard History Welcome Page Find declaratio Project Statistics Live Bindings Designer Project Statistics Configuration Manager Surround Format source Ctrl+D 人 Broadcast to devices Broadcast to devices Toggle Comment Fold Toggle Bookmarks >> Goto bookmarks Clear Bookmarks The context menus for the code editor tabs and files in the project Manager now have a"Show In Explorer"menu item, which will show the files location in Explorer. The project's manifest file support now supports several execution levels: As Invoker, Highest Available, and Require Administrator, and also allows the Ul Access flag to be set IDE loading speed should be fast even with high network load or a missing network connection Support for building very large project groups, such as those with over a hundred projects, has been improved Debuggers ioS debuggers Full support for ioS10 debugging(from a 10.1 Berlin hotfix) Full support for iOS Simulator debugging(from a 10.1 Berlin hotfix)-Delphi only Writing Delphi string values is supported in the ios debugger Evaluating character arrays gives the expected result Errors ending the debug session(also on macOS)are resolved macos debuggers Full support for macoS Sierra debugging(from a 10. 1 Berlin hotfix) Errors ending the debug session(also on ioS )are resolved Linux debuggers Support for debugging on Linux(Delphi only) VCL High DPI fixes Improved High DPI support

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