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abaqus 安装的相关介绍,说的比较详细,参照文档可以安装成功,验证过
5、点击next g Abaqus 6.12 Product Installer Introduction 日 J Introduction This installation GUI will guide you through the installation of Abaqus INstallation type lIcense server It is strongly recommended that you quit all programs before dOcumentation continuing with this installation. Click the Next button to proceed to 曰 Installation directory the next screen. If you want to change something on a previous e Abaqus working directory screen, click the Previous button. You may cancel this installation at any time by clicking the Cancel button Pre-installation summary a Product verification results e Installation complete Abaqus ance Previous Next 6、不用勾选,点击next H Abaqus 6.12 Product Installer Installation help Introduction Would you like to view the Installation and Licensing Guide? INstallation type e License server his documentation contains detailed information about the installation dOcumentation and licensing processes and their requirements 曰 Installation directory e Abaqus working directory a wiew Installation and Licensing Guide Pre-installation summary lnstalling Because the file is in html format, a web browser must be installed E verification results and configured properly e Installation complete Abaqus IrstallAryohere by lvlacrovision Cancel Pr eMous Next 7、默认选择第一个,点击next Abaqus 6.12 Product Installer Installation type I Introduction Please select the type of installation you would like to perform iNstallation type lIcense server o SIMULIA FLEXnet License serrer Documentation O Dassault Systemes License Server(DSLS e Installation directory 日 Abacus working directory ◎ Abaqus Product OPre-installation summary A FLEXnet license installation installs the flexnet license server -Installing utilities, and in some cases will start the license server automatically O Product verification results A DSLS installation will install the dsls license utilities and launch the e Installation complete DSLS configuration manager. A DSLS installation can only be used with Abaqus 6.12 and later releases A product installation installs all Abaqus products such as Standard Abaqus IrstallAnyohere by macrovision cancel Previous Next 8、自动生成计算机名,记住自己的 Hostname,点击Next B SIMULIA Licensing Hostname shame Enter the hostname or iP address of this computer E Installation ty 曰 SIMULIA FLEXnet license 曰 nstallation directory iNstalling Installation complete HOSTNAME PC-20120831RHTT SIMULIA nstallAyw here y macrovision Cancel Previous Next 9、默认选择第一个,这里要点选第二个,然后next E SIMULIA Licensing Installation type Choose the type of license installation you would like to perform iNstallation type 曰 SIMULIA FLEXnet license 曰 nstallation directory e Installing 回 Installation complete O Install the licensing utilities and start the license server o Just install the licensing utilities Choose the first option if you would like the installation procedure to configure and start your license server automatically Choose the second option if you wish to configure and start the license server manually SIMULIA nstalleriywrere by macrovision cancel Previous Next 10、选择许可证安装位置,默认C: SIMULIA,这里改成你想要安装的位置,本 人安装在D: SIMULIA,点击next P SIMULIA Licensing Installation directory M Hostname Where would you like to install SIMULIA FLEXnet licensing? @Installation type D: \SIMULIA 0slMULIA FLEXnet license Restore Default Folder Choose 回 nstallation directory Installation complete SIMULIA nstallAriytrere by macrovision cancel Previous Next 11、弹出提示窗口,点击yes,之后进行安装,很快安装完成出现如下界面,点 击done,完成安装 PE SIMULIA Licensing Installation complete shame SIMULIA FLEXnet License Server has been successfully installed into @Installation type DS MULIA SIMULIA FLEXnet license J Installation directory @ Installing INstallation complete SIMULIA nstalleriywrere by macrovision ancel Previous Done 12、出现如下界面提示安装 products,先不要点yes,先进行许可证文件的修改。 pl Abaqus 6.12 Product Installer Installation type 田 Introduction Would you like to install Abaqus products? Installation type A License server entation O Installation directory E Abaqus working directory 日 Pre-installation summaryoYes 曰 Installing O NO E Product verification results INstallation complete Abaqus IristaillAnyohnere by Macrovision Cancel Previous Next 二、修改许可证文件 13、将 crack文件夹复制到桌面打开,里面有四个文件 p crack +[ 文件(编辑(查看(工具①帮助(H 组织·包含到库中共享 刻录新建文件夹 ☆收蒞夹 名称 修改日期 类型 大小 易下载 a abaqus 2012/4/410:08文本文档 11 KB 回桌面 Bg ABAQUS KeyGen 2011/8/81207 Windows批处理 KB 最近方问的位置 a ImcryptABAQUSLM 2011/8/812:02应用程序 redane 2012/41410:14文本文档 1 KB 14、打开 abaqus.txt文件将< hostname>改成自己的计算机名 15、本机改成如下,之后进行保存关闭 ABAQUS-记事本 文件编辑日格式O)直看(帮助(H SERVER<PC-2012083RHYIDANY 27011 VENDOR ABAQUSLI FEATURE academic ABAQUSLM 70 0 31-dec-2055 1024\ VENDOR STRING=COmmercial HOSTID=ANY ISSUERESIMULIA ISSUED=31-dec-2011 NOTICE="Supplied By SSQ ck=239 START=31-dec-2010SIGN=4B5506303996 FEATURE acp ABAQUSLM 70.0 31-dec-2055 1024 VENDOR_STRING-commercial HOSTID=ANY ISSUER=SIMULIA ISSUED=31-dec-2011 NOTICE= Supplied By ssQ ck=222 START=31-dec-2010 SIGN=8F3FF3009B3E FEATURE adams ABAQUSLM 70.0 31-dec-2055 1024 VENDOR STRING=commercial HOSTID=ANY ISSUER=SIMULIA ISSUED=31-dec-2011 NOTICE= Supplied By ssa ck=205 STaRT=31-dec-2010 SIGN=948710004AAC FEATURE afcv5 structural ABAQUSLM 70.0 31-dec-2055 1024 VENDOR STRING=cOmmercial HOSTID=ANY ISSUER-SIMULIA ISSUED=31-dec-2011 NOTICE="Supplied By SSQ ck=209 START=31-dec-2010 SiGN=8AAD321E8E26 16、运行 ABAQUS KeyGen.bat计算生成 abaqus.ic,将复制到安装目录中,本 机是在D: SIMULia License,新建 abaqus.txt文档将扩张名.txt改成!og。 +搜Lcen,P 文件编辑查看Q工具①帮助H 组织□打开刻录新建文件夹 ☆收藏夹 称 修改日期 大小 易下戴 stallation info 012/10/3111:55文件夹 回桌面 abaqus. lic 2012/10/3112:08LC文件 11 KB 最近方问的位置 abac 2012/10/3112:11文本文档 O H DABAQUSLM.exe 2011/192:21应用程序 1,584KB o installs.exe 0116/151:20 应用程序 B Imborrowexe 回Apps 2011/12/101:28应用程序 1424KB ■ diag. exe 2011/12/101:28应用程序 1424KB 日暴风影视军 a Imdownexe 2011/12/10128应用程序 1.424KB 视频 a Imgrdexe 2011/7/192:21 应用程序 1.466KB 囱片 DImhostid.exe 2011/12/10128应用程序 1.424KB 国文档 1 Uninstall.exe 2011/12/10128应用程序 迅雷下载 D Empath.exe 2011/12/101:28应用程序 1.424K8 音乐 BImremove. exe 2011/12/101:28应用程序 1424KB a Imrereadexe 011/12/101:28应用程序 1424KB 计算机 B Imstat.exe 2011/12/10128应用程序 1.424KB 本地磁盘(C小 a Imswitch, exe 2011/12/101:28应用程序 1.424KB B Imswitchr exe 本地磁盘①D) 2011/12/101:28应用程序 1424KB 副 I Intools.exe 011/7/19221应用程序 1.650KB 本地磁盘(E) - Intools.ico 2/10/3111:53 Kankan ICc图像 3 KB 影音和软件(F) xe 2011/192:21应用程序 1.424KB 已谎择2个项修改日期:2012/10/3112:11创建日期:2012/10/3112:11 大小:10.8KB 17、打开D: SIMULIA License中的 Imtoo. exe,打开 Config services,进行如图 设置,后点击 Save services LMTOOLS by Acresso Software Inc. File Edit Mode Hel Service/License File System Settings U tlities| Start/Stop/Reread Server Status Server Diags Config Services Borrowing I onfigure Service Save service Service Name xlm Service 1 Remove Service Path to the lard. exe file D: (SIMULIA\ License \mgrd exe Browse Browse Path to the license file D: \SIMULIA\License \abaqus. ic Path to the debug log file D: \SIMULIA\License \abaqus. log Browse View Log. lose Log Start Server at Power Up v Use Services 18、点击 Start/Stop/ Reread选项卜,点击 Start service,提示 Server start successful. 如果提示失败,需要重新操作直到成功,进行下一步。 LMTOOLS by Acresso Software Inc File Edit Mode Hel Service/License File System Settings Utilities Start/Stop/Reread Server Status Server Diags Config Services) Borrowing FLEXnet license services installed on this computer Start Server Stop server ReRead License File 厂 Force Server Shutdown Advanced settings》 NOTE: This box must be checked to shut down a license server when licenses are borrowed erver Start Successful. 19、添加系统环境变量:右键计算札-属性-髙级-环境变量-新建,设置环境变量, 变量值为27011@< hostname> 编辑系统变量 变里名Q LICENSE FILE 变里值Q 27500@FC-20120831RHYT 确定取消 安装 ABAQUS6.12 20、点击刚才的安装窗口中的yes,然后next g Abaqus 6 12 Product Installe Installation typ iNtroduction Would you like to install Abaqus products? 回 Installation type e Installation directory aBaqus working directory o Yes 6 Pre-install mars 曰 stalling N E Product verification results Installa Abaqus Cancel Previ Next 21、弹出提示窗口,提示安装 HPC MPI,点击OK Information Installing Microsoft HPC MPI Redistributable Pack The Microsoft HPC MPI Redistributable P ack is re quire d to run Abaqus/CFD and MPI-b ased dom ain-level parallelization in Abaqus/Explicit. Multi-node execution for any Abaqus product on win dows machines re quires use of Microsoft HPC Server 2008 This software requires a minimum of senice pack 2 installed on wVin dows xP/2003 and serice Pack 1 on wind ows Vista/2008 Click oK to install Microsoft HPC MPI Redistributable p ack Click'Quit to exit the installation quit DK 22、在 License server1中输入27500@- hostname>,本机输入 27500PC-20120831RHYT,点击next Ar Abaqus 6.12 Product Installer License server @Introduction Please enter the hostname or iP address of your Abaqus license Installation type server(s). Include the port if your server is on a non-default port 日 License server dOcumentation FlexNetexamples27000@maroon.abaquscomorroseabaqus.com Installation directory DSLS example: crimson 4085 0 Abaqus warking directory License server 1( REQUIRED) e Pre-installation summary 27500PC-20120831RHYT 曰 stalling E Productverification results Redundant license servers( optional) Server 2 e Installation complete Server 3 Abaqus IrstaillAnyowhere by lolacrovisior Cancel Previous Next 23、提示输入在线帮助文档,没有可以不填,点击next,弹岀警告窗口,点击 continue

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