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The comprehensive developer guide to the latest Android featuresand capabilities Professional Android, 4th Edition shows developers how toleverage the latest features of Android to create robust andcompelling mobile apps. This hands-on approach provides in-depthcoverage through a series of projects
PROFESSIONAL Android Fourth edition Reto meier an lake WNOX A Wiley Brand Professional Android@ Fourth Edition Published b John Wiley Sons, Inc 10475 Crosspoint boulevard indianapolis, IN 46256 Copyright o 2018 by John Wiley Sons, Inc, Indianapolis, Indiana Published simultaneously in Canada ISBN:978-1-118-94952-8 ISBN:978-1-118-94954-2(elbk) ISBN:978-1-118-94953-5(ebk) Manufactured in the united states of america 10987654321 No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except as permitted under Sections 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act, without either the prior written permission of the Publisher, or authorization through payment of the appropriate per-copy fee to the Copyright Clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers MA01923, (978)750-8400, fax(978)646-8600. Requests to the Publisher for permission should be addressed to the Permissions Department, John Wiley Sons, Inc, 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030,(201)748-6011, fax(201) 748-6008,oronlineat Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: The publisher and the author make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this work and specifically disclaim all warranties, including without limitation warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. No warranty may be created or extended by sales or pro motional materials. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for every situation This work is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional services If professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. Neither the pub- lisher nor the author shall be liable for damages arising herefrom. The fact that an organization or Web site is referred to in this work as a citation and/or a potential source of further information does not mean that the author or the publisher endorses the information the organization or Web site may provide or recommendations it may make Further, readers should be aware that internet Web sites listed in this work may have changed or disappeared between when this work was written and when it is read For general information on our other products and services please contact our Customer Care Department within the United States at(877)762-2974, outside the United States at(317)572-3993 or fax (317)572-4002 Wiley publishes in a variety of print and electronic formats and by print-on-demand. Some material included with stan- dard print versions of this book may not be included in e-books or in print-on-demand. If this book refers to media such asaCdordvdthatisnotincludedintheversionyoupurchasedyoumaydownloadthismaterialathttp://book supportwileycomfoRmoreinformationaboutwiLeyproductsvisitwww.wileycom Library of Congress Control Number: 2018951986 Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley logo, Wrox, the Wrox logo, Programmer to Programmer, and related trade dress are trade marks or registered trademarks of John Wiley sons, Inc and/or its affiliates, in the United States and other countries and may not be used without written permission. Android is a registered trademark of google, LLC All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. John Wiley Sons, Inc, is not associated with any product or vendor mentioned in this book RET To Andrea and hannah AN ABOUT THE AUTHORS RETO MEIER has been working to help android developers create the best applications possibl for their users since the initial Android release in 2007. Reto grew up in Perth, Western Australia and then spent the next 18 months"in London for a total of 6 years, before settling in the San francisco bay Area with his wife in 2011 Reto has spent 10 years as a Developer Advocate at Google, contributing articles, online training, conference talks, and You tube videos to the developer community. Before smartphones were invented, Reto spent over 10 years as a software developer in various industries, including offshore oil and gas and finance. You can learn more about Reto's thoughts on android development ask him questions and see pic turesofhiscatsonTwitteratwww.twittercom/retomeier,wherehesharesmorethanheprob ably should, and read longer thoughts on Medium at medium. com/@retomeier IAN LAKE has lived in nine states across the United States before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013 Ian is a member of the android Toolkit team at google, focused on providing the libraries and APIs needed for modern android development. His prior experience includes that as an android Developer Advocate, Android app developer, and enterprise application developer back when Android wasnt even an option YoucanconnectwithlanonGoogle+(plus.googlecom/+ianlake)orTwitter(www.twitter nhlake)to learn more about his wonderful family, hobbies(mostly Android development) and interests While reto and lan work at Google, the views and opinions expressed in this book are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent those of their employer. ABOUT THE TECHNICAL EDITORS DANIEL ULERY is a Senior Software Engineer who lives near Lewiston, Idaho. His experience includes software engineering projects using technologies such as Java Enterprise, C# Win Forms, SQL Server, Raspberry pi, and Android Dan received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Idaho in 2004. When he's not working on software projects, he's likely working on one of many DiY projects ED WOODWARD is a Senior Development Manager and Android Developer for Open Stax at rice University. He currently manages the Devops team and is tech lead on the business intelligence team along with developing Open Stax's Android app Prior to joining Open Stax, ed was a Vice President Application Architect at JPMorgan Chase. ed was a Band director at the high school and middle school level for several years before transitioning to programming CHAIM KRAUSE is an expert computer programmer with more than 30 years of experience to prove it. He has worked as a lead tech support engineer for ISPs as early as 1995, as a senior developer support engineer with Borland for Delphi, and has worked in Silicon valley for over a decade in various roles, including technical support engineer and developer support engineer. He is currently a military simulation specialist for the US Army's Command and General Staff College, working on projects such as developing serious games for use in training exercises. He has also authored several video training courses on Linux topics, and has been a technical reviewer for over 20 books, includ ing Amazon Web Services for Mobile developers(Sybex, 2017)and Professional swift (wrox 2015). It seems only natural then that he would be an avid gamer and have his own electronics lab and server room in his basement. He currently resides in Leavenworth, Kansas, with his beautiful partner Ivana and a menagerie of four-legged companions: their two dogs, dasher and minnie, and their three cats, Pudems, Talyn, and alaska MURAT YENER is a code geek, open source committer, Java Champion, and ex-Google Developer Expert on Android who is working at Google. He is the author of expert android studio(wiley, 2016)and Professional Java ee Design Patterns(Wiley, 2015). He has extensive experience with developing Android, Java, web, JavaEE, and osgi applications, in addition to teaching courses and mentoring. Murat was an Eclipse committer and one of the initial committers of the Eclipse Libra project. Murat had been a user group leader at gDG Istanbul and in gDg san Francisco, organiz ing participating and speaking at events. He is also a regular speaker at major conferences, such as Droid Con, Java One, and Devoxx CREDITS PROJECT EDITOR MARKETING MANAGER n seeya Christie hilbrich TECHNICAL EDITORS EXECUTIVE EDITOR Daniel ule Jim mintel Ed Woodward Chaim Krause PROJECT COORDINATOR COVER Murat Yener Brent Savage PRODUCTION EDITOR PROOFREADER Barath Kumar rajasekaran Nancy Bell COPY EDITOR INDEXER Kimberly A Cofer Johnna∨ anHoose dinse PRODUCTION MANAGER COVER DESIGNER Kathleen Wisor Wiley CONTENT ENABLEMENT AND OPERATIONS COVER IMAGE MANAGER c1971yes/ Pete Gaughan ACKNOWLEDGMENTS FIRST, I'D LIKE TO THANK MY WIFE KRISTY, whose love and support makes everything i do possible a big thank you to my friends and colleagues at Google, particularly all the amazing people in the Android team, without whom I'd have nothing to write about, and the developer relations team who inspire me every day. i also thank our army of technical editors, including dan ulery, ed Woodward, Chaim Krause Murat Yener, James Harmon, and Chad Darby, without whom this book would contain far more errors than it does. Those that remain are entirely my fault. Thank you to the whole team at Wrox, especially John Sleeva and Jim Minatel, whose patience and support in getting this book completed was non-trivia An extra big thank you goes out to the incredible android community, made up of passionate, gen erous, and hard working developers who seem to spend as much time helping each other as they do building amazing apps. Your efforts have been critical in making android the huge success that it is Thank you -REtO MY FAMILY, ANDREA AND HANNAH, are what make everything worth it. Without their support, I wouldnt be able to do much of anything much less write this book I'd like to echo Reto's thanks for everyone involved in publishing and making this book a reality, the Android team for giving us plenty to talk about, and the android developer community for sharing our passion around building better apps -IAL CONTENTS INTRODUCTION XXXI ChAPTER 1: HELLO, ANDROID Android Application Development A Little Background The not-So-Distant past Living in the future The android ecosystem Pre-installed Android Applications Android sDK Features What Does android run on? Why Develop for Mobile? 2333456677 Why develop for android? Introducing the Development Framework What Comes in the box 8 Understanding the Android Software Stack The android run time 10 Android Application Architecture Android libraries 12 CHAPTER 2: GETTING STARTED 13 Getting Started Developing Android Apps Developing for Android 15 What You need to begin 15 Creating Your First Android Application 20 Getting Started Writing Android Apps Using Kotlin Using the android Support library Package 36 Developing for mobile and embedded devices 39 Hardware-Imposed Design Considerations 39 Considering the User s Environment 43 Developing for Android 44 Android Development Tools 48 Android studio 49 The Android Virtual Device Manager 51 The android emulator 51

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