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Microsoft Microsoft SQL Server 2012 High-Performance T-SQL Using Window Functions Itzik ben-gan Published with the authorization of Microsoft Corporation by O'Reilly media, Inc 1005 Gravenstein Highway North Sebastopol L California 95472 Copyright o 2012 by Itzik Ben-Gan All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher. SBN:978-0-7356-5836-3 123456789LS|765432 Printed and bound in the united states of america Microsoft Press books are available through booksellers and distributors worldwide. If you need support related tothisbook,emailmicrosoftPressBookSupportatmspinput@microsoft.com.Pleasetelluswhatyouthinkof thisbookathttp://www.microsoft.com/learning/booksurvey Microsoftandthetrademarkslistedathttp://www.microsoft.com/about/legal/en/us/intellectualproperty/ Trademarks,EN-US. aspx are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. All other marks are property of their respective owners The example companies, organizations, products, domain names, email addresses, logos, people, places, and events depicted herein are fictitious. No association with any real company, organization, product, domain name email address, logo, person, place, or event is intended or should be inferred This book expresses the author's views and opinions. The information contained in this book is provided without any express, statutory, or implied warranties. Neither the authors, O'Reilly Media, Inc, Microsoft Corporation. nor its resellers or distributors will be held liable for any damages caused or alleged to be caused either directly or indirectly by this book Acquisitions and developmental Editor: Ken Jones Production Editor: Kristen Borg Production Services: Curtis Philips Technical reviewer: Adam machanic Copyeditor: roger leblanc Indexer: Lucie haskins Cover Design: Twist Creative. Seattle Cover Composition: Karen Montgomery Illustrators: Robert romano and rebecca demarest To the Quartet Contents at a glance Foreword Introduction CHAPTER 1 SQL Windowing CHAPTER 2 A Detailed look at window functions 33 CHAPTER 3 Ordered set functions 81 CHAPTER 4 Optimization of window Functions 101 CHAPTER 5 T-SQL Solutions Using Window Functions 133 ngex 211 Contents Foreword Introduction Chapter 1 SQL Windowing Background of window Functions 2 Window Functions described 2 Set-Based vs Iterative/Cursor Programming Drawbacks of alternatives to window functions .11 A Glimpse of solutions Using window Functions 15 Elements of window Functions 19 Partitioning .20 Ordering Framing 22 Query Elements Supporting Window Functions ...23 Logical Query Processing Clauses Supporting Window Functions 5 Circumventing the Limitations 28 Potential for additional filters 30 Reuse of window definitions Summary 32 Chapter 2 A Detailed Look at Window Functions 33 Window Aggregate Functions Window Aggregate Functions Described........... 33 Supported Windowing el 34 What do you think of this book? We want to hear from you! Microsoft is interested in hearing your feedback so we can continually improve our books and learning resources for you. To participate in a brief online survey, please visit microsoft. com/learning/booksurvey Further Filtering ldea 49 Distinct Aggregates Nested Aggregates Ranking functi g ons 57 Supported Windowing Elements 58 ROW NUMBER ..58 NILE 63 RANK and DENSE rank 66 Distribution functions 68 Supported Windowing Elements 68 Rank distribution Functions 68 Inverse Distribution Functions 71 Offset Functions 74 Supported Windowing Elements .74 LAG and lead 74 FIRST VALUE, LAST VALUE, and NTH VALUE Summa 79 Chapter 3 Ordered Set Functions 81 Hypothetical Set Functions .....82 RANK 82 DENSE RANK .84 PERCENT RANK 85 CUME DIST 86 General solution 87 Inverse distribution functions ..90 Offset Functions 94 String Concatenation ....98 Summary ....100

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