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2SEMTECH Energy Consumption Calculator Energy profile Calculator nputs selected Configuraton LoR Modem Settings VR PAD FFO Bandwith Coding rate 4/CR+4 Packet Configuration Payload Programmed Preamble 6 Total Preamble _ength 10.25 Symbols Header Mode □ Eolcrt header enabled Equivale. Etrate 1171.8 bps Time on Air 190. 46rs R6FNNNNE RI Pcrformance Transmit Power 图dm -k Budget 148 Transmit Haidai= hmpleler lalion F RFIO is Sllaled Receiver Sensitivity 131 d3m CAD/Rx 13 Compalible sx Products 1272, 1276 Maxy时Cs145P SF=12, EW=500 kHz, CR= 4/5, Header Disabled, Preamble= 10.25 symE Payload=8 byter, Transmit Power= 17 dBm battery powered. However, to meaningfully estimate the radio's consumption the network connectivity and 2SEMTECH For clarity the diagram below shows a typical star network configuration. Here several information nodes provide information back to a controller or information ' ink'node. Here we S。urce Source Sink Duty Cycled Receive Duty Cycled Transmit Source Sink ource Sink Tx Command Ix Data Rx Command N Rx Data ource Sink Source Sink Tx Command Tx Data macd Tx Ack Rx Ack K 2SEMTECH Duty Cycled Receiver Consumption wakes into receive mode Sink Source Periodic wake-up Preamble transmission Packet Reception Packet Data transmission should remain 'awake and continue the 2SEMTECH Rising edge of CAD command NSS CAD DUration CarDone (RSSI is valid and can be read) ModeRead IDDR L Consumption BW DDC 2ASF SF 1750e3 STY L 2SEMTECH Periodic Consumption Profile c心rsum时t Aveage Consumption (including anterogation Time [ms 2SEMTECH Duty Cycled Receiver plus AcK Consumption Sink Req↓ ↑Ack/da Source Periodic wake-up Preamble transmission Packet Reception Packet data transmission LoRa Modem Calculato Tool Calculato lery profie esign Inputs Result Protocol Settings Periodic Consumption Profile Link is出 directiona Consumption v Periodic Receiver Le40倒ms CKh10地/含 Intemg-tions4 nerdy Source T: Comar Average Consumption (including interrogation, I Ime ms」 Mode Timings Charge Consumption Energy per Day TrAnsmit 78.8 Transnt70963 uC Total Charge9657 mC Battery Charachteristics CAD4.8 24 Total Energy. 19 Batery Voltage 3.33 Receiver 5/y Receiver/1.1 Mean Curent:118 Batery Capacity 1000 Slecp 3916 m3 Slecp 4 uc Eat. Batt. If: 3727. 91 daya SF=9, BW= 250 kHz, CR=4/5, Header Disabled, Preamble=10.25 syms Payload =8 bytes, Transmit Power= 1] dBm 2SEMTECH Periodic Consumption Profile ClEAN 70☆ leag= U0nssmnton (MUang Mrtemogstn 十十+++++++ Time [ms] LoPa Modem Calculator Too Calculator Energy Profile esign Inputs Results Protocol Settings Periodic Consumption Profile H Link is Bidirectional Periodic Receiver Duty cycle 400 ACK Length 13 source Tx Command 4/eag= Consumpt an Anowudwrg wntenogaton, ++++++1 ↓+++++十++++}++++++++ Time [me] Ack Mode Timings Charge Consumption Energy per day Transmt78.3 Transmd 7096.3 Total Charge 965.7 Battery Characteristic 4.8 424 uc Total Energy 3.19 Battery Voltage 3 30 Receiver 78 Mean Curent 11.13 Battery Capacity 1000 h Sleep 3916 ns Sleep 4 uc Est. Bat. Life 3727.91 cays SF=9. BW=250 kHz CR= 475, Header Disabled, Preamble= 10.25 syms Payload =8 bytes. Transmit Power= 17 dBm 2SEMTECH Periodic Transmission based protocols Conclusion

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