Bochs - The cross platform IA-32 (x86) emulator

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Changes in 2.4.6 (February 22, 2011): Brief summary : - Support more host OS to run on: - Include win64 native binary in the release. - Fixed failures on big endian hosts. - BIOS: Support for up to 2M ROM BIOS images. - GUI: select mouse capture toggle method in .bochsrc. - Ported most of Qemu's 'virtual VFAT' block driver (except runtime write support, but plus FAT32 suppport) - Added write protect option for floppy drives. - Bugfixes / improved internal debugger + instrumentation. Detailed change log : - CPU and internal debugger - Implemented Process Context ID (PCID) feature - Implemented FS/GS BASE access instructions support (according to document from - Rewritten from scratch SMC detection algorithm - Implemented fine-grained SMC detection (on 128 byte granularity) - Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness and stability - Fixed failures on Big Endian hosts ! - Print detailed page walk information and attributes in internal debugger 'page' command - Updated/Fixed instrumentation callbacks - Configure and compile - Bochs now can be compiled as native Windows x86-64 application (tested with Mingw gcc 4.5.1 and Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010) - Added ability to configure CPUID stepping through .bochsrc. The default stepping value is 3. - Added ability to disable MONITOR/MWAIT support through .bochsrc CPUID option. The option is available only if compiled with --enable-monitor-mwait configure option. - Determine and select max physical address size automatically at configure time: - 32-bit physical address for 386/486 guests - 36-bit physical address for PSE-36 enabled Pentium guest - 40-bit physical address for PAE enabled P6 or later guests - Update config.guess/config.sub scripts to May 2010 revisions. - Update Visual Studio 2008 project files in build/win32/ - Added Bochs compilation timestamp after Bochs version

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