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symtec netbackup admin guide.1
Symantec corporation 350 Ellis Street Mountain view. CA 94043 Printed in the united states of america 10987654321 Technical Support Symantec Technical Support maintains support centers globally. Technical Supports primary role is to respond to specific queries about product features and functionality The Technical Support group also creates content for our online knowledge Base The Technical Support group works collaboratively with the other functional areas within Symantec to answer your questions in a timely fashion For example, the Technical Support group works with Product Engineering and Symantec Security Response to provide alerting services and virus definition updates Symantec's support offerings include the following A range of support options that give you the flexibility to select the right amount of service for any size organization Telephone and/or Web-based support that provides rapid response and up-to-the-minute information a Upgrade assurance that delivers software upgrades Global support purchased on a regional business hours or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis Premium service offerings that include account management services For information about Symantec's support offerings, you can visit our Web site at the following URL All support services will be delivered in accordance with your support agreement and the then-current enterprise technical support policy Contacting Technical Support Customers with a current support agreement may access Technical Support information at the following URL: Before contacting Technical Support, make sure you have satisfied the system requirements that are listed in your product documentation. Also, you should be at the computer on which the problem occurred, in case it is necessary to replicate the problem When you contact Technical Support, please have the following information available Product release level Hardware information Available memory disk space, and nic information Operating systel Version and patch level Network topology Router, gateway, and IP address information ■ Problem description Error messages and log files Troubleshooting that was performed before contacting Symantec Recent software configuration changes and network changes Licensing and registration If your Symantec product requires registration or a license key, access our technical support Web page at the following URL Customer service Customer service information is available at the following URL Customer Service is available to assist with non-technical questions, such as the following types of issues Questions regarding product licensing or serialization Product registration updates, such as address or name changes General product information(features, language availability, local dealers Latest information about product updates and upgrades Information about upgrade assurance and support contracts Information about the symantec buying programs Advice about Symantec's technical support options a Nontechnical presales questions Issues that are related to cd-Roms dVds or manuals Support agreement resources If you want to contact Symantec regarding an existing support agreement, please contact the support agreement administration team for your region as follows Asia-Pacific and Japan Europe, Middle-East, and Africa North america and latin america supportsolutions( Contents Technical Support Section 1 About netbackup 33 Chapter 1 Introducing NetBackup interfaces 3 About NetBackup 34 NetBackup documentation 36 About NetBackup administration interfaces 36 About setting up the NetBackup Administration Console on UNIX 39 About using the Java Windows administration Console 41 Administering remote servers and servers of different versions 43 Using the NetBackup Administration Console 44 Standard and user toolbars 51 About customizing the NetBackup Administration Console 51 NetBackup configuration wizards 51 Running the Troubleshooter 53 Chapter 2 Administering NetBackup licenses 55 About administering NetBackup licenses 55 Section 2 Configuring hosts 60 Chapter 3 Configuring Host properties 61 About the NetBackup Host Properties 63 Methods to set the NetBackup configuration options ∴66 Viewing host properties 67 Changing the host properties on multiple hosts at the same time 67 Property states for multiple hosts 68 Exporting host properties 70 Standard host property dialog box options 70 About configuring Indexing Servers 71 Schedules properties 71 Access Control properties ..73 Authentication Domain tab of the Access Control properties .74 Authorization Service tab of the Access Control properties 75 Network Attributes tab of the Access Control properties 76 Active Directory host properties Backup Exec Tape Reader properties Bandwidth properties ..... 82 Bandwidth limit usage considerations and restrictions 83 Add Bandwidth Settings dialog box for Bandwidth properties 84 Busy File Settings properties 84 Activating the Busy File Settings in host properties 86 Clean- up properties… 87 Client Name properties.. 89 Client Attributes properties 90 Add Client dialog box… 92 General tab of the client attributes properties. .............................92 Connect Options tab of the Client Attributes properties 97 Windows Open File Backup tab of the Client Attributes properties… 98 Back-level and upgraded clients that use Windows Open File Backup ∴.102 Client Settings properties for UNIX clients 103 VxFS file change log for incremental backups property 106 Client Settings properties for Windows clients .108 How to determine if change journal support is useful in your NetBackup environment 111 Guidelines for enabling NetBackup change journal support 112 Credential Access properties 113 Data Classification properties 114 Creating a Data Classification 116 Default Job priorities properties 117 Understanding the Job Priority setting 118 Distributed application restore mapping properties 120 Encryption properties 121 Additional encryption methods for Windows clients 124 Enterprise Vault properties 125 Enterprise Vault Hosts properties 126 Exchange properties 127 About the Exchange credentials in the client host properties 130 Exclude Lists properties 131 About the add to exclude list and add to exceptions list dialog boxes 134 Syntax rules for exclude lists .136 About creating an include list on a UNIX client .138 Traversing excluded directories…..….…………,139 Fibre Transport properties .140 Firewall properties 143 Enabling logging for vnet 146 General Server properties 146 Forcing restores to use a specific server 149 Global Attributes properties ∴.150 About constraints on the number of concurrent jobs 153 Sending messages to the global administrator about unsuccesstul'630 Setting up email notifications about backups Configuring the nbmail cmd script on Windows 56 backups only 158 Sending messages to the administrator about successful and unsuccessful backups 158 stalling and testing the email utility on Windows 159 ogging properties 161 Login Banner Configuration properties.…… 166 Removing login banner screen and text 168 Enabling the auto log off timeout option 169 otus Notes properties 170 Media properti 173 Results when media overwrites are not permitted .177 Recommended use for Enable SCSi reserve property 178 NDMP Global Credentials properties .179 Network properties 181 Network Settings Properties .183 Reverse Host Name Lookup property 183 IP Address Family Support property 185 Port Ranges properties .185 Registered ports and dynamically-allocated ports .187 Preferred Network properties 188 Add or Change Preferred Network Settings dialog box 190 How NetBackup uses the directives to determine which network to use 192 Configurations to use IPv6 networks 195 Configurations to use IPv4 networks 196 Order of directive processing in the Preferred Network properties∴ ∴.197 Order of directives can affect processing 198 Contents 10 bptestnetconn utility to display preferred Network information .198 Configuration to prohibit using a specified address 200 Configuration that uses the same specification for both the network and the interface - less constrictive 200 Configuration that uses the same specification for both the network and the interface-more constrictive 201 Configuration that limits the addresses, but allows any interfaces 201 Resilient Network properties 202 Resilient connection resource usage..................... 205 Specifying resilient connections 205 Resource Limit properties 207 Restore Failover properties .209 Assigning an alternate media server as a failover restore server 211 Retention Periods properties.…………….211 Changing a retention period 213 Determining retention periods for volumes 214 Retention Periods with end dates beyond 2038, excluding Infinit 215 Scalable Storage properties 215 Cloud Settings tab of the Scalable Storage properties........ 215 Servers properties............ 220 Adding a server to a servers list 226 Removing a server from a server list 227 Enabling NetBackup clustered master server inter-node authentication 227 Adding a trusted master server 228 Removing a trusted master server 230 Changing the master server that performs backups and restores for a client 231 SharePoint properties 232 Consistency check options for Share Point Server 234 LP Parameters properties 234 About batch creation logic in Storage Lifecycle Manager………….239 SLP deprecated parameters 240 Symantec Products properties 240 Throttle Bandwidth properties 241 Add Bandwidth Settings dialog box for Throttle Bandwidth prc 242 Timeouts properties 242 Universal Settings properties 244

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