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Activity Grader What is it? ----------- This application opens all activities in a given folder in PT, extracts the grade and then outputs a CSV file with the filename, total percentage and sub component scores. System Requirements ------------------- JRE: 1.8 or above ( Packet Tracer 7.0 or above Upgrading Activity Grader ------------------------- If there is a previous version of Activity Grader installed, remove it from the approved list and delete the "extensions\ActivityGrader" folder. Then follow the "Installing Activity Grader" section. Installing Activity Grader -------------------------- 1) Unzip 2) Copy the "ActivityGrader" folder to "\extensions" Typically: C:\Program Files\Packet Tracer\extensions 3) Add ActivityGrader.pta using the IPC menu. a) Extensions Menu -> IPC -> Configure Apps b) Click on the Add button c) Select the folder "ActivityGrader" d) Select the ActivityGrader.pta file, then OK (See PT Help and Tutorials for additional information) Launching the Application ------------------------- There are two ways to launch the application. A) Within Packet Tracer: 1) Extensions Menu -> IPC -> Configure Apps 2) Select Activity Grader from App List 3) Click on Launch button B) Standalone, execute "extensions\ActivityGraderx86_64.exe". This method does not launch Packet Tracer automatically. Packet Tracer must be already running and the IPC enabled at port 39000. For either method, Packet Tracer must allow this application to use the IPC. (See Step 3: Installing) Using the Application --------------------- This application uses the activity filenames as the index. So, it would be best

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