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Altera DE2-70 Board 5.12 TV Decoder 52 5.13 Implementing a Tv encoder 54 5.14 Using USB Host and Device 55 5.15 USing IrDa...………… 57 5.16 Using SDRAM/SRAM/Flash 8 Chapter 6 Examples of Advanced Demonstrations 6.1DE2-70 Factory Configuration……………,.,,….…6 Quartus ll 9. 1 nios li eds 9. 1 Users...............6 6.3 TV BoX Demonstration .67 6.4 TV Box Picture in Picture(PIP) Demonstration 6.5 USB Paintbrush 6.6 USB Device 垂垂音音垂.·4·垂 75 6.7 A Karaoke machine .77 6.8 Ethernet Packet Sending/ Receiving.... 79 6.9 SD Card Music player 6.10 Music synthesizer demonstration..………84 6.11 Audio recording and Playing………,…,…,………,……..8 Chapter aPpendix 7.1 Revision history…………… …············ 91 7.2 Copyright Statement 着看·垂普垂垂.D垂 ADBRA DE2-70 User Manual Chapter 1 DE2-70 Package The DE2-70 package contains all components needed to use the dE2-70 board in conjunction with a computer that runs the microsoft Windows software. 1.1 Package Contents Figure 1. I shows a photograph of the DE2-70 package AbERA DE2-70 s● Figure 1.l. The DE2-70 package contents ADBRA DE2-70 User Manual The dE2-70 package includes: oo The dE2-70 board oo USB Cable for FPGa programming and control oo DE2-70 System CD containing the DE2-70 documentation and supporting materials including the User Manual, the Control Panel utility, reference designs and demonstrations device datasheets tutorials. and a set of laboratory exercises oo CD-ROMs containing Altera's Quartus II Web Edition and the Nios II Embedded design Suit evaluation edition software oo Bag of six rubber (silicon) covers for the de2-70 board stands. The bag also contains some extender pins, which can be used to facilitate easier probing with testing equipment of the boards I/O expansion headers oo Clear plastic cover for the board oo 12V DC wall-mount power supply 1.2 The DE2-70 Board Assembly To assemble the included stands for the de2-70 board. oo Assemble a rubber (silicon) cover, as shown in Figure 1.2, for each of the six copper stands on the de2-70 board o The clear plastic cover provides extra protection, and is mounted over the top of the board by using additional stands and screws Figure 1. 2. The feet for the DE2-70 board. 2 ADBRA DE2-70 User Manual 3 Getting Help Here are the addresses where you can get help if you encounter problems ∞0 Altera Corporation 101 Innovation Drive San Jose. California. 95134 USA Email:university( oo Terasic Technologies No 356, Scc. 1, Fusing E Rd Jhubei city, Hsin Chu County, Taiwan, 302 Email: supportlaterasic com Web: DE2-70terasic. com ADBRA DE2-70 User Manual Chapter 2 Altera de2-70 board This chapter presents the features and design characteristics of the dE2-70 board 2.1 Layout and components a photograph of the dE2-70 board is shown in Figure 2. 1. It depicts the layout of the board and indicates the location of the connectors and key components USB Device Port Line In Line out USB Blaster P( Video In 1 Video lo 2 TV Decoder(NTSC!PAL) 12V DC Power Supply YILEO N 1 YIDO IN 2 PS2 Port Power ON/OFF Switch VGA 10-bit DAC Ethernet 10/100M Controller USB Host/ slave Iist E OLnIEABI Audi。 CODEO NRA。禁料 Altera USB Blaster-MESO H Expansion Header 2 同回回 DE270 AHERA Expansion Header 1 Cyclone.Ir I come to RUN/PROG Switch JTAG'AS Modes ter as 幽幽 Altera c ne 16x2 LCD Module LSI MM FPGA with 70K LEs IrDA Transceiver 8Mbyle Flash Mernory 18 Red LEDS 18 Rogge Switches ← SMA Extemal clock 32Mbyte SDRAMX2 28Mhz Oscillator 2Mbyte SsRAM 4 Push-button Switches Figure 2. 1. The DE2-70 board The DE2-70 board has many features that allow the user to implement a wide range of designed circuits, from simple circuits to various multimedia projects The following hardware is provided on the de2-70 board oo Altera Cyclone [I 2C70 FPGA device oo Altera Serial Configuration device-EPCS16 oo USB Blaster(on board) for programming and user API control; both JTAG and Active Serial ADBRA DE2-70 User Manual (AS) programming modes are supported oo 2-Mbyte SSRaM ∞Two32- Mbyte SDram ∞8 Mbyte Flash memor oo SD Card socket 4 pushbutton switches ∞018 toggle switches co 1 8 red user leds oo 9 green user LEDS oo 50-MHZ oScillator and 28.63-MHz oscillator for clock sources o 24-bit CD-quality audio codec with linc-in, line-out, and microphonc-in jacks DO VGA DAC (10-bit high-speed triple dacs)with VGA-out connector oo 2 TV Decoder (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)and TV-in connector oo 10/100 Ethernet controller with a connector oo USB Host/Slave Controller with USB type A and type b connectors oo RS-232 transceiver and 9-pin connector oo PS/2 mouse/keyboard connector ∞ IrDa transceiver oo 1 SMA connector oo Two 40-pin Expansion Headers with diode protection n addition to these hardware features, the dE2-70 board has software support for standard I/O interfaces and a control panel facility for accessing various components. Also, software is provided for a number of demonstrations that illustrate the advanced capabilities of the dE2-70 board In order to use the de2-70 board, the user has to be familiar with the Quartus II software. The necessary knowledge can be acquired by reading the tutorials Getting Started with Altera 's dE2-70 Board and quartus lI Introduction(which exists in three versions based on the design entry method used, namely Verilog, VHDL or schematic entry ). These tutorials are provided in the directory DE2 70 tutorials on the DE2-70 System CD-ROM that accompanies the DE2-70 board and can also be found on Altera's DE2-70 web pages 2.2 Block Diagram of the DE2-70 Board Figure 2.2 gives the block diagram of the DE2-70 board. To provide maximum flexibility for the user,all connections are made through the Cyclone Il FPGa device. Thus, the user can configure the fPga to implement any system design ADBRA DE2-70 User Manual 50Mhz/28 Mhz/Ext In USB 2.0 Host/Device Kh 24-bit Audio CODEc 10/100 Ethernet PHY/MAcKH XSGA 10-bit Video dac SD Card TV Decoder(2) Cyclone ll IrDA Transceiver FPGA User Green LEDs (9) Flash(8 Mbyte) 2C70 User Red LEDs (18) SDRAM (64 Mbyte 16X2 LCD Module SRAM (2 Mbyte PS2 &RS-232 Ports 7-SEG Display (8) DPDT Switches(18) Expansion Headers(2) Push-Button Switches(4) EPCS16 USB Config Blaster Dev Figure 2. 2. Block diagram of the DE2-70 board Following is more detailed information about the blocks in Figure 2.2 Cyclone I 2C70 FPGa 68.416LES 250 M4K RAM blocks oo 1.152. 000 total ram bits oo 150 embedded multipliers oo 4 PLlS ∞0622 user IO pins oo Fineline bga 896-pin package Serial Configuration device and usB blaster circuit oo Alteras epcsl6 serial Configuration device oo On-board usb blaster for programming and user aPi contro oo TAG and as programming modes are supported ADBRA DE2-70 User Manual SSRAM oo 2-Mbyte standard synchronouS SRAM oo Organized as 512kx 36 bits oo Accessible as memory for the Nios ii processor and by the dE2-70 Control Panel SDRAM Two 32-Mbyte Single data Rate Synchronous dynamic ram memory chips Organized as 4M X 16 bits x 4 banks oo Accessible as memory for the Nios ii processor and by the dE2-70 Control Panel Flash memory oo 8-Mbyte NOR Flash memory oo Support both byte and word mode access oo Accessible as memory for the nios ii processor and by the de2-70 Control Panel SD card socket oo Provides spi and l-bit sd mode for sd card access oo Accessible as memory for the Nios ii processor with the DE2-70 SD Card Driver Pushbutton switches oo 4 pushbutton switches oo Debounced by a schmitt trigger circuit oo Normally high; generates one active-low pulse when the switch is pressed Toggle switches oo 18 toggle switches for user inputs oo A switch causes logic 0 when in the doWn (closest to the edge of the DE2-70 board) position and logic 1 when in the UP position Clock inputs ∞50- MHz oScillator bo 28.63-MHz oscillator oo SMA external clock input


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