blender modeling rigging and animation

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Modeling yourfigure.1 First, press number 1 to go Je+ File Render widow FelpHDetbult 图+e +83 Bender Render o v2.70 1VertsBP IEd:12/12 Face: 6,61 Tris 12 I:1131M ransform Front Ortho into front view and press Transl ate 凸团n TAB to enter edit mode scale Y Mesh Tool 西 Deform H sane Slide Ed Vertex 如特Nm1 t9 99 Int9 Tront YIeY血p[Tt enter bdit mode for our cube. smcoth vert已x g么A T D ensions Ecrd region Eer ick individal Render.Af= subdivide Loop Cut and Slide 过1 unscrew KITe proJect Timc F Anti-Al asing甲 ainm u1;(130 a Simpled Action P Shad k Perormance 1)Cu栏 b Post Processing oe view Selec: /dd Mes;陴EM:马圆团到回的回 回 Freestyle PL Stamp 10 10012011010 20240560 6 vicw Worker reme Foybock GB(start 1 01D时时5n Modeling yourfigure.2 Press a to deselect the File Fender Window Hdp H+Default 风?e 回区「中:27484|x61T121Mm13M Searh cube, Look around the room by holding down the middle eCa o t fa button press b to enter or 5o0 Box mode and hold the left V Eerier button and drag it to select all four vertices Y Dimensions er you select the cube, pre nolding the mIddle Vende- Pr,曰 re going to next is hold the Icft button ond drag it to maake sure all four vertices are selected. 中M+ 口ru5(103 sC Sampled Matic p SHading p Performance 1' Cube b Post Processing CA view Ad Besh:四团c团到回园团回图 b Freestyle a Stamp EC8c1051201101E01若6200220210250 Viev Marker Frame Flaybeck阅同5ar 1DmE回m Modeling your figure -1.3 To make the legs for your figure, ④: FileRendr Help:De 国区(ERt32:0|t02ltn=o60(ce0163Nen140A make sure you have the top box Her: Crta selected and press e to extrude and make a new box. While holding CTRL button, move the mouse up and make sure its the same size for selected pre E to uctrudey but dont m you have made 3 oubcs, extrude T Render your original cube. Make a 3rd cube cubes, horizontally, extrude the and then select the vertices on the e right on its bottom and extrude 2 more cubes as the ard appearane like th 9n98 n the left. After that, kgy A to deselect. v Eim side of the 3rd and make the cube in RndP,+□ the middle by sliding the mouse to the side and one more cube to make the second leg Now, select the bottom of the cube and make two 100- Time Rc more cubes v E AriAliasing O rulls(:.00) C samE P Shading Performance b Post Processing Pi view Select Ad Meth f Edt Mor日●日Add(则间导回 O Freestyle 口 stamp 23 142166 200220210263 4 iew Marke. Trame Ploytocc OB(Sart )Dhsn;回k Modeling your figure -14 Now, select all the vertices on top of o- File Render Window Halp Defult I+s Be ender Order 270|v=8721Ed=13140|FcsC|T=401Mem the cube of the third row and extrude, hold ctrl and make four more oao D i Gks of cutesy stacks of cubes Iding tl。 CTRL But。 m Thie should look llke REnder DImensions RenderEr,曰 .C 上→ aliasing O ruIs (100 Ca sorrel >Shading > PerFomance 1)Cube b Post Prccessing View Sde:t Add Me耻:人aa则园:圈早;回当 PE Fees.vle >■samp 01001201401601302C0220240263 Outout vicw Marker frome Poybocc G a(start 1:: 250 1 3aD p mi Nosync o Modeling your figure-15 Now, extrude the arms by selecting : Fic tende- Window Hals H: De此 )(能R2731=0BC721(0E61下=71m the side of the cubes and make two more cubes, Do one at a time Stere 甲 ender 甲 Dimersions Next extrude the an。 n theside.T。 do that select all the vertice on the side by pressing B and box it anrF曰 mess it u 102 甲 An'i-Aliasinr sa11 titch Tu5(100 r shading be Performance (1)=be b Post Pressing vsk度E由日·:号日圆日图则图:园隆团到 O Freest/l 回stm 10 200600100120140160130200220240260 甲Ouu vew Merker Frome Piasbock间(对at1md201)D团[osm;M Modeling your figure-1.6 e Blender Extrude the two more cubes i: File Rende Deault Scenc I+s Lender Farde- 2o v2.70 arts 4/104 204 Faces: 1/102I Mem:l User Rerp on the bottom of the farest cube and make two more cube going down =6 V Render 合山的m v Dimensions 19 ouse downward while holding ciRL Key Remember PaseE, AFter you mad tw9 SH9S, d9899ctIt 41.00 vE Anti-Alinsin C rLls(1.C0 kU Sampled Motion y Shading p Performance )Cube b Post Processing wwsk№EM◆:Aa图则。:园:函 O Freestyle 口Sarp 8c1001251456018 200220240260 9 Cutout 6: Mew Marker Fane Playback @6(Start 1Ed250 1)国的D时5m回m Modeling your figure-1.7 Extrude two more cubes on 6: File nicer Window Help H: Debut Scene Blerdcr Render o v2.70 /Vart: 4/112( Edges 4/22C I Faces 1 0 Tris 22C (Mkm:116 the middle cube to make the neck and the head Extrude two ubes, to mack the neck Scene Fender Pr.tH ai ties Orals (1.C0 sample b Peformance 工cuJ b Po:t Processing Viev Salt Ad! Meth 38 Edit Mc曾引Aa團则隆团 口 Freestyle 6St 402c 2c 608C 1201421561B0200 210260 9 Output 6: vicw No ker frore Playback Ga Stat 1 End 250) 1)好的国D[M5m日回题 Modeling your figure -1.8 Now, by selecting your top all 3: Fle Render Wfr cow Fcip田+=t 区日dRe:v122)6=510|T=2cMr v Transform Searh sides. but not the bottom Translate ress B to enter box mode Shrink Fatten Now, select all the points on the top and if miss points or vertices, hold down CTRL key o Y Mesh Toos the size of the eube for the head b hold ctrl and left click the o re the nouse up and d。wn Deform Side Exg verex 平 Render point/vertice you missed I smcoth vertex Press s to scale the head up I Extr ude region to a bigger size Render I subdiv de Looo art andIe spinscrew Kpi fe AspectR 10CTim.Re 1.08 甲么 nti-Altasinr 1.908 s回[wm 5Q9 O TuIs (I.CC. Canstoint xis -0 Sampled Moaa r shading p Pe formance Orie llull (1) Cute b Post Processing rO Freestyle p口 Stamp 15 2 510012014616 c2c25 甲Ou中gut 6: Vien Woker Trane Poytack时201的图国DD团N5m回

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