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Bluetooth RF PHY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Bluetooth Test Specification Revision History Date Comments RF- 2009-12-15 Corrected TCMT RCV-LE/CA/BV-OA/C changed to RCV PHYTS/4.0.L, 0d8 LE/CA/BV-03-C (issue found in TPG integration) RF-PHY.TS40.02009-12-15 Prepare for publication 4.0.1r0 2010-12-01- TSE 3408: TRM-LE/CA/BV-03-C, TRM-LE/CA/BV-04-C 4.0.1r1 2011-02-02 updates 5, 6 TSE 3462 Rename test case in tables 7.2 and 7.3 TSE 3945: Remove Section 7.2 and refer to esro5 eventually to be moved to core spec Vol 6, Part D Section 4 See also TSE 4204 TSE 4204: Additional changes for E3696 see also TSE 3945) 4.0.1 2011-07-18 Prepare for publication 4.0.2r0 2012-09-06 TSE 4906: Change to test procedure of TRM-LE/CA/BV-03-C added, "AND skip to next frequency if the increased frequency equals to fTX or fTX-1MHz" or fTX 1MHZ 4.0.2 2012-11-15 Prepare for Publication 4.0.3r1 2013-05-31 TSE 5041: Editorial correction in step 3 of the test procedure for test case rcv-Le/CA/BV-01-C incorrect cross-reference TSE 5042: Editorial correction to the cross-reference in Figure 6.7inRC∨- LE/CAVE∨-03 C that referenced“Tabe6.4" when it should have referenced“6.3”, TSE 5043: Editorial correction to the cross-reference in Figure 68inRC∨ LE/CAVE∨-04- C that referenced“Tabe6.5" when it should have referenced" 6.4 TSE 5044: Editorial correction in the 3rd paragraph of the pass verdict for test case RCV-LE/CA/BV-04-C 4.0.3r2 2013-06-03 BTI Review, comments from Miles 4.0.3r3 2013-06-04 BTI Review, comments from Dan Updated Copyright Notice to 2013 Changed Table reference to figure reference in Step 4 of TRM- LE/CA/BV-06-C 4.0.3r4 2013-06-04 BTI Review. additional comments from dan TRM-LE/CA/BV-04-C was an incorrect heading level, changed it to the test case heading level which updated the section from 6.3to6.3.4. 4.0.3 2013-07-02 Prepare for Publication Bluetooth SIG Proprietary Confidential Page 1 of 53 Bluetooth RF PHY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Bluetooth Test Specification Revision History Date Comments 4.1.0r01 2013-11-11 Updated revision to 4.1.0 Updated references to include version 4.1 Updated top sheet to include version 4.1 4.1.0 2013-12-03 Prepare for Publication 4.1.0-Template2014-01-23 Template Conversion into Template_TS_2014r02 Conversion 4.1.1r00 2014-01-23 TSE 5507: Correctly formatted the TC IDs for TRM-LE/CA/BV 01-C, TRM-LE/CA/BV-02-C, TRM-LE/CA/BV-03-C. TRM LE/CA/BV-04-C, TRM-LE/CA/BV-05-C, TRM-LE/CA/BV-06 C. TRM-LE/CA/BV-07-C. RCV-LE/CA/BV-01-C. RCV- LE/CA/BV-02-C, RCV-LE/CA/BV-03-C. RCV-LE/CA/BV-04-C RCV-LE/CA/BV-05-C. RCV-LE/CA/BV-06-C, RCV-LE/CA/BV 07-C 4.1.2r00 2014-10-21 TSE 5635: Corrected a statement that had lost the superscript, The probability of a 368 bit sequence containing not bit errors 0.999^368=0.692 4.1.2r01 2014-11-05 BTI Review, Magnus, Removed Test Suite Structure illustration 寸0>工0L 4.2.0r00 2014-11-07 Integrated CRs from RF-PHY TS 4 1 0 Data Length Increase ro2 4.2.0r01 2014-11-24 Updated Test Case numbering convention to match convention in TCRL (added "BV and dashes) 4.2.0r02 2014-11-25 Alicia review 4.2.0 2014-12-04 Prepare for TCRL 2014-2 publication 4.2.1r00 2015-05-06 TSE 6142: Updated Section 6.6 to be consistent with revised sensitivity levels in Core spec Revised Pass verdicts accordingly for TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-01-C, TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV 03-C, TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-04-C. TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-05-C TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-06-C TSE 6100: Deleted"EIRP in TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-01-C Pass verdict TSE 6140: Revised references section to remove redundant entries and correct errors. Updated instances of those references throughout the document TSE 6340: Corrected equation in step 5 of TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV 03-C TSE 6368: Corrected references to other steps in steps 8 and 12 of TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-03-C 4.2.1r01 2015-05-18 TSE 6413: Revised PER value in Pass verdict of TP/RCV LE/CAB∨-07-C Bluetooth SIG Proprietary Confidential Page 2 of 53 Bluetooth RF PHY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Bluetooth Test Specification Revision History Date Comments 4.2.1r02 2015-06-03 Editorial: Universal change from eUT to lUT Removal of redundant Section 6.5 (Test Conditions Summary) 4.2.1 2015-07-14 Prepared for TCRL 2015-1 publication 4.2.2r00 2015-10-09 TSE 6369: Changed interval for frequency drift rate #o in Figure 4.5 and updated the pass criterion frequency for TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-06-C TSE 6622. Removed TPITRM-LE/CA/BV-02-C, TP/TRM LE/CA/BV-04-C, TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-07-C. and TP/rcv LE/CA/BV-02-C TSE 6682: Revised initial conditions for TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV 01-C, TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-03-C, TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-05-C TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-06-C. TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-01-C, TP/RCV- LE/CA/BV-03-C, TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-04-C. TP/RCV- LE/CA/BV-05-C, TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-06-C, and TP/rcv- E/CABV-07-C Also added Section 6.8 Packet Lengths 4.2.2r01 2015-10-27 Reviewed by dave richter NN寸O>工0L Editorial changes resulting from TSE 6622: Removed Section 6.4(EOC); removed other references to extreme conditions throughout; removed references to normal conditions throughout where they became redundant with the removal of extreme operating conditions 4.2.2r02 2015-11-03 Reviewed by Magnus Sommansson Reinstated"Test Condition" test sections with instructions to perform tests at normal operating conditions 4.2.2r03 2015-11-18 Integrated changes for Core Specification Addendum 5 (CSA5 ) Added references and updated pass verdict for TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-01-C [Output power] 4.2.2 2015-12-22 Prepared for TCRL 2015-2 publication Contributors Name Company Frank Karlsen Nordic semiconductor as Tor o. vedal Nordic semiconductor as Jukka reunamaki Nokia Ole Myrtle Nokia Magnus sommansson CSR Juan Manuel hidalgo perdiguero AT4 wireless Angel Romero AT4 wireless Edward Harrison Anritsu Bluetooth SIG Proprietary Confidential Page 3 of 53 Bluetooth RF PHY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Bluetooth Test Specification Name Company Paul van oostende ST Microelectronics Peter dziwior Rohde schwarz Nils schaumann 7 Layers Rogier schaeffer ST Microelectronics Steven Wenham CSR Peter Flitter On behalf of bti Norbert grunert Broadcom Dave Richter On behalf of bti NN寸O>工0L Bluetooth SIG Proprietary Confidential Page 4 of 53 Bluetooth RF PHY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Bluetooth Test Specification DISCLAIMER AND COPYRIGHT NOTICE This disclaimer applies to all draft specifications and final specifications adopted by the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors(both ot which are hereinafter referred to herein as a Bluetooth "Specification). Your use of this Specification in any way is subject to your compliance with all conditions of such use, and your acceptance of all disclaimers and limitations as to such use, contained in this Specification. Any user of this Specification is advised to seek appropriate legal, engineering or other professional advice regarding the use, interpretation or effect of this Specification on any matters discussed in this Specification Use of Bluetooth Specifications and any related intellectual property is governed by the Promoters Membership Agreement among the Promoter Members and Bluetooth SIG(the "Promoters Agreement ), certain membership agreements between Bluetooth SIG and its Adopter and Associate Members, including, but not limited to, the Membership Application, the Bluetooth Patent/Copyright License Agreement and the Bluetooth Trademark License Agreement(collectively, the "Membership Agreements") and the Bluetooth Specification Early Adapters Agreements(1.2 Early Adopters Agreements) among Early Adopter members of the unincorporated Bluetooth SIG and the promoter Members (theEarly Adopters agreement ) Certain rights and obligations of the promoter Members under the Early Adopters agreements have been assigned to Bluetooth Sig by the promoter members Use of the Specification by anyone who is not a member of Bluetooth SIG or a party to an Early Adopters Agreement(each such person or party, a" Member)is prohibited. The use of any portion of a Bluetooth Specification may involve the use of intell ectual property rights("IPR"), including pending or issued patents, or copyrights or other rights. Bluetooth SIG has made no search or investigation for such rights and disclaims any undertaking or duty to do so. The legal rights and obligations of each Member are governed by the applicable Membership Agreements, Early Adopters Agreement or Promoters Agreement. No license, express or implied by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights are granted herein Any use of the Specification not in compliance with the terms of the applicable Membership Agreements, Early Adopters Agreement or Promoters Agreement is prohibited and any such prohibited use may result in (i termination of the applicable Membership Agreements or Early Adopters Agreement and (i) liability claims by bluetooth SiG or any of its Members for patent, copyright and/or trademark infringement claims permitted by the applicable agreement or by applicable law THE SPECIFICATION IS PROVIDED" AS IS" WITH NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER. INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, NONINFRINGEMENT, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, SATISFACTORY QUALITY, OR REASONABLE SKILL OR CARE OR ANY WARRANTY ARISING OUT OF ANY COURSE OF DEALING, USAGE. TRADE PRACTICE, PROPOSAL, SPECIFICATION OR SAMPLE. Each Member hereby acknowledges that products equipped with the Bluetooth wireless technology( Bluetooth Products")may be subject to various regulatory controls under the laws and regulations applicable to products using wireless non licensed spectrum of various governments worldwide. Such laws and regulatory controls may govern, among other things, the combination, operation, use, implementation and distribution of Bluetooth Products. Examples of such laws and regulatory controls include, but are not limited to, airline regulatory controls, telecommunications regulations, technology transfer controls and health and safety regulations. Each Member is solely responsible for the compliance by their Bluetooth Products with any such laws and regulations and for obtaining any and all required authorizations, permits, or licenses for their Bluetooth Products related to such regulations within the applicable jurisdictions. Each Member acknowledges that nothing in the Specification provides any information or assistance in connection with securing such compliance, authorizations or licenses. NOTHING IN THE SPECIFICATION CREATES ANY WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. REGARDING SUCH LAWS OR REGULATIONS ALL LIABILITY. INCLUDING LIABILITY FOR INFRINGEMENT OF ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS OR FOR NONCOMPLIANCE WITH LAWS RELATING TO USE OF THE SPECIFICATION IS EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. To the extent not prohibited by law, in no event will Bluetooth SIG or its Members or their affiliates be liable for any damages, including without limitation, lost revenue, profits, data or programs, or business interruption, or for special, indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages however caused and regardless of the theory of liability, arising out of ar related to any furnishing. practicing, modifying, use or the performance or implementation of the contents of this Specification, even if Bluetooth SiG or its Members or their affiliates have been advised of the possibility of such damages BY USE OF THE SPECIFICATION, EACH MEMBER EXPRESSLY WAIVES ANY CLAIM AGAINST BLUETOOTH SIG AND ITS MEMBERS OR THEIR AFFILATES RELATED TO USE OF THE SPECIFICATION If this Specification is an intermediate draft, it is for comment only. No products should be designed based on it except solely to verify the prototyping specification at SIG sponsored IOP events and it does not represent any commitment to release or implement any portion of the intermediate draft, which may be withdrawn, modified, or replaced at any time in the adopted Specification Bluetooth SIG reserves the right to adopt any changes or alterations to the Specification it deems necessary or appropriate Copyright C 2009-2015. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by bluetooth SIG, Inc. All copyrights in the bluetooth Specifications themselves are owned by Ericsson AB, Lenovo (Singapore)Pte. Ltd, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Motorola Mobility, LLC, Nokia Corporation and Toshiba Corporation. other third- party brands and names are the property of their respective owners Bluetooth SIG Proprietary Confidential Page 5 of 53 Bluetooth RF PHY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Bluetooth Test Specification Contents Scope.…, 2 References, Definitions, and Abbreviations 2.1 References 3 Test Suite Structure(TSS). …10 3.1 Test Strategy… 111 10 3.2 Test Groups 10 3.2. 1 Protocol Groups 10 3.2.2 Test Group 11 4 Test Purposes(TP)…,… …12 4.1 Introduction 1口1 .12 4.1.1 TP Naming Conventions 12 4.1.2 Conformance .12 4.2 Provisional RF Testing 13 NN寸O>工 4.3 Test Equipment..…… 13 4.4 Pass/Fail verdict Conventions .13 4.5 Transmitter Tests (TRM-LE) 14 4.5.1 TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-01-C [Output power 14 4.5.2 TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-03-C[In-band emissions 15 4.5.3 TP/TRM-LE/CABV-05-C [Modulation Characteristics 16 4.5.4 TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-06-C [Carrier frequency offset and drift 4.6 Receiver Tests(RCV-LE .25 4.6.1 TP/RCV-LE/CABV-01-C [Receiver sensitivity .25 4.6.2 TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-03-C [C/ and Receiver Selectivity Performance] .27 4.6.3 TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-04-C [Blocking Performance] 4.6.4 TP/RCV-LE/CABV-05-C [Intermodulation Performance]. ............32 4.6.5 TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-06-C [Maximum input signal level 34 4.6.6 TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-07-C PER Report Integrity 5 5 Test Case Mapping....... 37 6 A pendi 6.1 Reference Signal Definition 6.2 Frequencies for Testing 6.2.1 Operating Frequency Band 40 6.2.2 Frequencies for Testing, Peripheral and Central Devices .41 Bluetooth SIG Proprietary Confidential Page 6 of 53 Bluetooth RF PHY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Bluetooth Test Specification 6.2.3 Frequencies for Testing; Broadcaster and Observer Devices 42 6.3 Normal Operating Conditions(NOC…… 42 6.3.1 Normal Temperature and Air Humidity 42 6.3.2 Nominal Supply voltage 6.4 Packet Error Rate/Bit Error Rate Measurements 6.4.1 PER Test Definition 43 BER to PER Mapping 44 6.5 Definition of the Position of Bit pO 50 6.6 Measurement Uncertainty 6.7 Packet Lengths 51 NN寸O>工0L Bluetooth SIG Proprietary Confidential Page 7 of 53 Bluetooth RF PHY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP Bluetooth Test Specification 1 Scope This bluetooth document contains the Test Suite Structure(TSS)and Test Purposes(tp)to test the Bluetooth low energy RF PHY. The objective of this Test Specification is to provide a basis for conformance tests for a device or submodule giving a high probability of air interface interoperability between different manufacturer's implementations NN寸O>工0L Bluetooth SIG Proprietary Confidential Page 8 of 53

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