Bluetooth® Test Specification_RF-PHY.TS.5.0.1

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that referenced table 6.4" when it should have referenced 6.3 that referenced“Tabe6.5” when it should have referenced 6.4 8 The probability of a 368 bit sequence containing not bit errors is0.999^368=0.692” convention in TCRL (added"BV and dashes) TSE6100: Deleted“E|RP”inTP 8 Reinstated"Test condition test sections with instructions to C from"does not apply " exceptions to does apply"admissions Corrected“2)to3)"to“2)to4)." Changed to“1250Hz andT14to“200μs.” 8 Issue 7553: Added sum symbol (>)to step 6 in test case mustin Pass verdict. Updated legacy test text: Changed at 1 Ms/s" to ". uncoded data at 1 Ms/s, Deleted condition occurrences of "at Noc"with "uncoded data at 1 Ms/s C: Changed“ Steps2to4”to" Steps2to3. Changed“ Steps2to6”to“ Steps2to5.” Updated Initial Standardized"Pass verdict wording for test case s Verdict, and adjusted""range for fn- 3) 8 Verdict and added ieEE term"shall 8 u 8 between Bluetooth SIG and its members, including those agreements posted on Bluetooth sIGs website located at THIS SPECIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS IS AND BLUETOOTH by Bluetooth SIG's Board of Directors, it may not be adopted. Any specification adopted by bluetooth SIG's board of 8 8

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