Computer Vision - ECCV 2004 Part I

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S pringer Berlin Heidelberg New york Hong Kong ondon Milan Paris Tokyo Tomas Pajdla Jiri Matas(Eds Computer Vision ECCV 2004 8th European Conference on Computer Vision Prague, Czech Republic, May 11-14, 2004 Proceedings, Part I Springer Volume editors Tomas pajdla Jiri matas Czech Technical University in Prague, Department of Cybernetics Center for Machine Perception 121-35 Prague 2, Czech republic E-mail: pajdla, matas)@cmp. felk.cvut cz Library of Congress Control Number: 2004104846 CR Subject Classification(1998): 1.4,1.3.5,1.5,1.2.9-10 ISSN03029743 isBn 3-540-21984-6 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York This work is subject to copyright. All rights are reserved, whether the whole or part of the material is concerned, specifically the rights of translation, reprinting, re-use of illustrations, recitation, broadcasting, production on microfilms or in any other way, and storage in data banks. Duplication of this publication or parts thereof is permitted only under the provisions of the German Copyright Law of September 9, 1965 in its current version, and permission for use must always be obtained from Springer-Verlag violations are liable to prosecution under the German Copyright Law Springer-Verlag is a part of Springer Science+Business Media springeronline cor C Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2004 Printed in Germany Typesetting: Camera-ready by author, data conversion by PTP-Berlin, Protago-TeX-Production GmbH Printed on acid-free paper SPIN: 11007678 06/3142 543210 reface Welcome to the proceedings of the &th European Conference on Computer vi sion! Following a very successful ECCV 2002, the response to our call for papers was almost equally strong-555 papers were submitted. We accepted 41 papers for oral and 149 papers for poster presentation Several innovations were introduced into the review process. First, the num ber of program committee members was increased to reduce their review load We managed to assign to program committee members no more than 12 papers Second, we adopted a paper ranking system. Program committee members were asked to rank all the papers assigned to them, even those that were reviewed by additional reviewers. Third, we allowed authors to respond to the reviews consolidated in a discussion involving the area chair and the reviewers. Fourth the reports, the reviews, and the responses were made available to the authors as well as to the program committee members. Our aim was to provide the authors with maximal feedback and to let the program committee members know how authors reacted to their reviews and how their reviews were or were not reflected in the final decision. Finally, we reduced the length of reviewed papers from 15 to 12 pages The preparation of eCCv 2004 went smoothly thanks to the efforts of the or ganizing committee, the area chairs, the program committee, and the reviewers We are indebted to Anders heyden, Mads Nielsen, and Henrik J. Nielsen for passing on ECCV traditions and to Dominique Asselineau from ENST/TSI who kindly provided his GestRFIA conference software. We thank Jan-Olof Eklundh and Andrew Zisserman for encouraging us to organize ECCv 2004 in Prague Andrew Zisserman also contributed many useful ideas concerning the organiza- tion of the review process. Olivier Faugeras represented the eccv board and helped us with the selection of conference topics. Kyros Kutulakos provided hel- pful information about the CVPR 2003 organization. David Vernon helped to secure ECVision support This conference would never have happened without the support of the Centre for Machine Perception of the Czech Technical University in Prague We would like to thank radim Sara for his help with the review process and the proceedings organization. We thank Daniel Vecerka and martin Matousek who made numerous improvements to the conference software. Petr Pohl helped to put the proceedings together martina Budosova helped with administrative tasks. Hynek Bakstein, Ondrej Chum, Jana Kostkova, Branislav Micusik, Stepan Obdrzalek, Jan Sochman, and Vit Zyka helped with the organization March 2004 Tomas Pajdla and Jiri matas Organization Conference Chair Vaclav hlavac CTU Prague, Czech Republic Program Chairs Tomas pajdla CTU Prague, Czech Republic iri matas CTU Prague, Czech Republic Organization Committee Tomas Pajdla CTU Prague, Czech Republic Radim sara Workshops, Tutorials CTU Prague, Czech Republic Ⅵ adimir smutny Budget, Exhibition CTU Prague, Czech Republic Eva Matyskova Local arrangements CTU Prague, Czech Republic Jiri matas CTU Prague, Czech Republic Vaclav hlavac CTU Prague, Czech Republic Conference board Hans burkhardt University of Freiburg, germany Bernard buxton University College London, UK Roberto cipolla University of C ge, UK Jan-Olof Eklundh Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden Olivier Faugeras INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, france Anders heyde Lund University Sweden Bernd neumann University of Hamburg, Germany Mads nielsen IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark Giulio sandin University of Genoa, Italy David vernon Trinity College, Ireland Area chairs Dmitry Chetverikov MTA SZTAKI, Hungary Kostas daniilidis University of Pennsylvania, USA Rachid deriche INRIA Sophia Antipolis, france Jan-Olof Eklundh KTH Stockholm Sweden Luc Van gool KU Leuven, Belgium eth zurich, Switzerland Richard hartley Australian National University, Australia VIII Organization Michal irani Weizmann Institute of Science. Israel Sing bing kang Microsoft research, uSA Ales leonardis University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Stan L microsoft Research China, Beijing, China David lowe University of British Columbia, Canada Mads nielsen IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark Long Quan HKUST, Hong Kong, China. Jose santos- victor Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal Cordelia schmid INRIA Rhone-Alpes. France Steven seitz University of Washington, USA Amnon shashua Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Stefano soatto UCLA. Los Angeles. USA Joachim Weickert Saarland university, germany Andrew Zisserman University of Oxford, UK Program Committee Jorgen Ahlberg Joachim Buhmani Alexei efros Narendra ahuja Hans burkhardt Irfan essa Yiannis aloimonos Aurelio Campilho Michael Felsberg Arnon amir Octavia Camps Cornelia Fermueller Elli angelopoulou Stefan Carlsson Mario figueiredo Helder araujo Yaron Caspi Bob fisher Tal arbe Tat-Jen Cham Andrew Fitzgibbon Karl astrom Mike Chantler David Fleet Shai avidan Francois Chaumette Wolfgang Foerstner Simon baker Santanu choudhury David Forsyth Subhashis baneriee Laurent Cohen Pascal fua Kobus barnard Michael Cohen Dariu gavrila Ronen basri Bob collins Jan-Mark geusebroek Serge belongie Dorin Comaniciu Christopher geyer Marie-Odile berger Tim Cootes Georgy gimelfarb Horst bischof Joao Costeira Frederic Guichard Michael black Daniel Cremers Gregory Hager Andrew blake Antonio criminisi Allan Hanbury Laure blanc-Feraud James Crowley Edwin hancock Aaron bobick Kristin dana Horst haussecker Rein van den boomgaard Trevor darrell Eric hayman Terrance boult Larry davis Martial hebert Richard bowden Fernando de la torre bernd heisele Edmond boyer Frank dellaert Anders heyden Mike brooks Joachim denzler Adrian hilton Michael brown Greg Dudek David hogg Alfred bruckstein Chuck Dyer Atsushi Miya Organization Michael isard Nassir navab Jon sparring Yuri ivanov Shree navar Charles stewart David jacobs Ko Nishino Peter sturm Allan D. Jepson David nister Changming sun Peter Johansen Ole Fogh olsen T omas svoboda Nebojsa jojic Theodore Papadopoulo Rahul Swaminathan Frederic Jurie Nikos paragios Richard Szeliski Fredrik Kahl Shmuel Peleg Tamas sziranyi Daniel Keren Francisco perales Chi-keung Tang Benjamin Kimia Nicolas perez Hai tao Ron Gimme de la blanca Sibel tari Nahum Kiryati Pietro perona Chris Taylor Georges Koepfler Matti Pietikainen C.J. Taylor Pierre Kornprobst Filiberto pla Bart ter haar romeny David Kriegman Robert pless Phil torr KI alter Kropatsc Marc pollefeys Antonio torralba Rakesh Kumar Jean ponce Panos trahanias David liebowitz Ravi ramamoorthi Bill triggs Tony Lindeberg James reh Emanuele trucco Jim little Ian reid Dimitris tsakiris Yanxi liu Tammy Riklin-Raviv Yanghai ts Ehud rivlin Matthew turk Claus madsen Nicolas rougon Tinne Tuytelaars Tom malzbender Yong rui Nuno vasconcelos Jorge Marques Javier Sanchez Baba C. vemuri David marshall Guillermo sapiro David vernon Bogdan Matei Yoichi sato Alessandro Verri Steve maybank Eric saund Rene vidal Gerard medion Otmar scherzer JordiⅤ atria Etienne memin Bernt schiele Yair W Rudolf mester Mikhail schlesinger Tomas Werner Krystian Mikolajczyk Christoph Schnorr Carl-Fredrik Westin L.M.M. Montiel Stan sclaroff Ross Whitaker Theo moons Mubarak shah Lior Wolf Pavel mrazek Eitan Sharon Ying wu Joe mundy Jianbo shi Ming Xie Vittorio murino Kaleem Siddiqi Ramin zabih David murray Cristian Sminchisescu Assaf zomet Hans-Hellmut nagel Nir Sochen Steven Zucker Vic nalwa Gerald sommer P.J. Narayanan Gunnar Sparr Organization additional reviewers Lourdes agapito Claudio Fant Jocelyn marchadier Manoj aggarwal Michela farenzena Scott McCloskey Parvez ahammad Doron feldman Leonard mcmillan Fernando alegre Da arya Frolova Marci meingast nathan Alon Andrea fusiello Anurag mittal Hans Jorgen Andersen Chunyu gao Thomas b. moeslund Marco andreetto Kshitiz Garg Jose montiel Anelia angelova Yoram Gat Philippos mordohai Himanshu arora Dan gelb Pierre moreels Thangali Ashwin Yaara Goldschmidt Hesam Najafi Vassilis athitsos Michael e. goss P.J. Narayanan Henry Baird Ara nefia Harlyn Baker Ertan grigio Oscar Nestares Evgeniy Bart Michael Grossberg Michael nielsen Moshe ben-ezra J.J. Guerrero Peter nullius Manuele bicego Guodong guo Fredrik Nyberg Marten Bjorkman Yanlin guo TomO’ Donnell Paul blaer Robert hanek yal Ofek E Ilya Blayvas Matthew harrison Takahiro okabe Eran borenstein Tal hassner Kazunori okada Lars bretzner Horst haussecker D. Ortin Alexia briassouli Yakov Hel-Or Patrick pere Michael bronstein Anton van den hengel Christian Perwass Rupert brooks Tat Jen Cham Carlos phillips Gabriel brostow Peng Chang Srikumar ramalingam Thomas brox John isidoro alex rav-acha Stephanie Brubaker Vishal ain Stefan roth Andres bruhn Marie-Pierre Jolly Ueli rutishauser Darius burschka Michael Kaess C. sagues Umberto Castellani Zia Khan Garbis salian A. Castellanos Kristian Kirk Ramin samadani James Clark Dan Kong Bernard sarel A narea colombarl B. Krose Frederik Schaffalitzky Marco cristiani Vivek Kwatra A dam seeger Xiangtian dai Michael langer Cheng Dong Sec on David demirdjian Catherine Laporte Ying shan Maxime descoteaux Scott larsen Eli shechtman Nick Diakopulous Barbara levienaise- Grant schindler Anthony Dicks Obadia Nils T. Siebel Carlotta Domenico Frederic leymarie Leonid Sigal Roman Dovgard Fei-Fei li Greg sla abau R. Dugad Rui li Ben southall Ramani duraiswam Kok-Lim low E IC Spellman K errien Erwan Le lu Narasimhan Srinivasa

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