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For Charles T munger who, in his own words, would tell you Acquire worldly wisdom and adjust your behavior accordingly. If your new behavior gives you a little temporary unpopularity with your peer group then to bell with then.” Contents Acknowledgments Foreword by Warren E. Buffett Rebuttal by Charles TMunger Introduction by PeterD Kaufman Chapter One: A Portrait of Charles ' T: Munger. ,,,体日国 2 Praising old Age: Munger's Reflections on Aging.. Remembering; The Children on Charlie……… Chapter Two The Munger Approach to Life, Learning, and Decision Making.…………2 Chapter Three Mungerisms: Charlie Unscripted.. 82 (Highlights from recent Berkshire Hathaway and Wesco Financial annual meetings, Chapter Four: Eleven Talks.......148 1. Harvard School Commencement Speech 丰“丰年非不 150 2. A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom …164 3. A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom, Revisited.... 220 SHIHAFRANK CIN 9 manack 4. Practical Thought About Practical Thought::.......278 11. The Psychology of Human Misjudgment.. 440 5. Harvard Law School Fiftieth Reunion Address 着和非非非非非 302 Appendixes 6. Investment Practices of leading charitable Foundations.322 Recommended Reading material...... 499 7. Philanthropy Roundtable 40 IL. Articles, Editorials, and Opinion Pieces.502 8. The Great Financial Scandal of 2003. .................356 Index 522 9. Academic economics 世首首自自自1指非 …374 10. USC Gould School of Law Commencement Address... 420 Acknowledgments his book is a survey of Charles T Munger: his approach to learning, decision making, investing, h 55 nIS speeches, his zingers, and more. The impetus for the book came from the many people who, over the years, have said they wished one existed- and have done so with ever-increasing vigor at Berkshire and Wesco shareholder meetings, at dinner parties, on message boards, and many other places. Hearing this clamor, your editor Peter Kaufman, suggested to Warren Buffett that a book be done and was encouraged to take it upon himself to make it happen. What you are about to read is the result. Illustrator and caricature artist Ed Wexler has made caricature drawings of each contributor to the project and has also produced several dozen other illustrations throughout the book. We hope you enjoy all of his work as much as we do. Special recognition is also due Whitney Tilson, who compiled the Mungerisms section; Michael Broggie, the author of our biographical portrait of Charlie; and Carol Loomis, who edited certain sections of the book (and on multiple occasions saved the editor from himself. The production team included, from left to right(back row), Travis Gallup, Carl Foote, Scott Rule, Dwight Tompkins, Michael Broggie, Steve Mull, (middle row) Pamela Koch, Eric Hartman-Birge, Paul Hartman, Charles Belser, Ed Wexler, (front row)Whitney Tilson, Marcus Kaufman. Peter Kaufman, Carol Loomis, Debbie Bosanek, and Doerthe Obert Finally, if you enjoy reading Poor Charlie's Almanack half as much as we enjoyed putting it together, we will consider our efforts a distinct success. In every respect, but particularly in our interactions with Charlie, his family, and the Mungers'wide circle of friends and associates, we have been favored with calm skies and smooth sailing in the production of this book. We hope our efforts have p proven worthy of our subject, a good and admirable man 合 Charles Helman Lea once said, "It will generally be admitted that the true test of all books is the influence they have upon the lives and conduct of their readers. We hope our book passes this test, exerting a lasting influence on you Foreword: Buffett on munger Eby Warren E. Buffett Poor Richard, 33 rom 1733 to 1758, Ben Franklin dispensed Almanack useful and timeless advice through poor richard's For the Year of Chint Almanack. Among the virtues extolled were thrift, duty, hard work and simplicity 1733 Subsequently, two centuries went by during which Ben's thoughts on these Being the Firn afer 1 EAP YEAR: subjects were regarded as the last word. Then Charlie Munger stepped forth a. Cas Au o4 heE L O Joy 98 Br t Layn Chaa er ww Initially a mere disciple of Ben's, Charlie was soon breaking new ground. What 44941 B de /r aMbro renamed Ben had recommended, Charlie demanded. If Ben suggested saving pennies, The Lonasiims, Eetiplo,, Judgment of Charlie raised the stakes. If Ben said be prompt, Charlie said be early. Life under ISr =A(05yM我正 trt Lsb o Day. THe N High wate, Ben's rules began to look positively cushy compared with the rigor demanded by Munger Fittrdtathe Lairudeol Fortv Degre M en wiho inct FAo frw,agie Pad I'lek cwea Te Awol. Moreover, Charlie consistently practiced what he preached (and, oh, how By RCHER DSANDERS, Whilom. he preached). Ben, in his will, created two small philanthropic funds that were PHILA DELPHIAT CeNT/N asM Nrw designed to teach the magic of compound interest. Early on, Charlie decided Panier oian时+制aA that this was a subject far too important to be taught through some posthumous project. Instead, he opted to become a living lesson in compounding, eschewing frivolous(defined as"any")expenditures that might sap the power of his example. Consequently, the men\es of C harlie's family learned the joys of extended bus trips while their wealthy friends, imprisoned in private jets, missed these enriching experiences. In certain areas, however, Charlie has not sought to improve on Bens thinking For example, Ben's"Advice on the Choice of a Mistress"essay has left Charlie in the I have nothing to add"mode that is his trademark at Berkshire annual meetings There was only one As for myself. I'd like to offer some "Advice on the Choice of a Partner. Pay attention partner who fit my Look first for someone both smarter and wiser than you are bill of p articular After locating him(or her), ask him not to faunt his superiority so that you may enjoy acclaim for the many accomplishments that in every way-Charlie sprang from his thoughts and advice. Seek a partner who will never second-guess you nor sulk when you make expensive mistakes Look also for a generous soul who will put up his own money and work for peanuts. Finally, join with someone who will constantly add to the fun as you travel a long road together All of the above is splendid advice. (I've never scored less than an A in self-graded exams In fact, it's so splendid that I set out in 1959 to follow it slavishly, And there was only one partner who fit my bill of particulars in every way--Charlie In Ben's famous essay, he says that only an older mistress makes sense, and he goes on to give eight very good reasons as to why this is so. His clincher: ". and, lastly, they are so grateful Charlie and I have now been partners for forty-five years. Im not sure whether he had seven other reasons for selecting me. but I definitely meet Ben's eighth criterion. I couldnt be more grateful A partner who is not subservient, who is himself extremely logical, is one of the best mechanisms you can have -Butter

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