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C A Reference Manual(5th Ed).pdf c语言参考手册, 英语原版的.文字版.
Information regarding the use of style comments in macros has been added to Appendix B, -style Comments", page 167. 7.3 Apri 9 This document has been updated to support the mipspro 7.3 140 September 2002 This document has been updated to support the MIPSpro 7.4 release which runs on IRiX operating systems version 6.5 and later 150 June 2003 This document has been updated to support the MIPSpro 7.4.1m release which runs on IRIX operating systems version 6.5 and later About this manual Related publications XIX Obtaining Publications Conventions XXI Reader comments XXI 1. An overview of ansi c ANSI C Strictly Conforming Programs 1111 Name spaces Compiling ANSi Programs Guidelines for Using ANSI C Compiling Traditional c programs Helpful Programming Hints Recommended practices Practices to avoid 2. C Language changes Preprocessor Changes 233347789 Replacement of macro arguments in strings Token Concatenation Changes in Disambiguating Identifiers Scoping Differences Name Space Changes Changes in the Linkage of Identifiers Types and Type Compatibility Type promotion in arithmetic expressions Type Promotion and Floating Point Constants 15 Compatible tvpes 17 Argument lype promotions Mixed use of functions Function Prototypes 18 External Name Changes 20 Changes in Function mes Changes in Linker-Defined Names Data Area Name Changes 21 Standard headers 22 3. Lexical Conventions Comments Identifiers eywords Constants 24 Integer Constants 24 Character Constants 25 Special characters Trigraph Sequences(ANsi C Only 26 Floating Constants 27 Enumeration Constants 28 String Literals 28 Operators Punctuators 4. Meaning of Identifiers 31 Disambiguating Names cope Block Scope Function Scope Function Prototype Scope File sc obe Name Spaces Name Space Discrepancies Between Traditional and ANSI C 33 Linkage of identifiers Linkage discrepancies Between Traditional and ANSi C 36 Storage duration 37 Object Types 38 Character Types 38 Integer and Floating Point Types 38 Derived Types 40 T ype Objects and lvalues 5. Operator Conversions Conversions of Characters and Integers Conversions of float and double 43 Conversion of Floating and Integral Types 44 Conversion of Pointers and Integers Conversion of Integers Ar rithmetic conversions 45 Integral promotions Usual Arithmetic Conversions 45 Traditional C Conversion rules 46 ANSI C Conversion rules Conversion of Other Operands 47 Conversion of lvalues and Function Designators Conversion of Objects Conversion of pointers 48 6. Expressions and Operators 49 Precedence and associativity Rules in C Primary Expressions Postfix Expressions Subscripts 2 Function calls 52 Structure and Union References Indirect Structure and Union references and Unary Operators Address-of and Indirection Operators 55 U nar and Operators 56 Unary and Opcrators 56 refix and Operators 56 Unary Operate Cast Operators Multiplicative operators Additive Operators Shift Operators Relational rators equality Operators

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