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A comparison of a heuristic wave drift damping formula with experimental results 评分:

This paper reviews several approaches to wave drift damping experienced by floating bodies. A heuristic approach first introduced by Aranha giving the wave drift damping tensor for the surge and sway modes of motion in finite depth is used. Results for the surge wave drift damping are compared with

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复杂网络结构方面的书籍。 Data have always been the driving force of natural science ever since Galileo Galilei (1564–1642). In renaissance time, he introduced the comparison of theoretical predictions with experimental data as the ultimate test of any scientific theory. This change of paradigm from a qualitati


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以前和大家分享过SIGMOD2009的论文,朋友们都很感兴趣,现手里有SIGMOD211的全部论文,再次和大家分享~ 一个包放不下,一共分成了3个包,包含百余篇论文,朋友们可以挑选自己感兴趣的部分下载,我尽量把文章目录写得明白一些。 这是第一部分。 Session 1: Databases on New Hardware LazyFTL: A Page-Level Flash Translation Layer Optimized for NAND Flash Memory (Page 1) Dongzhe Ma (Tsinghua University) Jianhua Feng (Ts


译者注:本人所译文章(以及其中本人的所注、所编和所评,用绿色正体示出,仅供参考,阅读时可以略去),首先是出于自身研究工作的需要;同时也兼顾 作为同行们和学友们 的非正式参考。文中诸多错误和谬误,恳望读者审查、指正。 不难发现,数学术语的译名,常常比较艰涩难读(但不应是晦涩难懂),想来是为了避免 与容易产生常义二义性的习常词汇相混淆,以保证数学术语涵义的唯一性和确切性。译者把这一条 作为自己译作的信条之一;出于类似的考虑,在本人译作的译文中,亦常尝试着,采用插入空格、短逗号(正常逗号只用于 独立句但不是完整句 的场合)、增加虚词等‘不规范’的辅助方式,来尽量避免 译意的模糊性和二义性,提高译文的


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中文名: 一步一步学习linux汇编语言程序设计 原名: Assembly Language Step-by-Step - Programming with Linux, 作者: Jeff Duntemann 资源格式: PDF 版本: 第三版 出版社: Wiley Publishing,Inc书号: 978-0-470-49702-9发行时间: 2009年10月 地区: 美国 语言: 英文 简介: Jeff Duntemann "Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux, 3rd Edition" October


// ============================================================================= // FILE: StdString.h // AUTHOR: Joe O'Leary (with outside help noted in comments) // // If you find any bugs in this code, please let me know: // // jmoleary@earthlink.net // http://www.joeo.net/stdstring.htm

Absolute Database for D7

这个数据库看性能不错,哪位能破解一下。Overview Absolute Database: Delphi database with SQL support.Absolute Database lets you forget the Borland Database Engine (BDE). This BDE replacement is the compact, high-speed, robust and easy-to-use database engine. With Absolute Database you will not need special installation

[book] Nanometer CMOS ICs --- From basics to ASICs

Book (Veendrick2008) Harry Veendrick Nanometer CMOS ICs --- From basics to ASICs Springer, 2008 Abstract: 1 Ba sic P rinciples 1 1.1 Introduct ion . ....... . .... . 1 1.2 The field-effect prin ciple . . . . . . . 1 1.3 The inversion-layer MaS transisto r . 4 1.3.1 The Metal-Oxide-Semiconducto r (M

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Over the last few years, the boom that the World has experienced with the Internet breakthrough has pushed almost every programming language or platform to welcome the rise of web development toolkits, libraries, and frameworks. The Python programming language has grown a rather large list of thes

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This is a reference tool for pediatricians to see how the child is developing in comparison to other children his age what percentile he she is in This shows BMI age weight stature length & head circumference percentile of the child




对应博客下的项目整合的一版jar包。赚点辛苦费。 实测绝对可用 。童叟无欺



东南大学 数字信号处理实验报告及代码