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Chapter 1, Developer Environment for Go, covers a list of topics and concepts required to start working with Go and rest of the book. Some of these topics include Docker and testing in Go. Chapter 2, Understanding Goroutines, introduces the topic of concurrency and parallelism and then dives deep into the implementation details of goroutines, Go's runtime scheduler, and many more. Chapter 3, Channels and Messages, begins by explaining the complexity of controlling parallelism before introducing strategies to control parallelism, using different types of channels. Chapter 4, The RESTful Web, provides all the context and knowledge required to start designing and building REST APIs in Go. We will also discuss the interaction with a REST API server using different available approaches. Chapter 5, Introducing Goophr, opens the discussion on what is meant by a distributed search engine, using OpenAPI specification to describe REST APIs and describing the responsibilities of the components of a search engine, using OpenAPI. Finally, we'll describe the project structure. Chapter 6, Goophr Concierge, dives deep into the first component of Goophr by describing in detail how the component is supposed to work. These concepts are further driven home with the help of architectural and logical flow diagrams. Finally, we'll look at how to implement and test the component. Chapter 7, Goophr Librarian, is a detailed look at the component that is responsible for maintaining the index for the search terms. We also look at how to search for given terms and how to order our search results and many more. Finally, we'll look at how to implement and test the component. Chapter 8, Deploying Goophr, brings together everything we have implemented in the previous three chapters and start the application on the local system. We will then test our design by adding a few documents and searching against them via the REST API. Chapter 9, Foundations of Web Scale Architecture, is an introduct

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