GE Predix 新手入门_赵锴_物联网_IoT

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基于Predix命令行,介绍新手如何使用GE Predix
Services integration marketplace, m create-user-provided-service, cups services, s update-user-provided-service, uups create-service, cs create-service-key csk update-service delete-service-key, dsk delete-service, ds service-keys, sk service service-key bind-seryice, bs bind -route-service, brs unbind-service us unbind-route-service,urs Route and domain management routes, r delete-route create-domain domains map-route create-route unmap-route Space management spaces create-space set-space-role space-users delete-space unset-space-role Org management: orgs, o set-org-role org-users unset-org-ro le CL工 plugin management giNs add -plugin-repo repo-plugins install-plugin list-plugin-repos Commands offered by installed plugins: GLobal options -he lp, -h Show hell Print API request diagnostics to stdout cf help -a' lists all commands with short descriptions. See cf he lp <command> to read about a specific command Step 2: Connect to the cloud Foundry with cf login References Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: n kaizhaos cf login -a Apiendpoint Password> Authenticating.… OK Targeted org Shanghai Foundry Apiendpoint 2.62.0) User org: Shanghai_ Foundry Space Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: n kaizhao$ Step 3: List all marketplace offering References NAME marketplace List available offerings in the marketplace USAGE cf marketplace [-S SERVICE ALIAS m OPTIONS Show plan details for a particular service offering SEE ALSO create-seryice, services Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: n kaizhaos cf marketplace Getting services from marketplace in org shanghai Foundry space OK service plans description event-audit-trall Beta A service to create and maintain an event audit trail Logstash ree Logstash 1.4 service for application deve lopment and testing rabbitmq-35 standard RabbitmQ is a robust and scalable high-performance multi-protocol messaging broker. postgres shared-nr, shared dedicated-R-Bronze Reliable poster sQl service predix-acs Tieredxk, Free Use this service to provide a more powerful framework than basic User account and authentication predix-analytics-catalog Bronze*, Silver*, Goldk, Free Add analytics to the Predix cloud for use with the Analytics Runtime Service predix-analytics-runtime Bronze*, silver, Gold*, Free Use this service to support elastic execution of the analytic orchestration predix-analytics-ui Free Use this browser-based user interface to upload, validate, and run analytics predix-asset Free, Tiered木 Create and store machine asset mode ls and instances redix-bLobstore Tiered Use this binary large object storage (blob) to securely store large byte arrays and retrieve data using any file type predIX-tms Tiered木 Use this service to provision service instances for a tenant and provide runtime access predix-uaa Tiered*, Free Use this service for a full-featured oauth 2.0 server predlx-views Standard, free Control layout and components within your client-side web or mobile app. rabbitmg-36 standard RabbitMQ is a robust and scalable high-performance multi-protocol messaging broker. redis shared-vm Redis service to provide a key-value store These service plans have an associated cost. Creating a service instance will incur this cost TIP: Use cf marketplace -s service to view descriptions of individual plans of a given service Kaizhaos-Mac Book-Pro:w kaizhaos cf marketplace -s postgres Getting service plan information for service postgres as,I OK service pLan description free or paid shared-nr A PostgreSQL database with no replication on a shared server. free shared A Reliable postgresQl database on a shared server free Dedicated-R-Bronze Replicated database in a dedicated environment (Beta) ree Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: kaizhaos Step 4: List all services Referenceshttp://cli.cloudfoundry,org/en-us/cf/services,html cf services Kaizhaos-Mac Book-Pro: n kaizhaos cf services Getting services in org Shanghai_ Foundry space Xxxxxx@qq com as XXXXXX@qq。com name service pLan bound apps last operation kzpgsqt postgres shared-nr create succeeded Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: N kaizhao$ Step 5: Show service instance info References he lp. htmlfservices cf service service instance use -guid to retrieve and display the guid of the service instance Kaizhaos-Macbook-Pro: kaizhao cf services GettingservicesinorgShanghai_FoundryspacexxxxxX@qg.comas OK name service pLan bound apps Last operation kzpgsql postgres shared-nr create succeeded Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: kaizhaos cf service kzpgsql Service instance: kzpgsqt Service: postgres Bound apps Tags: Plan: shared-nr Description: Reliable PostgrSQL Service Documentation url Dashboard Last operation Status: create succeeded Message: Started:2016-11-23T14:98:25Z Updated Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: kaizhao cf service kzpgsql--guid 72a9143d-98f6-4b21-a9e0-a6cC11aCb1cf Step 5: Create a service instance Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: n kaizhaos cf create-service postgres shared-nr kzpgsql2 Creating service instance kzpgsql2 in org Shanghai_ Foundry space Kaizhaos-Macbook-Pro: kaizhao cf services Gettingservicesinorgshanghai_foundry/spacexxxxxx@qg.comas OK name service plan bound apps last operation kzpgsqt postgres shared-nr create succeeded kzpgsql2 postgres shared-nr create succeeded Kaizhaos-Mac Book-Pro: kaizhaos cf service kzpgsq l2 Service instance: kzpgsqL2 Service: postgres Bound apps: Tags: Plan: shared-nr Description: Reliable PostgrsQL Service Documentation url Dashboard: Last operation Status: create succeeded Message Started:2016-11-23T15:23:11Z Updated Step 6: Create a user provided service and add to cf KaiZhaos-MacBook-Pro: kaizhaos cf create-user-provided-service viz r Creating user provided service viz in org Shanghai_Foundry space OK Kaizhaos-Mac Book-Pro: w kaizhao cf services GettingservicesinorgShanghaiFoundry/spacexxxxxx@qq.comas OK name servce plan bound apps last operation kzpgsqt postgres shared-nr create succeeded kzpgsqL2 postgres shared-nr create succeeded user-provided PREDIX Developer Network CATALOG DOCUMENTATION RESOURCES COMMUNITY SUPPORT org: Shanghai_ Foundry kzpgsql kzpgsql2 shared-nr, postgres, 0 apps Step 7: Push application Reference Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: Predix-He lloworld-WebApp kaizhaas ls README. md Staticfile hello-world py index. html manifest yml Kaizhaos-Mac Book-Pro: Predix-He l lowor ld-Webapp kaizhaos cf push Using manifest file /Users/kaizhao/Desktop/Predix/cf/predixdev/Predix-HelloworLd- WebApp/manifest ymL Using stack cfLinuxfs2 ■■■ OK Creating app Predix-HetloWorld-WebApp-kz in org Shanghai_ Foundry OK Creating route predix-hetloworld-webapp-kz run XXXX. predixio OK Binding predix-hetloworLd-webapp-kz run XXXX. to Predix- HelLoworLd-WebApp-KZ Up loading Predix-Hetloworld-WebApp-KZ Uploading app files from: /Users/kaizhao/Desktop/Predix/cf/predixdev/Predix-Helloworld-WebApp Up loading 3. 1K, 4 files Done up loading OK Starting app Predix-HelloWorLd-WebApp-kz in org shanghai Foundry Down loaded app package (4. OK Buildpack version 1.3.10 Down loaded Ifile: ///var/vcap/data/dea next/admin buildpacks /5lffcab3-8408-4 bef 8a59 5180999db286b476477d537f3b4e29b121b7cd4 fdeof57bd730f/dependencies/h ttps buildpacks cloudfoundry org_concourse-binaries_nginx_nginx 1.11.3-1inux-X64.tgz Using root folder Copying project files into public →> setting up nginx - Uploading droplet (2. 6M) 1 of 1 instances running App started OK App Predix-HetLoworld-WebApp-kz was started using this command sh boot sh Showing health and status for app predix-Hellowor ld-WebApp-kz in org Shanghaifoundry/ OK requested state: started instances: 1/1 usage: 256M x 1 instances urls: predix-he lloworld-webapp-kz run xXXx. predix lo Last uploaded Wed Nov 23 18: 03: 12 UTC 2016 stack: cflinuxfs2 buildpack: staticfile buildpack state since cpu memo d1s detalls #0 running2016-11-2402:03:25AM.0%3.7Mof256M5.6M of 1g PREDIX Developer Network CATALOG DOCUMENTATION RESOURCES COMMUNITY SUPPORT org: Shanghal_ Foundry v Backto Spa Predix-HelloWorld-WebApp-K2 画 Delete App Last Updated o23,2016,1803:12UTC START-D Instances Memory 256MB URLS predix-helloworld-webapp-kz. run. aws-jpo1-price predix io Step 8: Show all environment variables for an application instance Rcfcrence Kaizhaos-MacBook-Pro: Predix-Helloworld-WebApp kaizhaos cf env Predix-He l lowor ld-WebApp-KZ Getting env variables for app Predix-Helloworld-WebApp-k2 in org ShanghaiFoundry/ System-Provided: VCAP APPLICATION": application_id":95d878d5-600b-4672-b9ca-5b3a69c615d5", application_ name:Predix-He lloworld-We bApp-KZ application uris": predix-helloworld-Webapp-kz run XXXX. predix. io application version:3487cb8c-3260-485a-a915-c845fb2aef8d I limits:i disk":1024 fds":16384 "mem":256 name:Predix-HelloWor ld-WebApp-KZ " space_id":"46d6aa19-f64e-46be-84d6-f888701a68d0", spacename"", uris":[ predix-helloworld-webapp-kz. run. XXXX. predix io users": null Iversion:3487cb8c-3260-485a-a915-C845fb2aef8d

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