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3.捉示安装C++2005和2008选择“QK",根据提示安装; ormation Inst訓 ling MIcros0W驯l*硎UU5|"1 and micr0sor visual C++ 2008 spi runntime libraries The Microsoft wisual + 2005 SP f and M crosoft wisual 2++ 2008 sP1 32-bit run:im lib laries ae require to run Abaqu LlIcE UE to inst all lulic'osoft runtime librarie Cl!』t【 a ExIt the Install aflon 4.出现对话框;选“ continue IM PORTANT 4*山 HITORTANT INFORE&T note that a\= qua deur station should be installed bcfer HIJIN ( llnl ks Il JIll ludHH II Il BIN-llPIl AlnAIJ+IL 11 HAli.H由 II NEI IIHIISH L目:H时IHl1ta:l Paa ser.Th啁 deunsnatisnissilab.△ from th DuD|5b△ld Fail uro to install deoumantatior befor AbaquE P duot wvi I requi s,ou to mo lfy tao contlgurailon tiles n your prodyctinsallatlon a desenbedin secton L 2 ot the Abaqus Installationand Licensing sclcot'Continua to 5rookec Wih thc abaqus liocnec or produot netallatnr.arealac1'LBur ta eyt m insmHlamAn prmaadura and Lal! Alayus011 ieLaliviL 5选择“Next Mr Abaqus 6.11 Product Installer Introduction Introduction This installation GUl wll guide you through he installation of Abaqus e installation bype e License server :t is strongly recommended that you qut all programs before dOcumentation continuing with this installation. Chck the Next button to proceed to 回 nstallation directory lhe niext screen If yuu warlL lu chaige sutnelhinig uml a JI eviuus 日 iaqua woring directory screen, click the Previous button. You may cancel this installation at 日 Parallel configuration any time by clicking the Cancel' button. ePre installation summary E stalling 日 Product verification results 巴 Installation complete Abaqus Cance Previous Mext Abdus G.11 piudullIeislaller Installation help 曰 Itrc duction 两 ould you like to view the Installation凵 sensing GLide? 曰1 stallation type License sener This documentatio contains detailed information about the installation dOcumentation and licensing proces d their recuirermient B Istallation directors 日a3 luS working directo 日aeen tl| aton andlicensin国日 OPre-installation summary Because the file is ir HTML form at, a web browser must be installed I Installing and configured propert installation complete Abaqus nstalenywhere by Macrovision Cancel Ps些 6.默认选择“ License",选择“Next继续 e Abaqus 6.11 Product Installer Installation type Plcacc Golcct tho tvpc of installation you would lIc to ponTON iNstallation type lIcense server DOcumentation 日 stallation directors 日 aug working directors PArallel configuration o License◎Proc OPe-installation st mmary: A license installation installs the FLEXnet license serer utilities,and ir e Installing some cases will start he license server automatically O Prductverification esults A"oduct stalls all Abaqus pr installation complete Expli=it, Viewer, and CAE. A license selver, installation is required before you can insta ll baqus pi Abaqus Celtel 7 HOSTNAME会自动項写你的计算机全名,选择"Next Abaqus Licensing Hostname Enter the hostname or IP address of this computer INstallation type 3 us license们 elastallation directer iNstalling O Installation complete HOSTNAHIE 3 Abaqus 的 wrere By macrovision 8,择“Net"; Existing abaqus License Server Non-default Ahaqus Licensing found on this system. This procedure is able to upgrade abaqus Lic ensing that was installed and started auto matically with a previous Abaqus installation procedure However, an existing Abaqus License serrer as been found on this system th at appears to have been configures and started manually For this re ason the license sender o annot be up graded by this procedure,(八 tempting to d当uldj。 dize vendor daem。n for other products that use FLEXnet licensing Cliok'Continue' to install the licensing utilities with out starting a newr Cliok'Quit to exit the install ation Quit Continu画 9.遄许可证安装位置默认 CASIMULIA\选犖安装到D: SIMULIA,择Next"; Abaqus Licensing Installation directory HOstname where would you like to install Abacus licensing? INstallation type D:\SIMULIA icense fi彐 Restore default folde 曰 stallation directe iNstalling O Installation complete Abaqus Iristaillprywwrere ay ylacrovisior 10.正在安装可证文件; 鹰 AbaqUs Licensing e回x Installing Abaqus FlEXnet License servet (Istallation type se fil Abaqus 6.11 L]lIsLallaliunl diretLLr Advanced Analysis features enstalling A Smoothed Part icle hydr s capabilit e Installation complete enables effective modeling of extreme deformation New coup led t hermal-electrical-structural elements ed analysis capability A low-denslty foam model wlth Polsson effects allows mode ing of highly compressible elastomer ic foams with significant rate sens itive behavior. SIMULIA Abaqus Installing Uninstall Ahaqus Licensiny-exe Canc 11.许可证文安装完成; Abaqus Licensing nst划 ation comp|ete HOstname Ahaq s flexnet License serer has keen successfully installed into INstallation type D:'ISIMULIA icense fi彐 口 stallation director iNstalling 日 nstallation compl Abaqus Irstailprywnere y Macrovision 二、修改许可证文件 1.复制安装目录 CRACK文件夹下的 abaqus. dat和 abaqus!og到 D∴ SIMULIA \ license;用记事本打开 abaqus. dat,修改 this host为你的计算机全 名(注意和前面的相同),保存文件; abaqus-记事本 文件E编辑E)格式O)查看帮助(H SERVER this host ID=20110609 27000 VENDOR ABAQUSLM FEATURE VENDOR 替換 SGN=41查找内容0:th351ot 查找下一个) FEATURE替换为()w 替换g) Clerc 2.打开D\ SIMULIA\license的 Intools. exe;如下图所示 打开 Config Services选项卡,在 Service name中键入 ABAQUS FLEXIm license manager Imgrd. exe file atd] D: \SIMULIA\\Imgrdexe license file指向D:\ SIMULIA\license \ license. dat(刚才修改的文件); debug log file指向D:\ SIMULIA\license\ abaqus.log文件; 勾选 Use servises选项,点击 Save service保存设置 LMTOolS by Ac File Edit Mode Help Service/License File| System Settings Utilities Start/S top/Reread Server Status Server Diags Conlig Services Borrowing Configure Service Save service Service Name ABAQUS FLEXlm license manager Remove Service Path to the Nard exe fleD:\SIMULIA\License\lmgrdexe Browse Path to the license file D \SIMULIA\ License\abaqus. dat Browse Path to the debug log file D: SIMULIA\License\abaqus. log View Log Close Log Start Server at Power Up Use services 3.选择 Start/stop/ Reread选项卡中,点士 Start server启动服务,状态栏出现如 下图 Server start successfu提时,服务即成功启动。 LMTOCLS by Acrcsso Softwarc Inc File Edit Mode Help FLEXnet license services irislalled on this comalite R∈Read □Fnr Advanced setting OTE: This box mList be checked to shut do an a license server 4.添加环堉变量:右键点击我的电脑属性-高级-环境变量-系统变量,点击"新 建”,设置环境变量LM凵 CENSE FILE=27000@host(hos=你的主机名),如 下图所示; 环境变量 ci aofeng的用户变量 变量 值 编辑系统变量 变里名): LM LIMEESE HILE 变里值 270000xxf3792 确定取消 14r chs L LICEESE FILE 2T000E*i aofeng PC NUMBER OF PR.. 2 ns 智 indos ht 新建)(编辑①)[删 确定一取消 、安装 abaqus6.11.1 1.提示是否安装,选择“Yes"-“Next"; F Abaqus 6.11 Product Installer Installation type INtroduction would you like to install Abaqus products? iNstallation type O License server dOcumentation e Installation directory 已 aquis working direntoryoYes O Parallel configuratio OPre-installation surmmary ONo e Installing O Productverification results E Instailation complete Abaqus InetallAnywnere by macrovision Cancel Previou reit 2.选择“同意服务协议”Next"; H Abaqus 6.11 Product Installer Parallel Configuration INtroductio Abaqus uses HP-MPIfor MPl-based parallel execution Installation and e Installation type Use of HP-MPl Requires Acceptance of the Following License Agreement: lIcense server HP-MPI LICENSE TERMS dOcumentation O Instalation directory HP-MPI is included with this release of Abaqus software. HP-MPl e Abaqus working directory is an implementatior de available from Platform Compute 日 Parallel configuration Company( Platform")of the Message Passing Interface standard that may be used for parallel execution of Abaqus /Standard EPre-installation summary Abaqus/Explicit, and Abaqus/CFD. HP-MPI is the property of O Product verification results MPI version initially develope d by Hewlett-Packard Compalle-an e Installing Platform and is not an Abaqus Program. Note that HP-MPIi E Installation complete whose ownership has been transferred to Platform. Under a o accept the terms of the License Agreement Abaqus oi do not acoept the te rms of the License Agreeme Installarywwnere b% macrovision Cancel revIou Next

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