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When Q Beta 1 was released, the biggest change for developers in Android 10 — by far — was what Google calls “scoped storage”. In a nutshell, your ability to work with files and the filesystem was substantially curtailed. As a result, you had to adapt your app within a few months, to be ready by
Elements of Android Q by Mark L. murphy Copyright C 2019 Commons Ware, LLC. All Rights Reserved Printed in the united states of America Printing History ovember 2019 FINAL The Commons Ware name and logo, Busy Coder's Guide, and related trade dress are trademarks of Commons Ware LLC All other trademarks referenced in this book are trademarks of their respective firms The publisher and author(s)assume no responsibility for errors or omissions or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein Table of contents Headings formatted in bold-italic have changed since the last version · Preface o The books prerequisites....................... What's New in the final version ?.om.. ii oWarescription.i Source Code and its license ····:···:·.··· o Creative Commons and the Four-to-Free(42F) guarantee...v Acknowledgments…… The Death of External Storage Introducing the filter…,…,…,…,…,,…,,,…,,…,,…,n Controlling the behavior…………,…,…,…,…,…,…,……,……,2 What Will Happen in Android r?……………… Adapting to Scoped Storage………………….…….,5 ButI need a file!!! ·································.··..·.··········· Other problems to consider Related Deprecations That Might Affect You 。12 Using MediaStore What not to do 13 o MediaStore and permissions..............14 How to consume media∴,…,L How to create media… 7 Other medicα Store Changes……………, Location access restrictions Background Location Access……,,, EXIF Metadata redaction are largets What Cα me before………,……,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,…,……,…,33 Implementing the New Approach 35 The User experience Dark mode Turning to the dark side……… …43 The dark-all-The- Time solution……,………………,…,45 0 The System Override Solution………………,46 The dayNight Solution ……47 Dark mode and Configuration Changes……….53 Gesture Navigation A Tale of Three( or More) Nay patterns…………………5 Impacts on Apps 57 Installing Apps Using Packagelnstaller Applying PackageInstaller…………………………,60 Other Changes of Note oStu∥ That Might Break You………………………65 Stu∥ That Might Interest You…………,…,…,…,…,……,…,…… Mystifying Things 8 Preface anKs Thanks for your continued interest in Android! Android advances year after year and 2019s Android 1o( Q)continues that pattern. many developers ignore new Android versions until some concrete problem causes them grief. Hopefully, you are reading this in advance of when android 10 ships to lots of devices, so you can head off any problems before they turn into customer complaints (on the other hand, if you are reading this in response to android 10 customer complaints….ory!) And thanks for your interest in this book and commons Ware's overall line of Android books The Books Prerequisites This book is designed for developers with 1+ years of Android app development experience. If you are fairly new to Android, please consider reading Elements o Android jetpack, Exploring Android, or both, before continuing with this book Also note that this book's examples are written in Kotlin What's new in the final version? This update replaces many of the"Q references with "10, and makes other changes to reflect the fact that Android 1o is now shipping. This update also fixes various bugs and adds a few bits of late-breaking news PREFACE ote that this book will not receive further updates, given that Android 10's SDK is final and that android 1o is shipping prescription If you purchased the Warescription, read on! If you obtained this book from other channels, feel free to jump ahead. The Warescription entitles you, for the duration of your subscription, to digital editions of this book and its updates, in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle(mobi/kF8) Formats plus the ability to read the book online at the warescription Web site. You also have access to other books that Commons Ware publishes during that subscription period Each subscriber gets personalized editions of all editions of each title. That way, your books are never out of date for long, and you can take advantage of new material as it is made available However, you can only download the books while you have an active Warescription There is a grace period after your Warescription ends: you can still download the book until the next book update comes out after your Warescription ends After that, you can no longer download the book. Hence, please download your updates as they come out You can find out when new releases of this book are availableⅵia 1. The Commons Blog 2. The commons Ware twitter feed 3. Opting into emails announcing each book release- log into the Warescription site and choose Configure from the nav bar 4. Just check back on the Warescription site every month or two Subscribers also have access to other benefits, including: Office hours"-online chats to help you get answers to your Android application development questions. You will find a calendar for these on your Warescription page A Stack Overflow"bump"service, to get additional attention for a question that you have posted there that does not have an adequate answer a discussion board for asking arbitrary questions about Android app development PREFACE Source Code and its license The source code in this book is licensed under the apache 2.0 License, in case you have the desire to reuse any of it Copying source code directly from the book, in the PDF editions, works best with Adobe reader, though it may also work with other pdf viewers. Some pdf viewers for reasons that remain unclear, foul up copying the source code to the clip DOane when it is selected Creative Commons and the Four-to-Free(42F) Guarantee Each Commons Ware book edition will be available for use under the creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license as of the fourth anniversary of its publication date, or when 4, 000 copies of the edition have been sold, whichever comes first. That means that, once four years have elapsed (perhaps sooner! ) you can use this prose for non-commercial purposes. That is our Four-to Free guarantee to our readers and the broader community for the purposes of this guarantee, new Warescriptions and renewals will be counted as sales of this edition, starting from the time the edition is published This edition of this book will be available under the aforementioned creative Commons license on I November 2023. Of course, watch the Commons Ware Web site, as this edition might be relicensed sooner based on sales For more details on the creative commons attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 3.0 license, visit the Creative Commons Web site Note that future editions of this book will become free on later dates, each four years from the publication of that edition or based on sales of that specific edition Releasing one edition under the creative Commons license does not automatically release all editions under that license Acknowledgments The author would like to thank the Google team responsible for Android Q The author would also like to thank. PREFACE hn de lancie The late desmond llewelyn The occasionally-late John Cleese The Death of External storage When Q Beta I was released, the biggest change for developers in Android 10-by far -was what Google calls scoped storage. In a nutshell, your ability to work with files and the filesystem was substantially curtailed. As a result, you had to adapt your app within a few months to be ready by the time android 1o shipped Everything will be affected in Android, but there are steps that you can take to opt out of the changes for Android 10, at least until you are ready. And apps with a targetsdkversion of 28 or lower will be unaffected . but eventually you are going to need to raise that level, at least if you plan on shipping your app through the Play store Hence, if your app requests the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE or WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions, you are going to want to start adapting your app to the changes. One of the problems from the Q Beta I announcement was the short timeframe that we had for adapting; you do not want to be stuck with a similar short timeframe in 2020 Introducing the Filter In android 1.0 through 9.0, external storage was relatively simple. All apps could access it with permission, and starting with Android 4. 4 apps could access parts of it without permission(e. g, get ExternalFilesDir()on Context ). What the user saw and what all the apps saw were the same Scoped storage when your app has to start working with it-changes this completely.

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