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Over 90 hands-on recipes for quickly preparing LaTeX documents to solve various challenging tasks Book Description LaTeX is both a word processor and a markup language. It's pretty simple really, which is why its unsurprising that its so popular within the research community - whether you're a scientist or statistician, with LaTeX, you'll find it easy to present and communicate your work - it gives you full control of the documents you create, no matter how complex they might be. With a huge range of customizable templates and supporting packages available, there's plenty to explore - so you can make LaTeX work for you. LaTeX Cookbook shows you how to get the most from LaTeX - so you can focus on what's important. Inside, you'll find everything from different templates and document types, samples for fine-tuning text design, guidance through embedding images, as well as drawing tables in LaTeX. With essential components to the modern research document included, such as creating a bibliography, glossary, and index, you can be confident that your document is clean and clear. You will also learn how to create graphics within LaTeX, and find vital tips to help you build diagrams with minimum fuss. If that isn't enough, the book also shows you how to use new engines XeTeX and LuaTeX which give LaTeX further functionality so you can handle any complexity with ease and elegance. If you're worried about presenting or communicating ideas and research for maximum impact, look no further than this book - it's sure to increase your productivity.

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