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Thymeleaf - Eclipse Plugin module A plugin for the Eclipse IDE to add content assist features for the Thymeleaf standard dialect processors and expression utility objects, using the Eclipse Web Tools Platform HTML source editor. Current version: 2.1.2 Released: 4 March 2016 The 2.1.x versions of the Eclipse plugin are for Thymeleaf 2.1. Check out the 2.0-master branch for a version that supports Thymeleaf 2.0. Minimum Requirements Java 6 Thymeleaf 2.1.0 Eclipse Indigo SR2 (3.7.2) w/ Web Tools Platform 3.3.2 (ie: the Java EE Developer bundle) Installation In Eclipse, go to Help >> Install New Software... then either use the update site URL, or download a ZIP archive of the plugin from SourceForge: Update site URL: ZIP file downloads: Features Content Assist Content assist features are only available for dialects which have supplied special dialect metadata files in their JARs. thymeleaf-core, thymeleaf-spring3, thymeleaf-extras-springsecurity3, and thymeleaf-extras-tiles2 projects already have such files. Other dialects, however, are up to the discretion of their developer(s). If you're developing a Thymeleaf dialect and would like to take advantage of content assist for your own dialect, read the section on adding content assist for your dialect. Once those help files are available, you can make content assist available in your HTML files through 1 of 2 ways: 1. Declaring the dialect namespace and prefix in your HTML files This is the easiest method and you may have already done this to keep the XML validator happy: <html xmlns:th=""> 2. Applying the Thymeleaf project nature to your project This method will make content assist available to all of the HTML files in your project, and is ideal for when you've organized your code to have plenty of reusable HTML fragments without a common

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