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SCN Blog Bertram gar ·SCNB|og by dJ Adams, SAP Mentor, Oct 2013: links to You Tube video by du Adams, SAP Mento You tube video by dJ Adams, SAP Mentor Bertram Ganz: Overview The application's business data is retrieved from a that are described in this document on scn here SAPUI5 projects with"incrementalsource Sales orders Sales nicer 300000097 1322447 300000097 2447 11113.00 n process EFM USER 20 22 300300001 1249373 000c0002 1166669 3000c0003 16561.23 street Dietmar-Hopp-Alee 3000c0004 1251523 11/00 h process 3000c0005 836808 HT-1091 HT3100 130529 111622EUR 6146.19 HT1000 111-015=0 16487 227528HLH HT-091 2013-05-29 9282E 3000c0007 5720.31 1116.22EUR Sales Orders Sales order 300000097 13224.47 EUR 300000097 1322447 EUR 1111300 in Process 1111300 In Precess EPM USER SplitApp control to 20130523 30000001 display master and detail 12493730 EUR vIews on same screen Sales orders 0000g7 1322447 24.47 hide/display EUR 300000097 1322447 1111300 ∩ Prccess PrRESS detail view on EUR EPM USEP 1111300 In Process mobile device 20180528 3000001 12AQ27 SearchField control ObjectHeader Sales order with table filter logic control ObjectListitem control 300000097 13224.47 EUR 1111300 In Process Sales Orders EPM USER Icon TabBar control 20130522 002 >10.00EuR 是 300000002 1166869 Address EUR Products 9803.94 ONeW SAP AG Prod table grouping custom formatter HT-1000 dietmar-Hopp-Allee Columnist/tem control Delivery Date None inside table for product 2013-06-30 Simple Form control Quantity details O Amount Status e Approve Sales Order footer button and Do you want to approve this sales onder now popup dialog to trigger Cance approval proces create the applications root vie control's'pages' aggregation App View Controller 面 I EI Master view Controller Detail View Controller Sales Orders Sales Orce Search 300000097 1322447 300000097 1322447 11113c0 FF UBER 11113.00 In Process 130000001 12493.73 1049894 ESS 300000002 1166669 l980394 Wal:or 9190 Dietmtar-Hopp-Allee AwAVE Model trigger a Web Content index. html Component js 18n App View App Controller util sap. mApp sap m. splitApp Navigation bs model view b H App. controller js Master Detail D as ApP. view is Controller Controller Detail. controller. js Master view Detail View CxL Detailview. xml o i Mastercontroller. js sap sap. m. Page △ Master view.xm call call Component s. Mock 118n Model Model index. html util( Formatter. js) Fie”>”New>? Other..” ava ee- eclipse File Edit Navigate Search Project Run Window Help ew Alt+Shift+NPEJPA Project Open file,u G Enterprise Application Project Ctrl+ w (3 Dynamic Web Project Close all Ctrl+ shift+ w S EB Proje a Save Ctrl+5 R Application Client Project 回 Save As o Static Web Proj Save All Ctrl+Shift+SM Maven Project Revert F Project. Mow 6 Servlet Rename F2R Session Bean(EIB 3.x) Refresh cs Message-Driven Bean(EJB 3. x) Convert line delimiters to WeL service Ctrl+p Folder Y Fie Switch Workspace Festart T Example. 2E Orher.m Ctrl+N P/G Export Froperties Alt+Enter t Filter for Wizards including" and select Click New 回3 Select a wizard Crecle cnl ApplitdLiuni PiUjeL Wizards: enter query string "ui5" to ilter displayed wizards B SAPUI5 Application Development Application Projec wiew g Back Next Finish chose“ as the target device and click on 合 New Application Project Create an Application Project for SAPUT Enter a name and choose a lacation oject name: My ioriLI5 V Use default location Location: C:\Users Wrkspcs(sapui5\ MyFioriunBr rowse I arget Device o Mobile F Create an Initial View Back Next> Finish Cancel Open the folder select (CTRL In eclipse, select the folder of you √). Confirm with P Project Explorer 日国 index.htm 日|即 I DOCTYPE HTMLS a 2 MyricriUIS ⊙<htm1> b盈JAx- WS WEb service netahttp-eqv=x-ua-compattblecontent=ie=edge"> b e Java r Select node Web Content and paste SAPUI5 -esources/ sap-ui-core, js b E Javad files from clipboard with shortcut CTRL +V -ui-boots trap p Ca Deple p ui li35-"sap. m ap-ui-theme="sap bluecrystal> b C build e WebContent <!- only load the mobile ibsap m and the sap mvi th index.html b MFTA-INF Q 色 WEE-INE MyFiorIUL/WebContent/ index.html exists. Do you wish to overwrite? C Yes Yes To All No Cancel from the initial application template are displayed in the Project n Project Explorer 日国 ndex.htm8 93MyTioriUL 疆<! DoCTYPE htm⊥ D JAX-wS Web Services chtml D 25 Deployment Descr ptor: MyF oriU5 thead> 四 Java esources metahttp-equiv=x-u-compatiblecontent=ie-edge/> smeta charset- UTr-8 D E Java Script Resoure b [g Drpiltiyr: I Re ≮t止1e「iriB/tit1e b build a WebCortent <scrIpt t-bootstr 吗 CITTHIIPIII n="rr"H/-ri-rrr,小" 自 indes html data-sap-ui-theme="sap bLuecrystaL sap b C model data-sap-ui-resourcerocts='t Fiori WEB-INF new sap ui. core. CcrmponentContaier( name :sap, ui demc. myHiori .placeAt( contert i </head> e <body class="sapUiEody" ic="content> Run as”>" eb App Jawa EE-MyFicriUI5NebContent/index. html -Eclipse File Edit Navigate Search Ernject Run Win whElp 国 1e9 MyFicriuLF Nevy M+s Java ro ittp-equiv="x-UA-Compatibie"content="IE=edge"/ In Eh java Alt+ shift+W p b Co Deploy ECopy Ctrl+c My Fini A</title> >C build 电 Copy Qualified Name Pc CLrl-Vsap-vi-bootstrap Dpl=te Delete resources/sap-uri-core js Sap-ui-Lheinme="sup bLue rysLul haLVE TIn enter Ctrl+ Alt- Shift- va Shcw in Remote Systems view ProfIle ar 1 Run on server Al +Shift+X, R Tcam 两2 Java Applet Alt I shit IX A Compare with 同3 Java Application At+Shift+x] Restore from Local l listory 4 Web App Preview va ee tools n Configurations. SoUrCE P perales Alt+enter Project Explorer 3 回昂|=日 in dEw htm画 n de html 4出MFrU http://localhost:54c49/myFioriui5/iNdeXchtmll b JAX-WS Web Services 52. Deployment necrriptnr: My Finrilr p2 JEva ResourcEs MasterPage- > -o Deployed ResUul2e> 30000c097 口回x □y ←÷ C L localhost64049/ icriUI5/index. html Master Paye- 300000097 300000001 3000g0002 300000003 3000000:4 300000005 300000096

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