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GPMQ8102A无线充电接收端凌通芯片规格书。 已经通过Qi认证。 135 9015 2895
Generalplus GPMQ8102A 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 2. FEATURES GPMQ8102A is a single-chip, advanced, flexible e Integrated Wireless Power Supply Receiver secondary-side device for wireless power transfer in portable Solution applications capable of providing up to 4 W. It has high integration, High Efficiency Full Synchronous Rectifie high efficiency, low power consumption Output Voltage Conditioning GPMQ8102A receiver the power that uses the near field WPC Qi V1.2.2 Compliant communication electramagnetic induction principle, the power transfer is through Contro coupling between the transmitter coil (primary) and receiver coil Single IC Required Between RX Coil and Output (sccondary), Global fccdback is established from the sccondary O WPC Qi V1.2.2 FOD Function to the primary to control the power transfer process using the Qi Support I"C Internal Register Configuration V1. 2.2 protocol Output Current -VRECT GPMQ8102A integrated a low resistance synchronous Outout Current -lOUT rectifier(AC to DC), low-dropout regulator (LDo), digital control ● Dynamic Rectifier VRECT and accurate voltage and current loops to improve the high Improve the load Transient Response efficiency and decrease the power dissipation Optimize the dynamic efficiency for full load GP MQ8102A also integrated a digital controller that comply output ith the wpc v1.2.2 standard. it can calculate the amount of Rectifier Overvoltage Clamp(VOVP=15V) power received by the mobile device, the controller then Support 20 V Maximum Input communicates this information to the transmitter to allow the e Over Temperature Over Voltage and over current Protection transmitter to determine if a foreign object is present within the Open Drain LED Output Indication magnetic interface and introduces a higher level of safety within Multifunction NTc and Temperature Monitoring, Charge magnetic field. This foreign object detection(FOD)method is part Complete and Fault Host Control of requirement under the WPV V1.2.2 specification e Compatible with Adapter and USB Input Application GPMQ8102A Output stage is LDO, the output voltage is QFN 4mm'4mm 24Pin Packaeg adjusted dynamically according to the output current to achieve the best transient and eff GPMQ8102A supports Ic internal register configuration The output voltage and current can be flexibly configured according to the application case o Gcncralplus Technology Inc 3 APR.05,2017 Proprietary & Confidential Version: 1.0 Generalplus GPMQ8102A 3. SIGNAL DESCRIPTIONS 3.1. PIN Description I Pin NameRHL Description AC 1 23 AC2 AC input from receiver coil BOOT1 24 O Bootstrap capacitors for driving the high side FETs of the BOOT2 20 synchronous rectifier Connect a 1OnF capacitor from BOoT 1 to AC and boot2 to ac2 Filter capacitor for the inter rectifier. Connect to pgnd with 22uF RECT 3 OUT 4 O Power output, delivers power to the load COMM1 Open drain output used to communication with Tx coil by varying COMM2 19 reflected impedance Connect through a capacitor to either AC1 or AC2 for capacitive load modulation CLAMP 1 Open drain Fets which are utilized for over voltage Ac clamp CLAMP2 18 O protection AD I Adapter or USB input Push-pull driver for external PFEt connecting Ad and OUT. This N ADEN voltage tracks approximately 4v below Ad when effective voltage is present at AD pin Float this pin if unused PGND Power ground GND 11 Analog ground。 Programming pin for the over current limit Connect externa ILIM 6 resistor to GND. Sizing the rILiM with the following equation RILIM=1.2K/MAX, IMAX is the Maximum output current FOD Input for receiver power measurement Temperature Sense(TS)functionality. If an NTC function is not TS desired, connect to PGND with a 10-k22 resistor, See Temperature Sense Resistor Network(Ts)for more details VCC18 4 5V power outout. Connect to GND with 1uF capacitor p 1.8V power output. Connect to GND with 1uF capacit REGN 9 SDA 15 c data pin SCL 16 Ic clock pin Active when output current is being delivered to the load, Open N WPG 17 Drain output, oUT pin connects to the pin with a resistor and a LED CHG CMPT 2 Charging indicator from load system. NC13 NC o Gcncralplus Technology Inc 4 APR.05,2017 Proprietary & Confidential Version: 1.0 Generalplus GPMQ8102A 3.2. PIN Map COMM1[ 18 CLAMP2 CLAMP12 17N WPG RECTI 16 SCK GPMQ8102A OUT[4 15 SDA SCK[5 14VCC 18 ILIM[6 13NC 区园团同日 z刀 24 Pin QFN Top View o Gcncralplus Technology Inc 5 APR.05,2017 Proprietary & Confidential Version: 1.0 Generalplus GPMQ8102A 4. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 4.1. Absolute Maximum ratings Over operating free-air temperature range(unless otherwise noted) Item(vnl) Pin name Min Max Unit AClAC2 -0.8 20 RECT COMM1 COMM2 OUT CLAMP1 CLAMP2.N WPG 0.3 20 nput Voltage BOOT1BOOT2 26 AD,N ADEN 0.3 20 FOD,ILIM,TS,CHG CMPT, SDA,SCL-03 匚 Input CurrentAC1AC2 1.5 VVVVAA Output Current OUT Sink Current COMM1,COMM2,CLAMP1,CLAMP2 500 A N WPG 15 mA HBM KV ESD CDM 500 1: All voltages are with respect to the Vss terminal, unless otherwise noted 2: Stresses beyond those listed under absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the dev ice. these are stress ratings only and functional operation of the device at these or any other condition beyond those indicated under Recommended Operating Conditions is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rated conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability 4.2 Thermal Information Symbol Description Value A e Thermal resistance junction to ambient 35 eJc Thermal Resistance Junction to Case 30 Thermal Resistance junction to board 24 Operating Junction Temperature 0to+125 Ambient Operating temperature 0to+85 TSTG Storage Temperature 55to+150 TLEAD Lead Temperature(soldering 10s 300 4.3 Electrical Characteristics Over operating free-air temperature range, -40 to 85C Parameter Test Condition MinTypMaxUnit RECT VRECT Under Voltage lock-out VRECT:0V→33V 2.9 3 3.1 VREcT-UV Hysteresis on UV 0.25 VRECT-CLA VRECT OVer Voltage lock-out RECT:5V→16V 145151551 Hysteresis on OV 6 Dynamic VRECTv Threshold 1 ILOAD <0.1 X IMAX VolouT+2 Dynamic VREctv Threshold2 0.1 X IMAX ILOAD <0.2X IMAX VOUT+1.5 VRECT-REG DynamIc VRECTV Threshold3 02X|MA≤LoAD04Xwx VoUT+O5 Dynamic VREctv Threshold4 ILOAD>0.4 XIMAX VOUT+O 2 ILOAD Hysteresis for dynamic LOAD-HYs VRECT as a of Imax 4% Rectifier under voltage RECT-DPM 3.2 protection, restrict louT at 3.3 3.4 o Gcncralplus Technology Inc 6 APR.05,2017 Proprietary & Confidential Version: 1.0 Generalplus GPMQ8102A Parameter Test Condition Min Typ Max Unit RECT-DPM Quiescent Current Active IC quiescent current ILOAD=O 8 10 LECT consumption at VRECt mA ILOAD=300mA 2 3 Quiescent current at the out when wireless power is disable OUT=4.2V 15 卩A ILIM Short current Maximum ILoad that will be JT-CL Maximum output current limit delivered for 1mS when ILiM 1.5 A is short OUTPUT KIMAX Current programming factor for the hardware protection KIMAX= RLM X IMAX 1100 1200 1300 AQ CCll Current limit accuracy VouT=3.8V, ILOAD=0.8A, 7 % 20°C-125°C TS Internal Ts Bias voltage ITS < 100uA 2.2 24 Rising threshold Vs:50%→60% 56.5 58.7 60.8 COLD Falling hysteresis 2 Falling threshold Vrs:20%→15% 51962071%ys 18.5 HOt Rising hysteresis R Vrs output impedance 18 kQ to Deglitch time for TS comparators 10 Rectifier lOUT at which the synchronous rectifier enters half-synchronous ILOAD: 0mA-200mA 105 125 155 LOAD-FULL mode mA Hysteresis 25 R pendence of rectifier FET 100 mo Thermal Protection Thermal shutdown temperature 155 C Thermal shutdown hysteresis o Gcncralplus Technology Inc APR.05,2017 Proprietary & Confidential Version: 1.0 Generalplus GPMQ8102A 5 APPLICATION CIRCUIT ce 047UFNONJXOR 22n-5OWDXR CoM2 COMMO r忌 GPMO81024 REGM PGND REGN nFc 12c32R9 c230. D1LFI50V/X7R 2anF5UVXTR C240.47LFIOVXR OuFr5YO luF 10uF/25VE1uF/25/ o Gcncralplus Technology Inc 8 APR.05,2017 Proprietary & Confidential Version: 1.0 Generalplus GPMQ8102A 6. LAYOUT EXAMPLES G13 R9C32 ▲C【▲ L L R8 元 P C2 C2二 c29 Top layer view o Gcncralplus Technology Inc 9 APR.05,2017 Proprietary & Confidential Version: 1.0 Generalplus GPMQ8102A 7. PACKAGEORDERING INFORMATION 7.1. Ordering Information Product number Package Type GPMQ8102A QFN24 7.2. Package Information Top vlew Bottom vlew Side view Symbol A Dimensions In Millimeters Dimensions n Inches Min Max Min Max 07000.800080009000028/00310031035 A1 0.000 0.050 0.000 0.002 A3 0.203REF 0. 008REF D 3.924 4.076 0.154 0.160 E 3.924 4.076 0.154 0.160 D1 2.600 2.800 0.102 0.110 E1 2.600 2.800 0.102 0.110 0.200MN 0.008MN 0.200 0300 0.008 0.012 e 0.500T 0.020TYP 0.324 0.476 0.013 0.019 o Gcncralplus Technology Inc APR.05,2017 Proprietary & Confidential Version: 1.0

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