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international conference on machine learning (ICML) 2018年会议文章目录, 含论文下载链接
Minimal I-MAP MCMC for Scalable structure Discovery in Causal DAG Models Authors: Agrawal, Raj and Uhler, Caroline and Broderick, Tamara Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/agrawal18a.html Proportional Allocation: Simple, Distributed, and Diverse Matching with High Entropy Authors: Agrawal, Shipra and zadimoghaddam, Morteza and mirrokni, Vahab Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/agrawal18b.html Bucket Renormalization for Approximate Inference Authors: Ahn, Sungsoo and chertkov, Michael and Weller, Adrian and Shin, Jinwoo Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/ahn18a.html oi-VAE: Output Interpretable VAEs for Nonlinear Group Factor Analysis Authors: Ainsworth, Samuel K and Foti, Nicholas J. and Lee, Adrian K C and Fox, emily B Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/ainsworth18a.htm1 Limits of Estimating Heterogeneous Treatment Effects: Guidelines for Practi cal Algorithm Design Authors: Alaa. ahmed and van der schaar mihaela Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/alaa18a.html AutoPrognosis: Automated Clinical Prognostic Modeling via Bayesian Opti- mization with Structured Kernel Learning Authors: Alaa. ahmed and van der schaar mihaela Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/alaa18b.htm1 Information Theoretic Guarantees for Empirical Risk Minimization with Ap plications to Model Selection and Large-Scale Optimization Authors: alabdulmohsin ibrahim Url:http://proceedings.mir.press/v80/alabdulmohsin18a.html Fixing a Broken ELBO Authors: Alemi, Alexander and Poole, Ben and Fischer, lan and dillon, Joshua and saurus, Rif A and murphy, Kevin Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/alemi18a.html 2 Differentially Private Identity and Equivalence Testing of Discrete Distribu ons Authors: Aliakbarpour, Maryam and Diakonikolas, Ilias and rubinfeld, Ronitt Url:http://proceedings,mlrpress/v80/aliakbarpour18a.html Katyusha X: Simple Momentum Method for Stochastic Sum-of-Nonconvex Optimization Authors: Allen-Zhu, Zeyuan Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/allen-zhu18a.html Make the Minority Great Again: First-Order Regret Bound for Contextual Ban- dits Authors: Allen-Zhu, Zeyuan and Bubeck, Sebastien and Li, Yuanzhi Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/allen-zhu18b.html Augmented CycleGAN: Learning Many-to-Many Mappings from Unpaired Da Authors: Almahairi, Amjad and Rajeshwar, Sai and Sordoni, Alessandro and Bachman, Philip and Courville, Aaron Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/almahairi18a.html Meta-Learning by Adjusting Priors Based on Extended PAC-Bayes Theory Authors: Amit, ron and meir. ron URL http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/amit18a.htm1 MAGAN: Aligning Biological Manifolds Authors: Amodio, Matthew and Krishnaswamy, Smita Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/amodio18a.html Subspace Embedding and Linear Regression with Orlicz Norm Authors: Andoni, Alexandr and Lin, Chen gyu and sheng, ying and zhong, peilin and zhong, Luigi Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/andoni18a.htm1 Efficient Gradient-Free Variational Inference using Policy Search Authors: Arenz, Oleg and Neumann, Gerhard and Zhong, mingjun Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/arenz18a.html On the Optimization of Deep Networks: Implicit Acceleration by Overparam eterization Authors: Arora, Sanjeev and Cohen, Nadav and Hazan, Elad Url:http://proceedings,mlrpress/v80/arora18a.html Stronger Generalization Bounds for Deep Nets via a Compression Approach Authors: Arora, Sanjeev and Ge, Rong and Neyshabur, Behnam and Zhang, Yi Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/arora18b.htm1 Lipschitz Continuity in Model-based Reinforcement Learning Authors: Asadi, Kavosh and Misra, Dipendra and littman, Michael Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/asadi18a.html Obfuscated Gradients Give a False Sense of Security: Circumventing Defenses to Adversarial Examples Authors: Athalye, Anish and Carlini, Nicholas and Wagner, David Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/athalye18a.htm1 Synthesizing Robust Adversarial Examples Authors: Athalye, Anish and Engstrom, Logan and llyas, Andrew and Kwok, Kevin Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/athalye18b.htm1 Contextual Graph Markov Model: A Deep and generative Approach to Graph Processing Authors: Bacciu, davide and errica Federico and micheli. alessio URL http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/bacciu18a.html Greed is Still Good: Maximizing Monotone Submodular+Supermodular(BP Functions Authors: Bai, Wenruo and Bilmes, Jeff Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/bai18a.htm1 Comparing Dynamics: Deep Neural Networks versus Glassy Systems Authors: Baity-Jesi, Marco and Sagun, Levent and Geiger, Mario and Spigler, Stefano and Arous, Gerard Ben and Cammarota, Chiara and Le cun, Yann and wyart, Matthieu and Biroli, giul Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/baity-jesi18a.html SMAC: Simultaneous Mapping and Clustering Using Spectral Decompositions Authors: Bajaj, Chandrajit and gao, Tingran and He, Zihang and huang, Qixing and liang Zhenxiao Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/bajaj18a.html A Boo(n) for Evaluating Architecture Performance Authors: Bajgar, Ondrej and Kadlec, Rudolf and Kleindienst, Jan Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/bajgar18a.htm1 Learning to branch Authors: Balcan, maria-Florina and dick Travis and sandholm. tuomas and vitercik Ellen Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/balcan18a.html The Mechanics of n-Player Differentiable games Authors: Balduzzi, David and racaniere Sebastien and martens James and Foerster, Jakob and Tuyls, karl and graepel thore Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/balduzzi18a.htm Spline Filters For End-to-End Deep Learning Authors: Balestriero, randall and cosentino romain and glotin herve and baraniuk Richard Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/balestriero18a.html A Spline Theory of Deep Learning Authors: balestriero, Randall and richard baraniuk Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/balestriero18b.htm1 Approximation Guarantees for Adaptive Sampling Authors: Balkanski, Eric and Singer, Yaron Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/balkanski18a.html Improving the Gaussian Mechanism for Differential Privacy: Analytical Cali- bration and Optimal Denoising Authors: Balle, Borja and Wang, Yu-Xiang Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/balle18a.html Dissecting Adam: The Sign, Magnitude and variance of Stochastic Gradients Authors: Balles, Lukas and Hennig, Philipp Url:http://proceedings,mlr.press/v80/balles18a.html Differentially Private Database Release via Kernel Mean Embeddings Authors: Balog, Matej and Tolstikhin, Ilya and Scholkopf, Bernhard Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/balog18a.html Improving Optimization for Models With Continuous Symmetry Breaking Authors: Bamler, Robert and Mandt, Stephan URL http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/bamler18a.htm1 Improved Training of Generative Adversarial Networks Using Representative Features Authors: Bang, Duhyeon and Shim, Hyunjung Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/bang18a.html Using Inherent Structures to design Lean 2-layer RBMs Authors: Bansal, Abhishek and Anand, Abhinav and bhattacharyya, Chiranjib Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/bansall8a.htm1 Classification from Pairwise Similarity and Unlabeled Data Authors: Bao, Han and Niu, Gang and sugiyama, masashi Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/bao18a.htm1 Bayesian Optimization of Combinatorial Structures Authors: Baptista, Ricardo and Poloczek, Matthias URL http://proceedings,mlrpress/v80/baptista18a.html Geodesic Convolutional Shape optimization Authors: Baque, Pierre and remelli, Edoardo and fleuret, francois and Fua, Pascal Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/baque18a.html Learning to Coordinate with Coordination Graphs in Repeated Single-Stage Multi-Agent Decision Problems Authors: Bargiacchi, Eugenio and Verstraeten, Timothy and roijers, Diederik and Nowe, Ann and van hasselt hado Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/bargiacchi18a.html Testing Sparsity over Known and Unknown Bases Authors: Barman, Siddharth and Bhattacharyya, Arnab and ghoshal, Suprovat URL http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/barman18a.html 6 Transfer in Deep Reinforcement Learning Using Successor Features and Gen eralised policy Improvement Authors: Barreto, Andre and Borsa, Diana and Quan, John and Schaul, Tom and silver, David and Hessel, Matteo and Mankowitz, Daniel and zidek, Augustin and munos, Remi URL http //proceedings, mlr press/v80/barreto18ahtml Measuring abstract reasoning in neural networks Authors: Barrett, David and Hill, Felix and Santoro, Adam and morcos, Ari and lillicrap Timothy Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/barrett18a.html Gradient descent with identity initialization efficiently learns positive definite linear transformations by deep residual networks Authors: Bartlett, Peter and Helmbold, Dave and Long, Philip Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/bartlett18a.html Mutual Information Neural estimation Authors: Belghazi, Mohamed Ishmael and Baratin, aristide and rajeshwar, Sai and ozair Sherjil and bengio, Yoshua and hjelm, Devon and Courville, Aaron Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/belghazi18a.html To Understand Deep Learning We Need to Understand Kernel Learning Authors: Belkin, Mikhail and Ma, Siyuan and Mandal, Soumik Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/belkin18a.html Understanding and Simplifying One-Shot Architecture Search Authors: Bender, Gabriel and Kindermans, Pieter-Jan and Zoph, Barret and Vasudevan Vijay and Le, Quoc Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/bender18a.htm1 signSGD: Compressed Optimisation for Non-Convex Problems Authors: Bernstein, Jeremy and Wang Yu-Xiang and azizzadenesheli, Kamyar and anand- kumar animashree Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/bernstein18a.html Distributed Clustering via LSH Based Data Partitioning Authors: Bhaskara, Aditya and Wijewardena, Maheshakya Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/bhaskara18a.html Autoregressive Convolutional Neural Networks for Asynchronous Time Series Authors: Binkowski, Mikolaj and Marti, Gautier and Donnat, Philippe Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/binkowski18a.html Adaptive Sampled Softmax with Kernel Based Sampling Authors: Blanc, guy and rendle, steffen URL http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/blanc18a.html Optimizing the Latent Space of Generative Networks Authors: Bojanowski, Piotr and Joulin, Armand and lopez- Pas, David and Szlam, arthur URL http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/bojanowski18a.htm1 NetGAN: Generating Graphs via Random Walks Authors: Bojchevski, Aleksandar and Shchur, Oleksandr and Zugner, Daniel and gunne mann, Stephan Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/bojchevsk118a.html A Progressive Batching L-BFGS Method for Machine Learning Authors: Bollapragada, Raghu and Nocedal, Jorge and Mudigere, Dheevatsa and Shi, Hao Jun and Tang, Ping Tak Peter Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/bollapragada18a.html Prediction Rule Reshaping Authors: Bonakdarpour, Matt and Chatterjee, Sabyasachi and Barber, Rina Foygel and Lafferty, John Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/bonakdarpour18a.html QuantTree: Histograms for Change Detection in Multivariate Data Streams Authors: Boracchi, Giacomo and Carrera, Diego and Cervellera, Cristiano and maccio Danilo Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/boracchi18a.html Matrix Norms in Data Streams: Faster Multi-Pass and row-Order Authors: Braverman, Vladimir and Chestnut, Stephen and Krauthgamer, robert and li, Yi and Woodruff, David and Yang, Lin Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/braverman18a.html Predict and Constrain: Modeling Cardinality in Deep structured Prediction Authors: Brukhim, Nataly and globerson, Ami Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/brukhim18a.htm1 8 Quasi-Monte Carlo Variational Inference Authors: Buchholz, Alexander and Wenzel, Florian and mandt, stephan Url:http://proceedings,mlrpress/v80/buchholz18a.html Path-Level Network Transformation for Efficient Architecture search Authors: Cai, Han and Yang, Jiacheng and Zhang, Weinan and Han, Song and Yu, Yong Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/cai18a.htm1 Improved large-scale graph learning through ridge spectral sparsification Authors: calandriello, daniele and lazaric. alessandro and routis, ioannis and valko Michal Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/calandriello18a.html Bayesian Coreset Construction via Greedy Iterative Geodesic Ascent Authors: Campbell, Trevor and Broderick, Tamara Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/campbell18a.html Adversarial Learning with Local Coordinate Coding Authors: Cao, Jiezhang and guo, Yong and Wu, Qingyao and Shen, Chunhua and huang Junzhou and Tan, Mingkui Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/cao18a.htm1 Fair and Diverse dpp-Based data summarization Authors: Celis, Elisa and Keswani, Vijay and Straszak, Damian and Deshpande, Amit and Kathuria Tarun and vishnoi, nisheeth Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/celis18a.htm1 Conditional noise-Contrastive estimation of unnormalised models Authors: Ceylan, Ciwan and Gutmann, Michael U. URL http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/ceylan18a.htm1 Adversarial Time-to-Event Modeling Authors: Chapfuwa, Paidamoyo and Tao, Chenyang and Li, Chunyuan and Page, Courtney and goldstein, Benjamin and duke, Lawrence Carin and Henao, Ricardo Url:http://proceedings.mlr.press/v80/chapfuwa18a.html Stability and Generalization of Learning Algorithms that Converge to Global Optima Authors: Charles, Zachary and Papailiopoulos, Dimitris Url:http://proceedings.mlrpress/v80/charles18a.htm1

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