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4.6 Administrating SaP hana 4.7 Using SAP HANA with End-User Clients SAP HANA Master Guide PUBLIC able of Contents o 2013 SAP AG or an SAP aff l ate company. All rights reserved 1 Getting Started with SAP HANA 11 About This document This Master Guide is the central starting point for the technical implenentation of SAP HAN. The Master Guide provides the following information about sAP hana Overview Architecture Software components Deployment scenarios 1.2 What s sAP hAnA? SAP HANA is a modern in-memory database and platform SAP HANA is deployed on-premise and in the cloud On-premise SAP HANA is deployed through the following offerings As an appliance, SAP HANA combines software components from SAP optimized on proven hardware provided by saps hardware partners Compared with the appliance delivery approach SAP HANa tailored data center integration is a more open and flexible approach to serve your needs regarding the integration of SAP HANa in the data center The requirements for this deployment option are as follows c The server is listed in the SAP HaNa product availability matrix c The storage solution has successfully passed SAP HANA hardware certification c The person performing the sAP hana installation has passed the certification exam (E_HANAINS131) In the cloud, SAP HANA is offered as a comprehensive infrastructure combined with managed services. SAP HANA is also deployed through the following cloud offerings O SAP HANA One O SAP HANA Cloud Platform o SAP HANA Enterprise cloud The SAP HANa platform is a flexible data source agnostic in-memory data platform that allows customers to analyze large volumes of data in real-time. It is also a development platform providing an infrastructure and tools for building high-performance applications based on SAP HANA EXtended Application Services(SAP HANA XS).It s the foundation of various SAP HANA editions. like the SAP hana Platform Edition, providing core database technology, and the SAP HANA Enterprise Edition, bundling additional components for data provisioning. The SAP HANA Platform Edition integrates a number of saP components, including the saP hana database SAP HANA studio, and SAP Hana clients PUBLIC SAP HANA Master guide e 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company All rights reserved Getting Started with SAP HANA 1 3 SAP HANA Guides Documentation for the current Support Package Stack of the SAP HANA Platform Edition can be found on the SAP Help Portal. SAP HANA documentation for previous Support Package Stacks can be found on the SAP HANA Knowledge Center on SAP Service Marketplace For intormation about SAP HANA landscape, security, installation, and administration, see the resources listed below Topic Location Quick Link ApHanalandscapedeploymentsaPHanaKnowledgeCenterhttp://he/ and installation on the sAP Help portal ● SAP HANA Master guide ● SAP HANA Server insta∥ ation guide SAP HANA Master Update Guide SAP HANA Update and Configuration Guide SAP HANA administration and SapHanaKnowledgeCenterhttp.//help.sapcorm/hana_platform securIty on the SAP Help portal SAP HANA Technical operations Manual SAP HANA Administration guide SAP HANA Security Guide SAP HANA documentation for SapHanaKnowledgeCenterhttps://service.sapcom/hana previous Support Package Stacks on SAP Service Marketplace 1.4 Related Information There are a number of available resources, which although not directly connected to SAP hANa are useful fo planning your deployment Content Location Latest documentation for SAP HANA* Sybase product documentation Sizing,calculationofhardwarerequirementssuchasCpu,htTps:// disk, and memory resources SAP Business Objects installation and deployment guides https://service.sapcom/bosap-instguidesk SAP HANA Master Guide PUBLIC Getting Started with SAP HANA o 2013 SAP AG or an SAP af l ate company. All rights reserved 5 Content Location SAP Businessobjects support https://service.sapcom/bosap-support Sizing calculation of hardware requirements-such as CpU,hTtps: //service. sap. com/quicksizert disk and memory resources-with the Quick sizer tool maintenance strategies and language support-Platform Availability matrix(PAM) Network security High availability Security https://service.sapcom/security Unicode SAP systems and their availability nformationaboutSupportPackageStackslatestsoftware versions and patch level requirements ()You need an authorized user id to access this information Do you need to register for an SAP Service Marketplace login? Did you forget your password The following table lists fur ther useful links on SAP Service Marketplace Content Location on SAP Service Marketplace SAP incident wizard SAP Notes search https://service.sapcom/notes SapSoftwareDistributionCenter-softwaredownloadandhttps://service.sapcom/swac' ordering of software SAP Online knowledge Products(OKPs)-role-specific https://service.sapcom/rkt' learning maps 1.5 Important SAP Notes Read the following SAP Notes before you start the installation. These SAP Notes contain the latest information about the installation as well as corrections to the installation documentation Make sure that you have the most up-to-date version ot each SAP Note, which you can find on SAP Service Marketplaceat PUBLIC 6 e 2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved Getting Started with SAP HANA SAP Note Number Title 1496 SAP HANA: Central Note 19267 SAP HANA Platform sPs o7 Release note 15233372 SAP HANA Database Central note 1681092 Support for rnultiple SAP hana databases on a single SAP HANA appliance 1661202 Support for multiple applications on SAP HANA 1828400 SAPUI5 tools disappeared after updating HANA Studio 1917938 Migrating the Statistic Server During Update to SPS O7 1645183 Changing log rmode for SAP HANA DB 182343心 Deactivate log mode legacy with SAP HANA SPS 07 1927949 Standard Behavior for SAP Logon Tickets 1577128 Supported clients for SAP HANA 1514966 SAP HANA: Sizing SAP HANA Database 163714 SAP BW on HANA: Sizing SAP HANA Database 17933 Sizing for Suite on hANA 1824819 Optirnal settings for SLES 11 SP2 and SLES ll for SAP SP2 1597355 Swap space recommendation for Linux For the SAP HANa system there are no special requirements ig swap spa heck the current SAP Notes for the various parts of SAP HANA by searching for any of the following application areas SAP HANA Platform BC-DB-HDB SAP HANA Database BC-DB-HDB-AFL SAP HANA Application Function Library BC-DB-HDB-AFL- DQ SAP HANA Data Quality Library BC-DB-HDB-AFL-PAL SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library BC-DB-HDB-AFL-SOP SAP HANA Sales and Operations Planning BC-DB-HDB-BAC SAP HANA Backup& Recovery BC-DB-HDB-CCM CCMS for SAP HANA BC-DB-HDB-CLI SAP HANA Clients(JDBC, ODBC) BC-DB-HDB-DBA SAP HANA database administration(DBA cockpit) SAP HANA Master Guide PUBLIC Getting Started with SAP HANA o 2013 SAP AG or an SAP aff l ate company. All rights reserved 7 BC-DB-HDB-DXC SAP hana direct extractor connector BC-DB-HDB-ENG SAP HANA database engine BC-DB-HDB-MDX MDX Engine/MS Excel client BC-DB-HDB-PER SAP HANA database persistence BC-DB-HDB-PLE Planning Engine BC-DB-HDB-POR DB Porting for SAP HANA BC-DB-HDB-R SAP HANA Integration with R BC-DB-HDB-SCR SAP HANA SQL Script BC-DB-HDB-SCR-CLT SAP HANA SQL Script Editor /Debugger Client BC-DB-HDB-SEC SAP HANA Security User Management BC-DB-HDB-SYS SAP hana database interface/DBMS BC-DB-HDB-TXT SAP HANA Text Search Features BC-DB-HDB-XS SAP HANA Application Services BC-DB-HDB-XS-WB Workbench/ Team Provider SAP Hana dB BC-DB-LCA SAP HANA live Cache Applications BC-HAN-MOD SAP HANA studio information modeler BC-HAN-3DM SAP HANA information composer BC-HAN-SRC SAP HANA UI Toolkit BC-CCM-HAG SAP Host Agent SV-SMG-DIA SAP Solution Manager Diagnostics Agent EP-HAN SAP HANA UI Integration Services SAP HANA Lifecycle Management BC-HAN-SL-STP SAP HANA unified installer BC-DB-HDB-INS SAP HANA database installation(hdbinst) BC-HAN-UPDSAP HANA lifecycle manager/SAP HANA Software update manager BC-DB-HDB-UPG SAP HANa database upgrade(hdbupd) SAP HANA Enterprise BC-HAN-LOA SAP HANA load controller(log-based replication) BC-HAN-REP Sybase rep server(log-based replication) BC-HAN-LTR SAP Landscape Transformation (trigger-based replication BC-HAN-DXC SAP HANA Direct Extractor connection E/M-DS Data Services(ETL-based replication) End User clients Bl-B/P, B/-BIP-CMC Business intelligence platform( formerly known as BOB) B/-RA-EXP SAP BusinessObjects Explorer B/-RA-CR, B/-BIP-CRS SAP Crystal Reports B/-RA-XL Dashboard designer B1-B/P-/D/ Information design tool B/-RA-WBI Web Intelligence B/-RA-AO-XLA MS Excel Add-In The search also supports using the wildcard asterisk(*), so you can, for example, also search for BC-DB-HDB* or similar and you will get results for all sub-components PUBLIC 8 @2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved Getting Started with SAP HANA Reporting Incidents IfyouencounteranyproblemswiththesoftwarereportanincidentonthesapserviceMarketplaceathttp:// com/incident In addition, the Customer Interaction Center(CIC) is available 24 x 7 in every region to help you resolve any issues youmayruninto(https://service.sapcom/supportcentersx7) TheClcrequiresavalidS-usernumberTocreateanS-userId,followthestepsinthisguide(https:// When reporting an incident, you can choose from the above list of components for the relevant software part 1.6 Software Download In the SAP Software Download Center, you have access to the installation media and components for SAP HANA You can find the installation media and components for SAP HANa in the following locations 9 Installation media for an SAP HANa SPs I SAP Software Download Center Installations and Upgrades > A-Z Index > Installations and Upgrades-H> SAP In-Memory(SAP HANA)> HANA Platform Edition >SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION SAP HANA PLATFORM EDIT. 1.0>Installation Support packages and Patches for SAP HANA D SAP Software Download Center Support Packages and Patches >A-z Index > Installations and Upgrades H> SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION>SAP HANA PLATFORM EDIT.1.0 The responsibility for acquiring and installing sap hana depends on the chosen deployment model If a customer chooses the sAP Hana tailored data center integration the components of SAP hana have to be installed on validated hardware by a certified administrator If a customer chooses an SAP HANA appliance, the components of SAP HANa can only be installed by certified hardware partners on validated hardware running a specific operating system Any other system or content developed with systems of this type is not supported by SAP. For more information, see the information page of the product version. Support Package Stacks(SP S) can be downloaded and applied to appliances in accordance with agreements with the respective hardware partner Related Information SAP Software download center SAP HANA Master Guide PUBLIC Getting Started with SAP HANA o 2013 SAP AG or an SAP aff l ate company. All rights reserved 1.7 Software Components The saP hana Platform edition is the foundation of various other sap hana editions. like the Sap hana Enterprise Edition. These editions bundle additional components that customers might require, for example, for data replication The SAP HANa Platform Edition is composed of the following components saP hana databas SAP HANA client SAP HANA client for Microsoft Excel SAP HANA studio(including SAP HANA STUDIO RSA PLUGIN) SAPUI5 TOOlS IDE PLUGIN SAP Host Agent Diagnostics Agent SAP HANA information composer SAP HANA AFL SAP HANA LCApp SAP HANA lifecycle manager SAP HANA RDL SAP HANA INA ToOlkit html SAP HANA EPM Service ● SAP HANA Demo modell SAP HANA smart data access SAP HANA HW Configuration Check Tool The SAP HANa Platform Edition is bundled together with other products into editions as license bundles for special purposes. This is a subset of the available editions SAP HANA Enterprise edition(including components for data replication and acquisition) SAP HANA Real-time-data edition (includes SAP Sybase Replication Server, SAP HANA edition) SAP HANA Database edition for bw SAP HANA Limited edition for Apps / Accelerators SAP HANA EDGE edition i Note SAP HANA information composer is a Web-based environment that allows business users to upload data to the SAP HANA database and to manipulate that data by creating intormation views. T he SAP HANA intormation composer is installed separately from the sAP hana system Related Information SAP HANA Information Composer -Installation and Configuration guide PUBLIC SAP HANA Master guide @2013 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved Getting Started with SAP HANA

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