Tektronix 2465B Options and Operator Manual

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Tektronix 2465B Options and Operator Manual 泰克 400M 示波器2465B的操作使用手册 我个人自己制作的,花了几个小时弄的,希望能帮到大家。 首先该资源非常不好找,其次该资源在国外要钱买,自己想办法弄出图片来了,原始图片格式又乱,没办法用Photoshop批量处理了一下,然后制作成PDF了。
Instrument Serial Numbers Each instrument manufactured by Tektronix has a serial number on a panel insert or tag, or stamped on the chassis. The first letter in the serial number designates the country of manufacture. The last five digits of the serial number are assigned sequentially and are unique to each instrument. Those manufactured in the United States have six unique digits. The country of manufacture is identified as follows B010000 Tektronix, InC, Beaverton, Oregon, USA E200000 ektronix United Kingdom, Ltd, London J300000 Sony/ Tektronix, Japan H700000 Tektronix Holland, NV. Heerenveen, The Netherlands Instruments manufactured for tektronix by external vendors outside the United States are assigned a two digit alpha code to identify the country of manufacture ( e.g., JP for Japan, HK for Hong Kong, IL for Israel, etc. Tektronix, Inc. p.o. Box 500 Beaverton, OR 97077 Printed in U.S.A Copyright c Tektronix, InC., 1988 WARRANTY Tektronix warrants that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three(3) years from the date of shipment. If any such product proves defective during this warranty period, Tektronix, at its option, either will repair the defective product without charge for parts and labor, or will provide a replacement in exchange for the defective product In order to obtain service under this warranty, Customer must notify Tektronix of the defect before the expiration of the warranty period and make suitable arrangements for the performance of service Customer shall be responsible for packaging and shipping the defective product to the service center designated by Tektronix, with shipping charges prepaid. Tektronix shall pay for the return of the product to Customer if the shipment is to a location within the country in which the Tektronix service center is located. Customer shall be responsible for paying all shipping charges, duties, taxes, and any other charges for products returned to any other locations This warranty shall not apply to any defect, failure or damage caused by improper use or improper or inadequate maintenance and care. Tektronix shall not be obligated to furnish service under this warranty a) to repair damage resulting fron attempts by personnel other than Tektronix representatives to install, repair or service the product; b) to repair damage resulting from improper use or connection to incompatible equipment; or c) to service a product that has been modified or integrated with other products when the effect of such modification or integration increases the time or difficulty of servicing the product THIS WARRANTY IS GIVEN BY TEKTRONIX WITH RESPECT TO THIS PRODUCT IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, TEKTRONIX AND ITS VENDORS DISCLAIM ANY MPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. TEKTRONIX RESPONSIBILITY TO REPAIR OR REPLACE DEFECTIVEPRODUCTS IS THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY PROVIDED TO THE CUSTOMER FOR BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY TEKTRONIX AND ITS VENDORS WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER TEKTRONIX OR THE VENDOR HAS ADVANCE NOTICE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES ertificate of the Manufacturer / Importer We hereby certify that the 2465B/ 2455B/ 2445B OSCILLOSCOPE AND ALL INSTALLED OPTIONS complies with the RF Interference Suppression requirements of Amtsbl.Vfg1046/1984 The German Postal Service was notified that the equipment is being marketed The German Postal Service has the right to re-test the series and to verify that it complies TEKTRONIX Bescheinigung des Herstellers/importeurs Hiermit wird bescheinigt, daB der/die/das 2465B/2455B2445B OSCILLOSCOPE AND ALL INSTALLED OPTIONS in Ubereinstimmung mit den Bestimmungen der Amtsblatt-Verfugung 046/1984 funkentstort isi Der Deutschen Bundespost wurde das Inverkehrbringen dieses Gerates eigt und die Bere ng zur Uberprufung der Serie auf Einhal der Bestimmungen eingeraumt TEKTRONIX NOTICE to the user/operator The German Postal Service requires that Systems assembled by the operator/user of this instrument must also comply with Postal Regulation, Vfg. 1046/1984, Par. 2, Sect. 1 HINWEIS fur den benutzer/ Betreiber Die vom Betreiber zusammengestellte Anlage innerhalb derer dies Gerat eingesetzt wird, muB ebenfalls den Voraussetzungen nach Par. 2 Ziff. 1 der Vfg. 1046/1984 genugen NOTICE to the user/operator The German Postal Service requires that this equipment, when used in a test setup, may only be operated if the requirements of Postal Regulation, Vfg. 1046/1984, Par. 2, Sect. 1.7.1 are complied with HINWEIS fur den Benutzer Betreiber Dies gerat darf in Medaufbauten nur betrieben werden wenn die Voraussetzungen des Par. 2, Ziff. 1.7.1 der vfg. 1046/1984 eingehalten werden The2465B,2455B,and24458 The TEKTRONIX 2465B, 2455B, and 2445B portable oscilloscopes have four vertical channels with DC tc 400 MHz, 250 MHz, and 150 MHz bandwidths. Defiection factors run from 2 mv to 5 V per division, in a 1-2-5 sequence, with either 1 MnL or 50 n input resistance, in channels 1 and 2. Either AC or Dc input coupling is available at 1 Mn Channels 3 and 4 give 0. 1 V or 0.5 V per division. with 1 Mn input resistance, and DC coupling. With the standard 10X probes, channels 1 and 2 display 20 my to 50 V/division and channels 3 and 4 display 1 v or 5 vidivision The trigger system works automatically for most signals. They operate in various modes, from any channel, with optimum couplings for a wide range of signals. The 2445B triggers from DC to 250 MHZ. The 2455B and 2465B trigger from DC to 500 MHz Sweep speeds range from 1. 5 s to 1 ns per division on the 2445B and 2455B and to 500 ps per division on the 2465B, including the effects of the X10 magnifier and the calibrated variable between 1-2-5 steps. Horizontal displays include A-Sweep B-Sweep (delayed). A alternated with B, and CH 1(for X/Y displays The SeTUP features, AUTO, SAVE and RECALL, save time and prevent errors whether you are a novice operator or a master. AUTO Setup works with almost any signal. For repeating measurements, the Save and Recall functions record and restore as many as 30 instrument setups, including the extended-function options Setups can be recalled either immediately or sequentially Digital readouts of time, voltage, scale factors, trigger levels, and auxiliary information also save time and reduce errors With Parametric Measurements, common measurements such as frequency. period amplitude, pulse width, duty factor, rise time, fall time, and propagation delay can be made automatically. Each measurement activation displays the results in the CRT readout Measurement results remain on-screen until any other button is pressed For instruments with serial numbers b049999 and below with firmware version 11 and above or for instruments serial numbers bo50000 and above with firmware Version 2 and above the following function is avallable. The recall button resets the instrument into the mode of operation it was in prior to performing the parametric measurement or AUTO Setup With the available Counter/Timer/Trigger(C) Option 06 or Option 09 measurements require even less effort and give better accuracy. The CTT increases trigger selectivity, especially in digital systems. Option 09 inciudes the CTT and a 17-bit Word Recognizer (WR). The available Television/ideo(v enhancement, Option 05, can trigger at any desired point in a frame and it can reduce the effects of ac coupling and hum in a video signal. The available Digital Multimeter(DMM) measures dc voltage, do current, ac rms current, resistance, and temperature with floating inputs 2465B 2455B/2445B Operators ihe24655,24555,ard2445B The WR adds a word recognizer Probe connector on the rear panel. The n enhancement adds LINES, FLD1, and FLD2 Trigger Coupling The available GPIB interface accesses all controls and digital readings. The interface adds GPlB status indicators. just above the CRT See the 24X5B/2467B GP/B (Option 10) Instrument interfacing Guide for information on integrating the instrument into a GPIB system The 2465B CT includes CI T and WR (Optiong)and GPIB(Option 10).The 2465B DM adds DMM(Option 01) and also includes CTT and WR (Option 9)and GPlB (Option 10). The 2465B DV adds TV(Option 05) to the features of the 2465B DM lllustrations at the back of the manual show the instrument front and rear panels 2455B2455B/2445B Operators Contents Preface lustrations oles Operators Safety Summary Genera, information Preparation for Use.…… 11 Safety Line Voltage Selection Line Fuse Power Cord Instrument Cooling Repackaging For Shipment.….…… peration Fundamentals Parametric Measurements Getting a displa 2-2 Assigning Parametric Measurements to Auto Setup 2-3 Vertical 2 Horizontal 26 Trigger Controls……..126 Video Triggering 29 Readout 2.10 Measurements with Cursors 2-13 voltage Measurements 215 Display operation 2-15 Signa| Connections.………… .2-16 Magnify Waveform Details with Delayed-Sweep B-Trigger Operation 218 Delta-Delay-Time 2-19 Single-Delay-Time Measurements,,..., 2-20 Time Interval Measurement 2-21 Precision Tl 222 Triggered Delta-Delay-time Measurements Time Interval Resolution rdrntintntt4n 2-25 Measurement Updating 2-25 Frequency. Period, and Totalize Counting 227 Frequency Measurement with External Reference(Option 1E) Delay sweeps by Event Counts 2-28 Logic Triggering 232 Word Recognizer Operation……… 2-34 The word out signa 2-35 Frequency Limit for Auto Level or Parametric Measurements....2-35 DMM 235 Save and Recall Operation 2465B2455B 2445B Operators Contents 3 App∥ ications Peak-to-Peak voltage 3-1 Absolute voltages Using Cursors Noise Immunity.. 3-2 DC Voltage Measurement Amplitude modulation… 3-3 Frequency Modulation…,,…,,..,, Measuring video signals in IRE Units Avoiding Fafse Displays with Multi-Mode Signals . .......3-5 Algebraic Addition to Detect Coincidence or Cancel Interference.., 3-5 Observing Coincidence of Digital Signals 3-6 Measuring Of-Ground Signals And Cancelling Interterence………,3-6 Period and Frequency 38 Rise Time and f刮|Time. 3-9 Propagation Delay...... 3-11 Setup and Hold Times ....... 3-12 Slew Rat 3-13 Time Ratio(Duty Factor 313 Phase Difference Between Two Signals 3-15 Measuring millivolt Signals .3-17 Checks and Adjustments Introduction 4.1 Initial Setup 4.1 Trace Rotation and Adjustment................... 4-2 Astigmatism Adjustment . Auto dc Balance routi 4-3 Probe Compensation.... 4-4 Matching Channel 2 Delay 世“·P鲁世曾“日““什 世世·十量 4-5 Amplitude Check… 4-6 Timing Che 4-7 Controls, Connectors, and Indicators Introduction Power And display 5.1 Setup and V 54 Delay and Delta Controls 5-15 Rear panel DMM DMM Displays 411 533 Display-Mode Interactions 2465B2455B12445B Operators

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