KLMxGxJENB-B041(eMMC5.1 1ynm based e_MMC)

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 embedded MultiMediaCard Ver. 5.1 compatible.  SAMSUNG eMMC supports features of eMMC5.1 which are defined in JEDEC Standard - Supported Features : Packed command, Cache, Discard, Sanitize, Power Off Notification, Data Tag, Partition types, Context ID
SAMSUNG CONFIDENTIAL Rev.1.0 KLMX GXJENB-B041 datasheet eMMc Table of contents 1.0 PRODUCT L|ST… 2.0 KEY FEATURES 3 0 PACKAGE CONFIGURATIONS 3.1 153 Ball Pin configuration 3.1.1 11.5mm x 13mm x08mm Package Dimension 3.1.2 11.5mm x 13mm x 1.0mm Package Dimension 3.1.311.5mm x 13mm x 1.2mm Package Dimension 32 Product Architecture…… 445566789 4.0 HS400 mode 5.0 New eMMC5 1 Features 5. 1 Overview 5.2 Command Queuing .10 5.2.1 CMD Set di 10 5.2.2 New Response: QSR(Queue Status Register) 5.2.3 Send status: CMD13 10 5. 2. 4 Mechanism of CMD Queue operation 5.2.5 CMD Queue Register description 5.3 Enhanced strobe mode 5. 4 RPMB Throughput improve... 5.5 Secure Write Protection 12 6. Technical notes 6. 1 S/ Algorith 13 6.1.1 Partition Management Boot Area partition and rPmb area partition 61.12 Enhanced partition(Area)……… 13 6.1.2 Boot operation 14 6.1.3 User Density..... 6. 1.4 Auto Power Saving Mode 15 6.1.5 Performance 7O REGISTER VALUE 7. 1 OCR Register 7.2 CID Register a““:::“:: 7. 2. 1 Product name table(In CID Register) 7.3 CSD Register 6777789 7. 4 Extended CSD Register 80AC PARAMETER 24 8. 1 Timing Parameter 2 Previous Bus Timing Parameters for DDR52 and HS200 mode are defined by JEDEC standard 24 8.3 Bus Timing Specification in HS400 mode 24 8.3.1 HS400 Device Input Timing 8.3.2 HS400 Device Output Timing.......... .25 8. 4 Bus signal levels 8.4.1 Open-drain mode bus signal level 6 8.4.2 Push- pull mode bus signal level eMMC 9, DC PARAMETER 27 91 Active Power Consumption during operation…… 9.2 Standby Power Consumption in auto power saving mode and stand by stale 27 27 9.3 Sleep Power Consumption in Sleep State 27 9. 4 Bus signal Line Load SAMSUNG SAMSUNG CONFIDENTIAL Rev.1.0 KLMX GXJENB-B041 datasheet eMMc ple read and write to memory using MMC protocol v5. 1 which is a industry standa"' eMMC operation is identical to a mMc device and therefore is a sim- SAMSUNG eMMC is an embedded mmc solution designed in a bGa package form eMMC consists of NAND flash and a MMc controller 3V supply voltage is required for the NAND area (VDDF or VCC)whereas 1. 8V or 3V dual supply voltage (VDD or vccQ)is supported for the MMC controller. SAMSUNG eMMC supports 200MHZ DDR-up to 400MBps with bus widths of 8 bit in order to improve sequential bandwidth, especially sequential read performance There are several advantages of using eMMC. It is easy to use as the Mmc interface allows easy integration with any microprocessor with MMc host Any revision or amendment of NANd is invisible to the host as the embedded MMC controller insulates NAND technology from the host. This leads to faster product development as well as faster times to market The embedded flash management software or FTL(Flash Transition Layer)of eMMC manages Wear Leveling, Bad Block Management and ECC. The FTL supports all features of the Samsung NAND flash and achieves optimal performance 1.0 PRODUCT LIST [Table 1] Product List 16GB KLMAG1JENB-B041 128Gb MLC X Interface pow 11.mmx 13mm x08mm 32 GB KLMBG2JENB-B041 128Gb MLC X 2 VDD (1.70V -1.95V or 27V-36V) 11.5mm.0mm 153FBGA 64 GB KLMCG4JENB-8041 128Gb MLC X 4 Memory power 128 GB KLMDG8JENB-B041 128Gb MLC x 8 VDF(2.7V-36V)「115m×13mmx12mm 20 KEY FEATURES embedded MultiMediacard Ver. 5. 1 compatible SAMSUNG eMMC supports features of eMMC5 1 which are defined in JEdEC Standard Supported Features: Packed command, Cache, Discard, Sanitize, Power Off Notification, Data Tag Partition types, Context ID, Real Time Clock, Dynamic Device Capacity, Command Queuing, Enhanced Strobe Mode, Secure Write Protection, HS200, HS400, Field Firmware Update Non-supported Features: Large Sector Size(4KB) Full backward compatibility with previous MultiMediaCard system specification (1bit data bus, multi-eMMC systems Data bus width: 1bit(Default), 4bit and 8bit MMC I/F Clock Frequency: 0-200MHz MMC IF Boot Frequency 0- 52MHz · Temperature: Operation(-25°c~85°C), Storage without operation(-40°c~85°C) Power: Interface power- VDD(VCCQ)(1.70V -1.95V or 2.7V-36V), Memory power-VDDF(VCC)(2.7V- 3.6V) SAMSUNG SAMSUNG CONFIDENTIAL Rev.1.0 KLMX GXJENB-B041 datasheet eMMc 3.0 PACKAGE CONFIGURATIONS 3.1 153 Ball Pin Configuration [Table 2 153 Ball Information -Nc DATO A4 DAT 1 DAT2 画画 DAT B3 DATa B4 DAT5 B5 DAT 234567 91011121314 DAT A○的的○○○○○○ K5 RSTN B○如○○O○○○○○ VDD C○@(@○@○○○○○○○ M4 VDD D○○○○ VDD VDD E○○○@③姆的○○① P5 VDD E6 VDDF G F5 VDDE ⊙○○○ J10 VDDF VDDF K○○○网四@姆○○○ VDDI ○○○ M5 CMD M○○○@@○○○○○○○ H5 Data strobe N○c○@四○①○○○○○O J5 SS P○○@③c②○○○@○○○ A6 VSS 回國國 C4 VSS 5 SS H10 VSS N2 VSS N5 VSS P4 VSS P6 SS CLK: Clock input Data Strobe: Newly assigned pin for HS400 mode. Data Strobe is generated from e. MMc to host In HS400 mode, read data and crc response are synchronized with data strobe CMD: a bidirectional signal used for device initialization and command transfers Command operates in two modes, open -drain for initialization and push-pull for fast command transfer DATO-7: Bidirectional data channels. It operates in push-pull mode RST_ n: H/ reset signal pin VDDF (VCC): Supply voltage for flash memory VDD(VCCQ): Supply voltage for memory controller . VDDi: Internal power node to stabilize regulator output to controller core logics VSs: Ground connections 5 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG CONFIDENTIAL Rev.1.0 KLMX GXJENB-B041 datasheet eMMc 3.1.1 11.5mm x 13mm x 0.8mm Package Dimension #A1 INDEX MARK 1150C.10 0.08 MAX 050×13=6.50 14131211987654 (Datum A) A eooodooloooooo (Datum B)c ○oo o Oo 8 ○OOO OOO⊕ OoO OOO O Oo OOOOOO OOO M 153-2030005 50 20.20Al 0.220.05 3.1.2 11.5mm x 13mm x 1.0mm Package Dimension #A1 INDEX MARK 11 11.50C.10 Q0.08 MAX 0.50×13=6.50 141312111098765432 Datum A) A ( Datum B)c O○⊕ ○O6 O OOO M ooooooeeoooo 153030005 3.25 剛302A回 0.220.05 0.900.10 6 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG CONFIDENTIAL Rev.1.0 KLMX GXJENB-B041 datasheet eMMc 3.1.3 11.5mm x 13mm x 1.2mm Package dimension #A1 INDEX MARK 1150C.10 0.08 MAX 050×13=6.50 14131211109876543 (Datum A) A eooodooloooooo (Datum B)c ○oo o Oo 8 ○OOO OOO⊕ OoO 9⊙o M OOOOOO申OOOO 153-20300.0 50 20.20Al 0.220.05 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG CONFIDENTIAL Rev.1.0 KLMX GXJENB-B041 datasheet eMMc 3.2 Product Architecture eMMC consists of NAND Flash and Controller. Vop (cco) is for Controller power and VDD(Vcc)is for flash power RESET Core Regulator当 -a2 Roquirod fp 3. v VDD) Control Signal Memory VDDi Data strobe Logic Data bus CMD Block 1.70 195 Voltage 2 2.7 3.6 Vop cap value 2 uF DDF cap. Value DDF 2 F Vppi cap. Value 4.7 UF 8 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG CONFIDENTIAL Rev.1.0 KLMX GXJENB-B041 datasheet eMMc 4.0HS400 mode eMMC50 product supports high speed DDR interface timing mode up to 400MB/s at 200MHz with 1.8V 1/O supply HS400 mode supports the following features DDR Data sampling method CLK frequency up to 200MHz DDR-up to 400Mbp Only 8-bits bus width available Signaling levels of 1.8V Six selectable Drive Strength(refer to the table below) [Table 3]10 driver strength types Default 50g x1 Default Driver Type Supports up to 200MHz operation Optional 339 1.5 Supports up to 200MHz Operation Optional 66Q x0.75 The weakest driver that supports up to 200MHz operation 3 Optional 100 x0.5 For low noise and low EMI systems Maximal operating frequency is decided by host design. Optional 409 1.2 Supports up to 200MHz DDR operation NOTE: 1)Support of Driver Type- is default for HS200& H$400 Device, while supporting Driver types 1-4 are optional for HS200 HS400 Device [Table 4]Device type values(EXT CSD register: DEVICE TYPE [196]) HS400 Dual Data Rate eMMC 200 MHz-12V 1/O Not support 76543210 HS400 Dual Data Rate eMMC 200 MHz -18V I/O Support HS200 Single Data Rate @200MHz-1.2Vo Not support HS200 Single Data Rate @200MHz-1.8Vo Support High-Speed Dual Data Rate 52MHzZ-12V I/O Not support High-Speed Dual Data Rate @52MHz-1.8。r3Vo Support High-Speed 52MHz-at rated device voltage(s) Support High-Speed 26MHz-at rated device voltage(s) Support [Table 5] Extended CSD revisions(EXT- CSD register: EXT_ CSD_REV[192]) 255-8 Reserved Revision 1.8(for MMC V5. 1) 0x08 8_765432 Revision 1.7(for MMCV5.0) Revision 1.6(for MMC V4.5,V4.51) Revision 1.5(for MMC V4. 41) Revision14(○ bolete) Revision 1.3 (for MMC V4. 3) Revision 1.2 (for MMC V4.2) Revision 1.1(for MMC V4. 1) Revision 1.0(for MMC V4.0) [Table 6 High speed timing values(EXI CSD register: HS_ TIMING [185]) 0x0 Selecting backwards compatibility interface timing Support High speed 0x2 HS200 Support 0x3 HS400 Support 9 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG CONFIDENTIAL Rev.1.0 KLMX GXJENB-B041 datasheet eMMc 5.0 New eMMC5 1 Features 5. 1 Overview Cache Flushing Report Mandatory Background operation control Mandatory Yes Command Queuing Optional Yes Enhanced strobe Optional Yes RPMB Throughput improve Optional Yes Secure Write Protection Optional Yes 5.2 Command Queuing To facilitate command queuing in eMMC, the device manages an internal task queue that the host can queue during data transfer tasks Every task is issued by the host and initially queued as pending. The device works to prepare pending tasks for execution. When a task is ready far exe cution, its state changes to "ready for execution The host tracks the state of all queued tasks and may order the execution of any task, marked as"ready for execution, by sending a command indicating ts task ID. The device executes the data transfer transaction after receiving the execute command(CMD46/CMD47 5.2.1 CMD Set Description [Table 7] CMD Set Description and Details [31] Reliable Write Request [30] DAT DIR-""write/"1read 29]tag request CMD44 ac/R1/[28: 25] context ID QUEUED TASK PARAMS Define direction of operation(Read or Write)and [24]forced programming Set high priority cmd Queue with task ID [23] Priority: 0"simple /1"high [20: 16]TASK ID [15: 0] number of blocks CMD45 ac/R1[31: 0] Start block address QUEUED TASK ADDRESS Indicate data address for Queued CMD CMD46 adtc/R1[20: 16]TASK ID EXECUTE READ TASK (Read) Transmit the requested number of data blocks CMD47 adtc/R1[20: 16] TASK ID EⅩ ECUTE WRITE TASK (Write)Transmit the requested number of data blocks CMD48 ac/R1b [20: 16] ID Reset a specific task or entire queue [3: 0 ]TM op-code CMDQ TASK MGMT 20: 16] when TM op-code 2h these bits represent TaskID When TM op-code 1h these bits are reserved 5.2.2 New Response: QSR (Queue Status Register) The 32-bit Queue Status Register(QSR) carries the state of tasks in the queue at a specific point in time. The host has read access to this register through device response to SEND_ STATUS command(CMD13 with bit[ 15]=1), R1s argument will be the 32-bit Queue Status Register(QSR). Every bit in the QSR represents the task who's id corresponds to the bit index. If bit QSR[]=0, then the queued task with a Task ID i is not ready for execution. The task may be queued and pending or the Task ID is unused. If bit QSRO= 1, then the queued task with Task Id i is ready for execution 5.2.3 Send status: CMD13 CMD1 3 for reading the Queue Status Register(QSR) by the host. If bit[15] in CMD13's argument is set to 1, then the device shall send an R1 Response with the QSr instead of the Device Status. There is still legacy CMD13 with Response SAMSUNG

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