Innodb 和 XtraDB 结构和性能优化

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Innodb 和 XtraDB 结构和性能优化 (出处: OSSEZ)
Aspects or Architecture General Architecture Storage and File layout Threads Memory Disk o Logging Indexes Mu|ti∨ versioNing Row Locking Latching PERc○NA Performance Consulting Experts Aspects of Architecture 2 Page flushing and Replacement Insert Buffering Adaptive Hash Index BLOB Storage Recovery Compression Features Foreign Keys PERc○NA Performance Consulting Experts innodb∨ ersions MySQL 5. 1 and below ots of limits. Poor Scalability Innodb Plugin for MySQL 5.1(1.0.X) Scales better, Fast index creation Compression MySQL 5.5(version 1.1.x Scalability further imroved XtraDB Based on Innodb plugin 5. 1 and version in 5.5 Has added features, performance improvements Available in percona server and mariadB PERc○NA Performance Consulting Experts General Architecture Traditional oltP engine “ Emulates oracle architecture” Implemented using My sQL Storage engine AP Row Based Storage. Row Locking. MVCC Data Stored in Tablespaces Log of changes stored in circular log files Data pages as pages in“ Buffer pool” PERc○NA Performance Consulting Experts Storage Files Layout Physical structure of Innodb Tabespaces and logs PERc○NA Performance Consulting Experts nnodb Tablespaces All data stored in Tablespaces Changes to these databases stored in circular logs Changes has to be reflected in tablespace before log record is overwritten Single tablespace or multiple tablespace innodb file per table=1 System information always in main tablespace lobata 1 Main tablespace can consist of many files They are concatenated PERc○NA Performance Consulting Experts ablespace Format Collection of Segments Segment is like a“fle Segment is number of extents Typically 64 of 16K page sizes Smaller extents for very small objects First Tablespace page contains header Tablespace size Tablespace id PERc○NA Performance Consulting Experts 10 ypes of Segments Each table is set of indexes Innodb has index organized tables Each index has Leaf node segment Non Leaf node segment Special Segments Rollback Segment(s) nsert buffer. etc PERc○NA Performance Consulting Experts

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