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one copy will be running at the same time on one or more computers. You may not rent, sell, lease, sub-license, time- share or loan the software to others. You may not transfer this license without the written permission of IIT. failure to comply will result in thc automatic termination of this license In addition to the above restrictions, the following conditions apply if you have paid for license(s)of a Multi-Station version or Student edition Multi-Station Version Only. This multi-station license allows you to install this software on a specified number of stations. Each station shall consist of only one computer with only one user. If your multi-station version is to be used in a nctwork cnvironment, cach computcr con-ncctcd to that nctwork from which this softwarc will bc run shall b considered one station, If your multi-station version is to be used in an environment where each computer is stand alone each computer shall be considered one station The total number of stations your particular multi-station license is restricted to is 2. Limited Warranty. IIt warrants that under normal use for a period of thirty (30)days from the date of delivery that a)the media on which the softwarc is furnished will bc frcc from defects in the matcrial and workmanship and(b) the software will operate substantially as described in the User's Guide (documentation). In order to make a claim under this warranty you must call IIT for authorization to return any defective item during the warranty period. If you return merchandise to IIT, you must insure the defective item being returned because llt does not assume the risk ot loss or damage while in transit Upon return of a defective item, IIt shall, upon verification of the defect or error, at IIT's option, either repair or replace the defective copy or refund the amount paid for the license. If IIT elects to provide a refund, upon the date you receive notice of such election, this license shall termi-nate and you must comply with the provisions set out bclow You must assume full responsibility for the selection of this software to achieve your intended purposes, for the proper installation and use of the software and for verifying the results obtained from use of the software iit does not warrant in any way that the functions contained in the software will meet your requirements that the software is fit for any particular purpose or that the operations of the software will be uninterrupted and error-free 3. Term. The License granted in this agrecment is cffcctivc until termination. Your misuse shall automatically terminate this license if you breach any of its terms and conditions. Upon termi-nation, you shall return all media containing the software and all documentation to IIt and destroy any copies of the software or any portions of it which have not been returned to lIT, including copies resident in computer memor 4. Copies, Modification or Merger. You shall not copy or modify all or any portion of the soft-ware or documentation or mcrgc it into anothcr softwarc program. Copics shall includc, without limitation, any complctc or partial duplications on any media, adaptations, translations, compi-lations, partial copies within modifications, mergers with other material from whatever source, and updated works. You shall use your best efforts to prevent any unauthorized copying of the software You shall not make any change or modification to any of the executable files, nor shall you reverse engineer, de compile or disassemble the software or any portion of it, or otherwise attempt to determine the underlying source code of the software or permit any such actions 5. Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability. IIT expressly disclaims all other warranties, whether oral or written, express o implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. All warranties shall terminate thirty days from date of delivery of the software to you. Your exclusive remedy and IIT's entire liability arising from or in connection with the software, the software documentation, and/or this license(including without limitation for breach of war-ranty) shall be, at IIT's option, the repair or replacement of software diskettes or refund of license fee. In no event shall IIT's total liability for any damages direct or indirect, in connection with the software the software documentation and/or this license exceed the license fees paid for your right to use this copy of the software, whether such liability arises from any claim based upon contract, warrants, tort or otherwise. In no event shall IIT or its partners be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, conse-quential or other damages, resulting from or in any way conncctcd with the usc of this softwarc and including but not limited to any damages rcsulting from the use of the software for any special or high-risk applications such as those relating to or involving nuclear designs, medical devices and other critical or potentially dangerous applications IIT specifically disclaims any other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose Somc jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so thc abovc exclusion may not apply to you. In that event any implied warranties are limited in duration to ninety(90)days from the date of delivery of the software This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights, which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction No action for any breach of warranty shall be commenced more than one year following the expiration of such warranty 6. General. You acknowledge that you havc rcad this agrecment, understand it and agree to bc bound by its terms and conditions. You further agree that it is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and IIT and supersedes any proposal or prior agree-ment or any other communications between IIT and you relating to the use of the software If any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable, all others shall remain in effect. This agreement shall be governed by the internal laws of the Province of Ontario and Canada, including Canadian copyright laws. The exclusive venue in the event of any suit, proceeding or claim brought by you, and at our option, any suit, proceeding or claim brought by IIT. shall be in the Courts located in Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario. If you have any questions regarding this Agrecment, you may contact iIt by writing to us at thc address sct out bclow INTERACTIVE IMAGE TECHNOLOGIES LTD 111 Peter Street Suite 801 Toronto Ontario M5v 2Hl Tel:(416)977-5550Fax:(416)977-1818 e- ewb(aelectronicsworkbench com 声明 Multisim'M and Electronics Worbench'M copyrightc 1989, 1992-1999 Interactive Image Technologies Ltd. All right reserved Portions of this product are provided under license from Green Mountain Computing Syster Metamor inc 目录 第一章导论 1.1关于本章 12关于本手册 1.3什么是 Multisim? 14安装 Multisim 1.5如何与我们联系 1.6 Multisim界面导论 17定制 Multisim界面 第二章建立电路 21关于本章 22导言 23开始建立电路文件 24在电路窗口中放置元件 25给元件连线 26给电路增加文本 27结束 第三章编辑元件 3.1关于本章 3.2元件编辑器入门 3.3进入元件编辑器 34开始编辑元件 3.5结束 第四章给电路增加仪表 41关于木章 4.2导言 43增加并连接仪衣 4.4设置仪表 45结束 第五章仿真电路 5.1关于本章 52仿真电路 53观察仿真结果 54结束 第六章分析电路 6.1关于本章 6.2分析 63关于驰豫分析 64运行分析 6.5结束 第七章使用HDL 7.1关于本章 7.2关于 Multisim中的HDL 7.3使用ⅤHDL模型元件 74仿真电路 75窥视可编程逻辑综 76结束 第八章产生报告 81关于本章 8,2导言 8.3产生并打印BOM 84结束 第一章导论 1.1关于本章 本章向您介绍本手册与 Multisim,也介绍了如何安装 Multisim以及如何安装 Multisim附加模 块的功能码。 12关于本手册 本手册针对所有的 Multisim用户,概括了 Multisim的各项主要功能,指导读者逐步地建立 个基本电路,并进行仿真、分析以及产生报告。本手册所描述的大多数功能,各种版本的 Multisim 都具备。对于某些不是所有的 Multisim版本都兵各的功能,描述文字的左边用如下图标指明 國 本手册假定读者已经熟悉了 Windows应用,比如,知道如何选择菜单命令、用鼠标选择条目 以及怎样选中/去选一个选项。如果不熟悉 Windows,请参考 Windows的相关帮助文件。 13什么是 Multisim? Multisim是一个完整的设计工具系统,提供了一个非常人的元件数据库,并提供原理图输入 接口、全部的数模 Spice仿真功能、Ⅴ HDL/Verilog设计接口与仿真功能、 FPGA/CPLD综合、 RF设计能力和后处理功能,还可以进行从原理图到PCB布线工只包(如: Electronics Worbench 的 Ultiboard)的无缝隙数据传输。它提供的单一易用的图形输入接口可以满足您的设计需求。 Multisim提供全部先进的设计功能,满足您从参数到产品的设计要求。因为程序将原埋图输 入、仿真和可编稈逻辑紧密集成,您可以放心地进行设计工作,不必顾及不同供应商的应用 程序之间传递数据时经常出现的问题 14安装 Multisim 141单用户的安装 您收到的Muin包装中的CD-ROM可以自行启动运行,按照如下步骤进行安装: 【注】为了成功安裝,您可能需要大」250MB的硬盘空间,不同的版木所需要的硬盘空间不 同。个人版的 Multisim需要100MB空间。 安装 Multisim: 1.如果您的 Multisim版本提供了硬件锁,请将它插在计算机并口上(一般是LPT1口)。如果 没收到硬什馈,无须进行此步。 2.开始安装前请退出所有的 Windows应用程序。 3.将光盘放入光驱,出现“ Welcome”后,单击Next继续。 4.阅读授权协议,单击Yes接受协议。如果不接受协议请单击No,安装程序将终止。 5.阅读出现的系统升级对话框,系统窗口文件需要此时升级。单击Next系统窗口文件的进行 升级。 6.程序再次提醒您关闭所有的 Windows应用程序。单击Next重新启动计算机。计算机重新启 动后将会使用升级的窗口文件。 【注】请不要取出光盘,一旦计算机重新启动, Multisim会自动继续安装进程。您将会再次 看到“ Welcome”和“ License”,只需分别单击Next和Yes以继续安装。 7.输入您的姓名、公司名称和与 Multisim一同提供给您的20位的系列码。系列码在 Multisim 包装的背后。单击Next继续。 8.如果您购买了附加模块,会收到12位的功能码。现在就输入第一个功能码。如果没有收到 功能码,略去本步。单击Ncxt继续进行。若输入了功能码并单击了Next,将出现一新的输 入框,继续输入其亡的功能码即可。将所有的功能码输入完后,保持最后的输入框空白, 单击Next继续。 【注】功能码与系列码不同,只冇购买了附加模块才能收到功能码 9选择 Multisim的安装位置。选择缺省位置或单击 Browse选择另一位置,或输入文件夹名。 单击Next继续。 10.安裝程序将依您所输入的名称建立程序文件夹。单击Next继续进行。 Multisim将完成安 装。单击 Cancel可以终止安装。 Multisim安装完毕后,可以选择是否安装 Adobe acrobat Reader version4。阅读电子板手册时需要此软件,单山Next并根据指导进行安装。如果已 经安装了此软件,单击 Cancel 142安装功能码 如果早先已经安装」 Multisim,后来乂购买了可选的附加模块并得到了功能码,需要重新运 行初始安装程序,这样将使您有机会输入功能码,程序将相应的功能打开。安裝功能码时无 须卸载心经安装的 Multisim。 安装功能码(假定已终安装了 Multisim 1.如上所述,重新运行安装程序。 2.按照提小输入功能码,单击Next再次岀现提小输入功能码的输入。 3.输入您所购买的另一功能码,然后单击Next。 4.继续输入功能码并单击Next,直至输入所有的功能码。 5.输入完所有的功能码后,保持最后的输入框为空,单击Next 15如何与我们联系 我们提供多种联系方法: Email: support(electronic rkbench cor fI:(416)977-1818 Technical Support department 浏览我们的网页:[tp/wwet ti:(416)977-5550 ask for Sales or technical support 16 Multisim界面导论 16.1基本元素 Multisim用户界面包括如下基本元素: 设计⊥具栏 使用中元件列表 菜单 系统工貝栏 元件工具栏 电路窗口 数据库选择器 状态条 【注】缺省状态下,电路窗口的背景是黑色的;但是基于本文的目的,我们使用了白色的背 景。要改变背景色,请参阅“1.7.1控制当前电路显示 与所有的 Windows应用程序类似,可在菜单( Menus)中找到所有功能的命令。 系统工具栏( system toolbar)包含常用的基本功能按钮。 设计工具栏( Multisim design bar)是 Multisim的一个完整部分,下面将详细介绍。 使用中元件列表( In Use)列出了当前电路所仗用的全部元件。 元件工具栏( component toolbar)包含元件箱按钮( Parts Bin),单击它叫以打廾元件族工具 栏(此工具栏中包含每一元件族中所含的元件按钮,以元件符号区分)。 数据斥选择器( database selector)允许桷定哪层次的数据斥以元件上具栏的形式显示。 状态条( status line)显示有关当前操作以及鼠标所指条目的有用信息 162设计工具栏( Design Bar) 设计是 Multisim的核心部分,使您能容易地运行稈序所提供的各种复杂功能。设计工具栏指 导您安步就班地进行电路的建立、仿真、分析并最终输岀设计数据。虽然菜单中可以执行设 计功能,但本于册将使用方便易用的设计工具栏进行电路设计。 ?元件设计按钮( Component)缺省显示,因为进行电路设计的第一个逻辑步骤是往电路窗口 中放置元件 元件编辑器按钮( Componcnt editor)用以调整或增加元件。 仪表按钮( Instruments)用以给电烙添加仪表或观察仿真结果 仿真按钮( Simulate)用以开始、暂停或结束电路仿真 分析按钮( Analysis)用以选择要进行的分析。 HE 后分析器按钮( Postprocessor)用以进行对仿真结果的进一步操作 Ⅴ HDL/Verilog按钮用以使用ⅤHDL模型进行改计(不是所有的版木都具备)。 报告按钮( Reports)用以打印有关电路的报告(材料清单,元件列表和元件细节)。 传输按锂( Transfer)用以与其它程序通讯,比如与 Ultiboard通讯。也可以将仿真结果输出 到像 MathCAD和 Excel这样的应用程序 本手册讲述了利用这些工具按钮建立电路、仿真电路的基本用法,有关细节请参考 Multisim User Guide 1.7定制 Multisim界面 您可以定制 Multisim界面的各个方面,包括工具栏、电路颜色、页尺寸、聚焦倍数、自动存 储时间、符号系统(ANSⅠ或DIN)和打印设置。定制设置与电路文件一起保存,所以可以将 不同的电路定制成不同的颜色。也可以重载不同的个例(比如将一特殊的元件由红色变为橙 色)或整个电路 改变当前电路的设置,一般右击电路窗口选择弹出式菜单。 用户喜好设置(用 Edit/User Preference进行设置)组成了所有后续电路的缺省设置,但是不 影响当前电跻。缺省情况下,仟何新建电路使用当前的用户喜好设置。例如,如果当前电路 显示了元件标号,用 File/New建立的新电路将显示元件标号。 1.71控制当前显示方式 可以控制当前电路和元件的显示方式,以及细节层次。 控制当前电路的显示方式。右击电路窗口选择弹出式菜单: 显示格点GridⅤ Visible(tog! les on and off 显示标题栏与边界 Show Title and border( oggles on and off 颜色 Color(可以选择电路窗口中不同元素的颜色) ■显示Show(显示元件及相关元素的细节情况) 试用这些选项进行揀作。 172设置缺省的用户喜好 新建立的电路使用缺省设置。用用户喜好进行缺省设置,它影响后续电路,但不影响当前电 路 选择 Edit/User Preference进行缺省设置,下面是用户喜好对话框

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