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swift 服务器端开发。Vapor是一个用Swift编写的开源Web框架。它建立在Apple的SwiftNIO库之上,提供强 大的异步框架。 Vapor允许您为iOS应用程序,前端Web站点和独立服务器应用程序构 建后端应用程序。(个人翻译,请勿商用,仅供爱好者学习使用,版权归作者所有)
Server Side Swift with Vapor Server Side Swift with Vapor About the Authors Tim Condon is a software engineer who has worked in most areas of the industry, including security, back-end, front-end and mobile Having previously worked for the bbc, he is now the founder of Broken Hands, specializing in vapor training and consultancy. On Twitter he can be found sporadically tweeting @oxTim. You can find more about him at www brokenhands. io Jonas Schwartz had a long career as a backend and server operations developer, before he teamed up with Tanner and logan in 2017. He came onboard after talks about building a cloud platform. Since then his focus has been on making hosting easy and more scalable for Vapor applications. Vapor Logan Wright began his career as an iOS Developer working on many categories of applications from navigation, to customized bluetooth communication protocols. Always a major supporter of OSS, Logan met Tanner through the vapor project. Eventually, that grew into a full-time position and the community as we know it today Tanner Wayne Nelson is an american software engineer based in New York City. He started programming in elementary school and went on to study computer Science at New york University. tanner created Vapor in 2016 and now works full time maintaining the core framework and the dozens of packages around it Server Side Swift with Vapor Server Side Swift with Vapor About the Editors Richard Critz did double duty as editor and tech editor for this book He is the iOs Team Lead at raywenderlich com and has been doing software professionally for nearly 40 years, working on products as diverse as cnc machinery, network infrastructure, and operatin systems. he discovered the joys of working with ios beginning with iOS 6. Yes, he dates back to punch cards and paper tape he's a dinosaur; just ask his kids On Twitter, while being mainly read-only he can be found @rcritz. The rest of his professional life can be found Darren Ferguson is the final pass editor for this book. he s an experienced software developer and works for M.C. Dean, InC, a systems integration provider from North Virginia. When he's not coding, you'll find him enjoying EPL Football, traveling as much as possible and spending time with his wife and daughter. Find Darren on Twitter at(@darren102 Server Side Swift with Vapor Server Side Swift with Vapor Dedications To the Vapor team, thank you for creating the framework - none of this would exist without you! To the Vapor community, thank you for being the best open source community anywhere in the world! To my editors, Richard and Darren, thank you for guiding my writing into something worth publishing. To my friends and family, sorry T've been locked away for so long Finally, thank you to Amy, who has put up with endless hours of me writing and being absent but supported me throughout Tim Condon To the entire Vapor community, thank you very much for your hard work, without all of you, vapor wouldn't exist, and an extended thanks to tim Condon for all the hard work on the book To the editors Richard and darren thanks for all your feedback and help getting the book To my friends and family thank you for all your support, and last but not least, thanks to Heidi for always having faith and support, even when i am glued to the computer day in and day out. Jonas schwartz To everybody in the open source community that saw value and supported Vapor as we grew. This project wouldn't exist without their continued support. Also, the Ray Wenderlich team for making videos early on and helping us create this book. Tim Condon for being one of our biggest contributors and writing so much great content here. Finally, Jonas and Tanner for being great people to work with and giving so much to Vapor. -Logan Wright Server Side Swift with Vapor Server Side Swift with Vapor Thank you to the amazing community that supports Vapor. We're incredibly grateful for the opportunity you give us to work on something that we love and believe in. These past few years have been a wonderful experience and i can't wait to see where the future takes us Tanner Wayne nelson Server Side Swift with Vapor Table of contents: Overview Book License 19 Book Source code forums .20 What You need 21 Book Updates 23 About the cover 24 Section I: Creating a Simple Web API 25 Chapter 1: Introduction 28 Chapter 2: Hello Vapor 30 Chapter 3: Http baSics e0o0oo@。。00000垂。@DD000000看。壶 44 Chapter 4: Async ●。0。D。o。。00。。。。。0。D。。0。。00。。。●●申春 50 Chapter 5: Fluent Persisting Models .62 Chapter 6: Configuring a Database e0。。。。0。D 70 Chapter 7: CRUD Database Operations 82 Chapter 8: Controllers 99 Chapter 9: Parent-Child Relationships 108 Chapter 10: Sibling Relationships 123 Chapter11: Testing… 140 Chapter 12: Creating a Simple iPhone App, Part 1 DD90D9。009D099999000要Q000D09000。9。9DD 160 Server Side Swift with Vapor Chapter 13: Creating a Simple iPhone App Part 2 179 Section I: Making a Simple Web App.......196 Chapter 14: Templating with Leaf 197 Chapter 15: Beautifying Pages ee90eD99999 209 Chapter 16: Making a Simple Web App, Part 1 226 Chapter 17: Making a Simple Web App, Part 2 242 Section l: Validation Users authentication..254 Chapter 18: API Authentication, Part 1 256 Chapter 19: API Authentication, Part 2 279 Chapter 20: Web Authentication, Cookies Sessions 。DD●。。。。。。。曲。。费D。。0。0060。。。。DDo00。00 294 Chapter 21: Validation..................313 Chapter 22: Google Authentication 322 Chapter 23: GitHub Authentication .335 Section V: Advanced server side swift ●。DD。o0。。。。 342 Chapter 24: Password Reset emails .344 Chapter 25: Adding Profile Pictures 370 Chapter 26: Database/API Versioning Migration 380 Chapter 27: Caching .393 Chapter 28: Middleware 402 8 Server Side Swift with Vapor Chapter 29: Web Sockets .412 Section V: Production EXternal Deployment..427 Chapter 30: Advanced Fluent.........429 Chapter 31: Deploying with Vapor Cloud... 454 Chapter 32: Deploying with Heroku 475 Chapter 33: Deploying with Docker 485 Chapter 34: Deploying with AWS .493 Chapter 35: Production Concerns .511 Chapter 36: Microservices, Part 1 eDbe@。0。。。0●垂。壶 527 Chapter 37: Microservices, Part 2 .545 Conclusion 564 Server Side Swift with Vapor Table of contents: Extended Book License ...19 Book Source code forums 20 What You need ....21 About this book..,,,,,,,,.,.,.,,,.,.,.,.,.,....,,...,.,,22 Book Updates 23 About the cover .24 Section Creating a Simple Web API ········· 25 Chapter 1: Introduction 28 About Vapor..... 28 How to read this book 29 Chapter 2: Hello vapor ..30 Vapor Toolbox..... 30 Building your first app ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,32 Swift Package Manager 34 Creating your own routes 36 Accepting data 38 Returning JSoN. ,,40 Troubleshooting vapor 42 Where to go from here? 43 Chapter 3: hTtp Basics 44 Powering the web .44 Http in web browsers 47 Http in ioS apps 47 Http 2.0 47 REST ...48 Why use Vapor? 48 10

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